Astral Apostle

Chapter 13 - Mutant Hunter (4)

Chapter 13: Mutant Hunter (4)

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In his main world, there were many ways and systems to strengthen the body, each with its own merits. Physical strengthening was the most common type of superpower.

Although it only had a single function and its application range was not comparable to those fancy Esper Abilities, secret arts, and mechanical implants, it was superior in pure foundation.

A strong body would bring about a high degree of freedom in learning, such as firearms, fighting, driving, and so on. So long as one had sufficient experience, they would not be considered useless.

Zhou Jing only had Barong to interact with as a Mutant Blood Warrior for the time being. Based on his many years of experience watching the Super League, Barong could only be considered a “Rank 1 Super.”

In the evaluation criteria of Supers in the main world, with Rank 7 as the highest. Being at Rank 1 meant that one had barely entered the realms of the extraordinary.


However, he did not have the right to be picky. It would already be good enough if he had the chance to obtain supernatural powers… Zhou Jing was quite clear-headed in this aspect. He would not complain outwardly and would only keep them to himself.

Furthermore, according to the hunters, the Mutant Blood Potion could be taken multiple times to further strengthen its effects. Baron had only been strengthened once, which only represented the lower limit. Perhaps the upper limit of the Mutant Blood Warrior system was very high.

These hunters don’t trust me yet. After I leave the Black-Clothed Forest and reach Frostwood Village, I’ll ask them about how to obtain the blood potion…

The flames from the fire danced in Zhou Jing’s eyes as he thought.

It was only now that he had the mood to savor his wonderful encounter today. He was still in disbelief at what had happened up till now.

Looking at the crackling firewood and the living hunters, Zhou Jing suddenly realized that he was really here… It was as if he had left the familiar environment of home and arrived at an unknown world, in a plane that was different from the main world.

Astral Travel… I wonder what I will encounter in the future…

Zhou Jing’s emotions were complicated. He was filled with indescribable anticipation for his future at this moment.


At this moment, his ears suddenly twitched. He vaguely caught the unusual sounds of shuffling hidden under the noise of the swaying leaves.

It was as if… someone was deliberately suppressing their footsteps and was quietly tiptoeing on the leaf-covered forest floor.

Voices came from all directions, gradually approaching as if they were surrounding his area.

A sense of danger suddenly welled up in Zhou Jing’s heart. His expression changed as he suddenly slapped Griff.

“I hear something!”

Griff and Dean were startled. Without hesitation, they jumped to their feet.

“Enemies, get up!” The two of them shouted in a low voice and quickly kicked the others awake.

Everyone woke up with a start and quickly got up. They picked up their weapons and skillfully leaned against the surrounding trees to cover themselves as they looked around vigilantly.

However, when everyone looked around, all they could see and hear was the sound of whistling wind in the dark forest. They did not find any enemies.

“What’s going on?”

“Is there really someone? Who discovered them?”

Everyone spoke in low voices, and they were surprised and bewildered.

“Will said so.” Dean pointed at Zhou Jing without looking back.

Could it be a false report… Everyone suddenly had this thought.

This outsider wasn’t their trusted companion, nor was he an experienced hunter. His warning was truly unbelievable.

Actually, Dean, who had woken everyone up earlier, didn’t believe it either.

However, although he did not like Zhou Jing, an outsider of unknown origin, he would not let his emotions affect his decisions.

Even though he felt that it was a false report, he still warned everyone… An experienced hunter like him understood that it was never wrong to be careful.

Of course, the real reason was that he was on night watch anyway, and he wasn’t the one who would be woken up.

Seeing that there was no movement in the surrounding forest, Griff couldn’t help but nudge Zhou Jing with his elbow. “Don’t tell me you’re just randomly shouting?”

“I feel like something’s approaching, and there’s a lot of them.”

Zhou Jing replied in a low voice. The sense of danger still lingered in his heart, and he suddenly understood.

The sudden sense of danger was probably due to this body’s [Agility] talent taking effect…

While everyone was still in doubt, Dean’s expression changed. He suddenly shouted out.

“There really is something. Come out!”

As he spoke, he raised the angle of his bow and shot an arrow into the forest as a warning.

Before long, the rustling sounds in the forest became clearer, and shadows flashed through the forest.

The light from the bonfire roughly illuminated over ten figures. In the darkness further away, there seemed to be even more people.

The dim light from the fire illuminated the appearances of these figures. They were about 1.6 meters tall, emaciated, and slightly hunched over.

Their gray skin was stretched taut over their cheekbones, and their bodies were smeared with white stripes. They wore only a short skirt woven from grass to cover their lower body and held onto a ragged bone knife with one hand and a bone spear with the other. The figures weaved through the jungle like a ghost in a nightmare.


The expressions of everyone changed, and the atmosphere instantly became tense and murderous.

…Was this what the hunters had mentioned, the other branch of the human race in this world, the Subterraneans?

Zhou Jing’s heart stirred. He narrowed his eyes and carefully observed.

At this moment, he suddenly felt something stuffed into his palm.

Zhou Jing looked down and saw that Griff had slipped the dagger into his hand.

“Take it and protect yourself.”

Griff gave him a wink and fastened the arrow to the string. He continued to whisper.

“If we were to fight, I guess you wouldn’t want to use your fists…”

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