Astral Apostle

Chapter 16 - Accelerated Learning (3)

Chapter 16: Accelerated Learning (3)

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In addition, although his main world was well-developed with cold weapon techniques, this kind of information was rarely checked by ordinary people. Furthermore, if one wanted to learn, one had to seek guidance from a teacher. If one did not choose to become a soldier or police officer, it would be very difficult for ordinary people to receive professional training. At most, it would be at the level of a hobbyist.

On the other hand, the humans of this world were still relying on cold weapons to protect their race. They had rich combat experience. Even if they did not have a scientific training system, their techniques should be unique and could serve their purposes.

Zhou Jing analyzed the situation thoroughly. He was not arrogant just because he had interstellar experience. On the contrary, he was fully focused and listened to every instruction carefully.

At the same time, information appeared on the interface.

[Learning [Weapon Mastery – Dagger] ]


[Skill Level: Lv 0 (Novice)]

[You may consume Astral Realm Points to activate the Accelerated Learning function.]

[Calculating the rarity of [Weapon Mastery – Dagger] skill, overall mastery, aptitude of the current Apostle model… calculations complete.]

[Minimum Cost for Accelerated Learning: 25 Astral Points]

[Remark: The Accelerated Learning function will greatly increase the rate of improvement of this ability. The enhancement effect and minimum cost will be affected by the corresponding aptitude. When this ability is upgraded, the Accelerated Learning function will end, and astral points’ consumption will again be calculated.]

Zhou Jing was delighted.

When he first looked through the interface, he roughly understood some uses of the Astral Points. For example, he could adjust the character’s various stats when he was doing the template modeling.

However, after the Astral Apostle was born, the effect of the Astral Points changed. It could not change the character’s parameters like during the model phase. Instead, it could increase the growth of the body and the speed of the training of skills.

According to the level, rarity, power, and other factors, the minimum activation fee for activating the Accelerated Learning function was different, but there was no upper limit. The more Astral Points one consumed, the stronger the acceleration effect.

However, no matter how many Astral Points were consumed, Accelerated Learning would only occur before one reached the next level. Once the skill was upgraded, the Acceleration would end, and there would be a need to pay additional fees.

The cost of using this function was calculated separately for each level of the skill, akin to a tuition fee. It was faster to reach the next level of skill mastery, but it would not be in effect continuously.

The language skill that he had obtained previously, [Terra Empire Language·Northern Dialect], could also be accelerated. However, the minimum starting fee was 50 Astral Points. Zhou Jing did not have many points on hand, and he was not sure how difficult it was to obtain Astral Points, so he did not choose to invest in it.

After all, raising the level of his language skills would only be of limited help to his current situation. Instead, he wanted to test out this ability where he could obtain something to help protect himself.

[25 Astral Points have been consumed]

[Accelerated Learning for [Weapon Mastery – Dagger] has been activated.]

Zhou Jing immediately felt energized, as if a clear spring had flowed through his limbs. It was cool, comfortable, and full of vitality.

Initially, due to the fatigue from the day’s journey, his attention span was a little short, and he was quite distracted. In that instant, he suddenly became extremely focused, as if he had entered the zone.

All the distractions around him seemed to be separated by a curtained window, as though the cacophony of a noisy background had been lowered. He could only hear the sound of Griff’s explanation. As if Griff’s words stuck to his ears, they had become easier to understand.

His own comprehension and learning ability seemed to have increased by several tiers.

But the most important thing was the changes in his body.

He had been clumsily gesturing with the dagger, but his rusty hand movements were quickly fading away. His body was quickly familiarizing himself with this weapon.

Initially, muscle habits could only be formed after years of training. At this moment, the process was concentrated and condensed. In a short period of time, his body was rapidly developing muscle memory of using a dagger.

“This feeling… Sssss.”

Zhou Jing could feel goosebumps all over himself at the speed he was learning.

He did not know how to describe this feeling. He could only say that it was… comfortable, very comfortable!

It was like being constipated for many days and suddenly managing to clear it all in one go!

For the first time in his life, Zhou Jing experienced the power of being a God of Studying and could not stop himself from reveling in this pleasure.

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