Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)

Volume 3 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 : Haulia Tribe and Encounter

Haulia Tribe and EncounterScreams echo inside Raisen Grand Canyon.

Figures of desperate RabbitMen fleeing to hide behind rocks can be seen. If you look around you can see 20 RabbitMen hiding behind rocks. If combined with those hidden there should be around 40 people.

In the sky, flying-type demonic beasts that were rare even inside the abyss are glaring at the frightened RabbitMan tribe. If you ask, their appearance are similar to the monster called Wyvern. With span/height around 3-5 meters, sharp claws and fang, also equipped with sharp thorn at the swelling end of their long tail similar to morning star.


Over his shoulder, Shia’s trembling voice can be heard. It seem those Wyvern-like creatures are called “Hyveria”. There are six of them, trying to catch the RabbitMan tribe while circling in the sky.

Finally one of Hyveria takes action. After rotating in the sky, it dives towards one of the large rocks where some RabbitMan tribe members are and strikes the rock with its tail helped by centrifugal force. Along with deafening sound, the rock was crushed and the RabbitMen came out screaming.

As if saying “I’ve been waiting”, the Hyveria starts to devour the helpless prey by opening its jaw. It’s aimed at two RabbitMen. What’s left is a body without waist and unmoving small child that the man from the RabbitMan tribe tried to cover.

Seeing those scene, despair can be seen on the other RabbitMan tribe. Because who knows when their others family member will be Hyveria prey. But, that’s not what happened.

The reason is there is someone who contracted to help them, the monster who escaped the abyss…


Two flashes and sound of gunshot can be heard in the canyon. One of the shot aimed at middle of the head of that attacking Hyveria. With a hole in its head, it falls to the side of the two crouching rabbit producing a cloud of dust, its roar stopped.

At the same time, a tremendous sound can be heard behind them. Without any time to be surprised, the RabbitMan tribe turn around, they saw one of the Hyveria lose its arm with blood bursting from it while writhing in pain. Soon some of the RabbitMan tribe lose strength in their waist. That’s because while they are focused on the first Hyveria, they didn’t notice another Hyveria come close to them. Of the two bullets, the other one’s shot through the second Hyveria’s arm. Losing its balance, it falls to the ground while writhing in pain.

“Wh-what is…”

At that time, the man who tried to cover the child can mutter that while alternating his vision between the Hyveria that died after being shot in the head and the one that is writhing in the back.

In addition, when he heard the gunshot, he could only see the flash of something coming at the Hyveria. Suddenly the Hyveria collapsed causing the earth tremor, when it stopped, it was dead already.

Seeing their comrade is dead, the other Hyveria in the sky roared in rage at the same time. To the cowering RabbitMan tribe, they can hear a sound that never heard before because of their excellent hearing. The high-pitched “Kiiiiiii” sound, similar to that of a jet. This time another sound comes and they turn their eyes to the source, what they see is a black vehicle, from that 3 figures can be seen coming in highspeed.

Of the three, one of them is someone they know too well. In the morning, she suddenly disappeared, she is the girl they are looking for in the first place. She feels it was her fault that the tribe is in the state they are now, trying to conceal it with her cheerfulness, but her expression shows her anguish. Thinking of reckless things, while worrying she suddenly disappears. At the same time, carefully the Haulia tried to look for her. Even though, they thought the tribe will be annihilated before finding her…

The rabbit-eared girl fly in the sky with high speed. Shia’s scream echoes in the canyon. The RabbitMan tribe scream “Shia?!” looking at this unbelievable spectacle with their eyes popped. The Hyveria also roared trying to catch the prey that coming to them, but Shia who stiffened and staring at the sky just fly passed their eyes.

That girl waving at them from the black vehicle. Cheerfulness can be seen in her face. And the RabbitMan tribe look at her with expression as if they can’t believe what they saw.

“Everyone~, I have called for help~!”

When they hear her voice, they finally believe it was real then all of the RabbitMan tribe called her name.

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” “Shia! ?” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Hajime made an irritated expression while driving the magic bike in high speed. After confirming her family safety, Shia standing up on the bike while waving in happiness. Even though that is fine, but so that she won’t fall from the bike moving in high speed, Shia lean her body to Hajime and her heavy-weight lethal weapon bouncing up and down, then hit his head. Because of that his aim shifted and the second Hyveria didn’t get killed.

Hajime gripped Shia clothes who was jumping up and down with”pyokopyoko” to stop her. Shia who noticed it try to question him. But even if she can’t see Hajime’s face, because she noticed the atmosphere, she timidly asked.

“U,umm, Hajime-san? What happened? Why did you grip my clothes?”

“… If you’re so energetic that it obstruct the combat, I thought I’ll give you a job.”

“J,job… W,what should I do?”

“It’s easy, just go to the front of those starving demonic beasts. Easy right”

“!? Wa, What are you, ah, don’t lift me~, don’t swing me~”

Shia who’s struggling with nervous expression was lifted easily by Hajime who has more than 10.000 Strength(Str).

Hajime, who is driving the two wheeler (bike) with one hand starts drifting and with expression telling there is no need to talk, throws Shia to the sky with the help of centrifugal force.

“Go! Failure Rabbit!”


Because of that, Hajime won’t miss that chance. Those flying Hyveria has become easy targets. Four gunshots can be heard simultaneously, it penetrate those Hyveria’s jaws and their heads crushed.

Without time to scream, the Hyveria lose their power and fall to the ground. They are stronger than that double-headed tyrano-like “Daihedoa” that attacked Shia, in this canyon they are known as dangerous and troublesome demonic beast, it’s hard to resist their attack. When looked by their predator eyes, the RabbitMan tribe stiffened.

With their ears, they can hear the girl’s sceam becoming closer.

“A-aaaaa~, help me~, Hajime-sa-~n!”

Hajime pass through the RabbitMan tribe that start running to catch her and splendidly catch the falling Shia then stopped the two wheeler (bike) with a drift. After that, he throws Shia away with a “Pei-“.

“Afun-! Uu~, I want you to be gentler~. I want better treatment~. I want you treat me as important as Yue-san~”

Shia protest while sobbing. It’s not like Shia loved Hajime. It just that, within the despair she currently in when she “see” hope, Hajime, a mysterious sense of trust is born. Even though his character is completely without mercy, he won’t betray his promise. Added that Hajime and Shia are in a similar circumstance. “Similar” because she can feel something familiar about him, also that Hajime cherished Yue who is the “same” as her. She understand that even with the short time they are together. Because of that she hope that happen to “me too”.

With the impact of catch and release, her ragtag clothes becoming more worn out added that her crying as she kicking around, Shia’s appearance is so pitiful. As expected it was too much… when he think so, he take out a coat from the treasure warehouse and put it at Shia’s head. I don’t want to be involved anymore than this, he thought without any remorse.

However, even with this Shia was happy. Suddenly something was put on her head and when she saw it, it was a coat and start to laugh. She immediately wears it. It was the same white coat with blue hue as Yue. The same one that Yue made for Hajime to form pair-look.

“Mo,mou! Hajime-san is just not honest huh~, It was similar clothe as Yue… I-is it “my woman appeal”? It’s bad you know~, I am not that cheap you know, please be more affectionate~”

Shia said that gripping the coat’s hem with “Iyaniyan” look. And that make Hajime irritated again, he silently pull out Donner, aimed at Shia then fired it.


The bullet that fired was non-lethal bullet coated with rubber-like leather of a demonic beast. It just that, because of the firepower, Shia jumped back and fall to the ground then rolling around in pain. She scream “My head~ My head~”. But, as expected of her endurance, she immediately gets up. To that Shia, the RabbitMan tribe start to gather to get her treated.

“Shia! Are you okay!?”


The one who called her was a middle aged rabbit-eared man with short dark blue-hair. It’s clear whose rabbit-eared old man he is. This spectacle give out surreal feeling for him, immediately Shia and her father start to talk to the others RabbitMan tribe about what happened. After ensure that they are safe, they look at Hajime.

“Is it okay to call you Hajime-dono? I am Kam, Shia’s father and also the chief of Haulia tribe. I can’t thank you enough for helping Shia and our tribe out of the predicament. Even helping us escape… As father and the chief, I wish to express my gratitude”

Kam, who introduced himself as the chief of Haulia immidiately bows to him. Behind his back the others Haulia tribe did the same.

“Well, please raise your head. But, when it’s over be our guide in the Sea of Trees. Don’t forget that you know? Also, aren’t you trusting us too easily. Even though demi-humans and humans aren’t in good relationship with each other…”

Forgetting about Shia’s existance, in this world demi-humans are discriminated. In fact, they are cornered here because of a human. Even so, they bow to Hajime that is clearly a human and accepted Hajime’s help. Even though that is the only method left, isn’t it too simple? Hajime started to doubt them whilst concealing his disgust.

To that, Kam answer with a wry smile.

“You’re trusted by Shia. By association we trust you too. It’s because we are family…”

Hearing the answer, Hajime was half-amazed and half-admiring them. For a tribe to leave their hometown for the sake of a single girl and to be able to trust a human they just met truly their caution is so thin. It can be said their personality is too kind.

“Ehehe, it’s okay father. Even though Hajime is without mercy even to women, move without any concern to others, so cruel that he easily uses others as a decoy, he will protect his promise, he is not a scum who’d trample other’s hope! He will protect us for sure!”

“Ha ha ha, so that is. In other words a shy person huh. If that’s so, I believe him”

Hearing Shia and Kam, the other tribe members also said “I see, a shy one huh” while looking at Hajime with warmth in their eyes then nod their head.

Hajime with vein appear at his head start to pull out Donner, but he was ambushed.

“… N, Hajime is a shy one (in the bed)”


While Hajime was shocked, demonic beasts are gathering to their place and surely will become troublesome if they keep still, so they start to depart.

They are advancing to the exit of the Raisen Grand Canyon as the goal.

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