Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)

Volume 3 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 : Shia Haulia’s Circumstances

Even though it’s sudden, but the plot is in progress

For absolutely different development that noticed… can’t be helped.

* * *

“Please help my tribe!”

Rabbit-eared girl Shia Haulia’s voice echoes in the canyon. Apparently this rabbit wasn’t alone and her comrades were also in a similar predicament. She is very desperate, and though Yue kept increasing the strength of her kicks, there is no sign of letting go despite the shoe marks on her cheek.

Because she was so desperate, Hajime couldn’t help… … using his Lightning-clad.


After adjusting the voltage and current to non-lethal, she probably won’t be able to move for a while. Shia’s rabbit ears straightened out and her hair produced smoke. When Lightning-clad stopped, she fell down in convulsions.

“Geez, what a shameless rabbit. Shall we go, Yue.”


Because there was nothing else to do, Hajime started pouring magic into the bike.


“I, I won’t let go~”

Shia got up like a zombie and clung onto Hajime leg. Surprised, Hajime immediately stopped injecting magic into the bike.

“Y,you are just like a zombie. Although it’s non-lethal… how did you get up? It scared me for a moment…”

“… Creepy.”

“Uu~ What did you say! I also have something to say! Kicking and electrocuting me, that was so cruel! I’ll sue you, you know! As apology, please help my clan!”

In her anger, Shia issued her demand with unexpected composure. Though Hajime thought about dragging her as she is, when he thinks she won’t let go anytime soon and imagines a blood-stained rabbit-eared girl who keep clinging to him… It gave him chills.

“Geez, what is it? For now I’ll hear it so let go. Eh, don’t casually wipe your face with my coat!”

When he said he’ll hear her out, Shia’s face start to brigthen with a smile and she casually wipes her dirty face with Hajime’s coat. What good ettiquete. Irritated, Hajime hit her and she let out a scream “Hagyun!” while crouching.

“I-I was hit again! Even father never hit me before! Look well at my beauty, and this proportion… can’t be that you like male… so that’s why you refuse my seduction back there! Al,afunn!?”

Because he heard some improper remark, with Shia in crouching position, Hajime give her a heel-drop at her head. Some vein can be seen in his forehead.

“Who’s homo, annoying rabbit. now that you mention it how did you know that reference. Yue and you, where the heck did you learn that…? Well, let put that aside for now. Though I don’t know where is that seduction gag come from, the reason I refuse your invitation because there is higher level bishoujo beside me. Try to look at Yue’s dignified form and I can’t understand where you get the nerve to seduce”

While saying that Hajime steal a glance at Yue. Hearing his word, Yue was covering her blushing cheek with her hand while shaking her body. Her hair reflecting the sunlight shine with star-like light. Her bisque doll-like skin now dyed in faint red, capable to charm anyone without exception.

Appearance different from the first time they met. Wearing pure white dress and black mini-skirt decorated with frill, a long coat with blue line spread from the top. Also, short boots and kneesocks. All of it are made from Oscar’s clothes and demonic beast materials by Yue herself. It also have high durability to protect the user.

Meanwhile, Hajime wear similar clothing composed of black and red with black and red line coat. This is also made by Yue. At first Yue made him white clothes to give pair-look feeling, of course it was quite embarassing because of his white hair make him all-white, Hajime feel unpleasant about it then settled with current style.

Shia can only flinch with “Uu” when she see Yue’s beauty. But there is one thing that need to be corrected by Hajime, because it was his subjective view without including proportion as well. In a word, when seen objectively Shia won’t lose in term of a bishoujo.

A long and straight gray hair tinted with blue hue and clear-blue eyes. White eyebrows and eyelashes also her white skin made her figure feel mysterious. Her hand and feet also slender and long, rabbit ear and tail that move added to her loveliness. When seen, furry-lovers (kemona) surely will unconciously shed tear in gratitude.

Above all… there is one thing that Yue lack. That is to say Shia have big boobs and it also emphatized by her ragtag clothes, truly a weapon that can’t keep silent. It shake violently everytime she move. Violently not just bounce, for confirmation.

In short, her confidence in her figure and style is not a strange thing. It can be said Hajime is the strange one, before he surely will “Rabbit ear!!” and Ru*ndaibu…

Even so, for Shia whose pride was damaged. The forbidden word was said…

“Bu-but! In case of chest it’s my win! Didn’t you see that girl is flat-chested!”

“Flat-chest.” “Flat-chest.” “Pettanko.”

Her shout echoes in the valley. Yue who tremble in embarrassment suddenly get of from the bike with her expression hidden behind her bangs.

Hajime can only mutter “A~a” while looking at the sky and silently gesture to pray. Rabbit-ear, rest in peace…

In that time, It can be seen from Yue. A cliff deeper than Raisen Grand Canyon.

Yue whisper-like voice can be hear by the trembling Shia’ rabbit ear.

—… Have you finished your prayer?

—… As if apologize can solve it

—… …

—… Just die! Just die!

“”Storm Emperor””

—- A—-!!

Suddenly tornado appear and swallow Shia then launch her into the sky. Her scream echoes in the canyon. After 10 seconds, Gusha (TL note : or Bamm but Crunch is perfect I think)! she fall in front of Hajime and Yue.

Her convulsion with buried have completely similar to Inuoie’s character. Completely gag-like. Though her figure was extraordinary what a child of failure. Only wearing ragtag clothes(?) and added with this, it can’t be called nothing but garbage. Thing that must not be seen was seen because her upside down figure. Something like this can awake hundred years of love.

Yue seems to express “Job well done!” while wipe her sweat and walk to Hajime. With him sit on the bike she quitely stare at him.

“… Do you like it big?”

It truly an problematic question. If Hajime say “YES!” he will suffer the same fate as that regrettable rabbit that still convulsing now. That must be avoided.

“… Yue, it’s not about the size. Who the partner is the most important”


For now, instead of decisive YES or NO, Hajime answer with something vague. Truly indecisive. Yue narrow her eyes in consent then silently sit on the back.

In secret, Hajime with cold-sweat try to find some topic to break the silence, but nothing come to mind. Hajime’s Rai*Card truly useless.

However, immediately after his eyes glance at Shia that trying to free her head while her body tremble with both hands gripping the ground. In his mind, he tried to make this as their talking topic.

“She is moving… truly a zombie. Her endurance level truly above average…”

“… Nn”

After a long silence she answer and that make him relieved and at the same time Zubo(Plop) sound come out when Shia puller out her mud-covered head.

“Uu~ It looked with cruel eyes. Even though I didn’t want to be seen like this”

With tear-filled eyes, Shia pat her ragtag clothes and muttering some unknown thing while crawling closer to Hajime. It truly like a horror film.

“Haa~, how high is your endurance? It’s not normal you know… What are you?”

With Hajime’s suspicousness, Shia sits up and finally tell her problem. She made serious expression while sitting in front of Hajime and Yue who are on the bike. Well it already late for a lot of thing but…

“Let me reintroduce myself, I am Shia Haulia from Haulia RabbitMan tribe. The truth is…”

Finally Shia began to summarized her story.

Shia and her tribe, Haulia RabbitMan tribe of hundred used to lived quitely in “Haltina sea of trees”. RabbitMan tribe have excellent hearing and stealth skill, but their specs are low compared to other demi-human because of that they are ranked lower compared to other demi-human. They are gentle and dislike fighting, and treat the entire tribe as one family. In addition, they have excellent figure in general, different from elf’s beauty. Because they are cute they are caught by empire to be enslaved and become a popular product.

One day in Haulia tribe, one of RabbitMan tribe, a girl was born with abnormality. Even though RabbitMan basically have dark blue hair, that child’s hair is gray with blue hue. Moreover, it has magic that demi-human didn’t have, to directly manipulate magic. To be able to use a certain peculiar magic.

Of course the tribe was greatly puzzled. A child that impossible to born in RabbitMan tribe, no, even demi-human. It has power similar to demonic beast, normally it will be discriminated. However, she was born in RabbitMan tribe that has deep connection to each other as a family of hundred. Haulia tribe decide to raise the girl.

However, if her existence were found by the demi-human country “Faea Belgaen”, she would be executed for sure. That is how much they despise demonic beasts. As the rule of this country as soon as a demonic beast is found it must be annihilated, there is a record of a person that expulsed for letting demonic beast away. In addition, there are discrimination of tribe, for a tribe that use magic they will be persecuted human and demi-human. Other race who wield magic already enter the sea of tree, but immediately killing them has become the usual.

Therefore, Haulia tribe hid the girl and raised her in secret for sixteen years. However, her existence was found out. Because of that, Haulia tribe escaped to Sea of tree before getting caught in Faea Belgaen.

There are other who decide to go to Northern mountain area for the time being, because there are mountain products. Although it was uncivilized, but it’s better than caught by the empire or a slave trader.

However their attempt was crushed by the empire. Even though they arrived in Sea of Tree, they were immediately found by empire Soldiers. It was unknown why the Soldiers were there, but encountering 1 squadron, Haulia tribe had no choice but run away to south.

Though the men tried to obstruct to let women and children go, but there are differences in battle potential between trained empire soldier who can use magic and the gentle and peaceful RabbitMan tribe. When they notice, already half was captured.

They keep desperately running away to avoid annihilation and arrived at Raisen Grand Canyon as the last resort. Indeed, the imperial army won’t come here where magic can’t be used. Until everything is over the tribe will wait here. The tribe betting between attacked by demonic beast or the empire’s Soldiers withdrawing come first.

However, empire’s Soldiers didn’t try to withdraw at all. They decided to wait at the canyon entrance where the platoon position themselves in (the staircase). They wait for RabbitMan tribe to come out when attacked by demonic beasts.

And that was what happened, the demonic beasts attacked them. After what happened they can’t surrender to empire anymore. Between escaping the canyon or fleeing from demonic beasts, Haulia tribe only option was to escape into the canyon. That’s why, they can jump into the depth…

“… When they come to, of the 60 people, only 40 left. They will be annihilated if this keeps up. Somehow help us!”

From the start Shia tried to appeal with regret and bitterness in her face. Apparently, Shia is the same as Yue and Hajime, an exception of this world. She was the same as Yue in particular an atavism.

After finished listening to the story Hajime answer fankly without any change in his expression.

“I refuse.”

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