Artifact Reading Inspector

Chapter 210 (END) - Epilogue

Chapter 210: Epilogue

Three years later.

In Samcheongdong, where young couples often come because of its good restaurants and good atmosphere, a two-story hanok* had been built.

The building was quite huge. It had the elegant beauty of Korean tradition and naturally drew attention.

At its entrance was a signboard that said ‘Park Haejin Art Museum’.

After the entrance, in the garden with old trees and grass, there were various flower garlands.

People kept coming in.

Haejin was standing with a beautiful woman.

He used to look like a young man in his mid-20s, but now he looked like someone in his mid-30s. His hair was grey like that of a middle-aged man.

“I told you, you should have dyed your hair…”

Eunhar stroked his hair, but Haejin took her hand and shook his head.

“What’s wrong with it? I like looking old. Being young doesn’t help me in looking like an expert. I should look a little old like this to make the clients trust me.”

After the incident in Antarctica, he had lost a portion of his remaining life when losing his magic.

However, he didn’t regret his decision. He was just grateful to still be alive.

Then, a group of genuine old men came in. The man in front was Byeongguk, who had almost literally become Haejin’s uncle.

“Hahaha! This is the famous Park Haejin. He might as well be my nephew. Congratulations! Hahaha!”

“Oh, it hurts. You are strong, and it really hurts!”

Byeongguk patted Haejin’s shoulder hard. When Haejin protested about it, he turned to Eunhae and congratulated her.

“I was going to make him date my daughter, so I was so jealous when you took him! But now that he has built such a grand museum… it makes me even more jealous. Hahaha!”

“But Sujeong is about to get married soon…”

Byeongguk shrugged and started to brag about his future son-in-law.

“Actually, you are right. Gwangcheol is diligent and capable. Not everyone can pass the Higher Civil Service Examination. It is one of the three hardest examinations! I wouldn’t have given my daughter to a lesser man, of course…”

“Haha, anyway, congratulations.”

“The opening of this museum should be congratulated more than my daughter’s wedding, so I brought some friends. Will that be fine?”

“Haha, of course. I will get some extra souvenirs for your friends, so tell me later,” Eunhae replied.

“That is why I like you! Haha!”

Eunhae watched Byeongguk go into the building with his friends and smiled.

“He seems to get younger every day. He worked the hardest when we moved the museum,” Eunhae commented.

“Uh, I told him to take some rest… but it looks like he enjoys working more than resting. Although he never spoke about it, he must have felt very guilty for being a grave robber. But now that he is working for a good purpose, he likes it.”

“Your father would have loved this, too…”

Haejin stroked her head and smiled.

“I’m sure he is looking down with pride. He would say that his son is doing a lot of good things instead of him…”

“Oh, and one of our researchers has found a site in Haenam this morning…”

It was a clear autumn afternoon. Haejin smiled happily while enjoying the cool breeze and picturesque museum.

He took Eunhae’s hand and announced the opening of the museum with people congratulating him. Park Haejin Art Museum became known as the Asian Uffizi and one of the greatest museums in Korea.

*hanok: traditional Korean style building

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