Astral Apostle

Chapter 18 - I Am Who I Am (2)

Chapter 18: I Am Who I Am (2)

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“As for you…” Baron looked at Zhou Jing and said,” You don’t need to hunt with us. You can find a place nearby to hide, or you can climb up a tree and come back to find you after we finish hunting. ”

“I’ll go with you guys to help set up the traps. When the fight starts, I’ll go up the tree to hide.”

Zhou Jing did not intend to stay. This would make him too passive.

If this group of hunters failed, he would not be able to leave the forest even if he hid. Therefore, in the face of death, he would rather follow the main group and not fall behind.

Besides, he also wanted to find out more information about the mutant beasts to have a clear understanding of the dangers of this world. If he ever revisited this realm, he could make arrangements in advance in the future.


Dean, however, shook his head in objection.

“I don’t think this is wise. It’s one thing to bring him along on the journey, but we don’t have the energy to take care of him once we officially start hunting.”

“That’s not a problem. You don’t have to worry about me when you fight. I’ll just hide at the side. Besides, I might be able to help. I can keep watch at the edge of the battlefield. If other wild beasts enter, I can inform you.” Zhou Jing tried to persuade them.

Dean wanted to say something else, but Barong raised his hand to silence him.

He stroked his beard and considered for a few seconds before nodding. “That will do. It’s already evening, so we’ll most likely be hunting late at night. You’re quite observant indeed, and when the time comes, hide in a tree a little farther away. When we fight, just help us keep an eye on our surroundings. There’s no need to do anything else.”


Zhou Jing immediately agreed.

During their time together, he discovered that these hunters’ values were subtly different from those of the interstellar era. At least, they found it easier to trust others.

This was also why a stranger like him could be accepted.

In his modern world, it would not be so easy.

Upon seeing this, the hunters didn’t say anything else and started preparing in silence.

Barong led his team forward before finding a suitable area for ambushes. They set up a trap and then threw down the rotten animal organs to create a trail for the beast to follow.

It was not until dark that everything was ready. Then, everyone climbed up the tree and waited quietly for their prey to come.

The night was dark, and the forest grew quiet, leaving only the rustling of leaves in the breeze.

Everyone hid in different trees. No one talked or moved, reducing their existence to the bare minimum.

If he didn’t know where they were hiding, Zhou Jing wouldn’t have been able to recognize them.

He was also hiding on the tree, hiding at the furthest spot. He would pay attention to the wind and grass around him from time to time while silently estimating the time.

We’ve been waiting for almost three hours. Don’t tell me they’re planning to stay here for the entire night? Won’t their bodies freeze…

After an unknown period of time, strange crawling sounds could be heard, gradually approaching.

Crack crack rustle —

A huge silhouette appeared in the night sky. It quickly shuttled through the forest and headed in their direction. It stopped along the way as though it was devouring the bait set up by the hunters.

Not long after, the creature stepped into the forest. Zhou Jing sharply inhaled when he saw its appearance.

The monster’s torso was divided into two parts. Its lower body was like the abdomen of a spider, with eight hairy limbs extended to support its body and walk. Its upper body was straight and slender, with a ferocious beast head. At this moment, it was chewing the rotten internal organs that were used as bait. There were slender human arms on both sides of its body, and at the end of the arms were huge symmetrical claws.

Its body was five to six meters long, and it was about four and a half meters tall. The upper body was covered in pale white translucent skin that looked like a thin membrane. Occasionally, one could see green veins protruding from under the skin. Meanwhile, the lower body was covered in a black carapace. As it walked, white mucus would be left on his tail from time to time. Overall, it was frightening. Its existence could scare children to tears with a glance.

Is this the White Spider they’re hunting, the so-called mutant beast?

Zhou Jing was delighted.

What an appearance!

It looks worse than me whenever I randomize my character appearance in games!

Meanwhile, the White Spider Beast was busy picking up the internal organs and stuffed them into its mouth. As it walked into the center of the trap and picked up the last piece of bait, the ground suddenly collapsed.


The beast’s body tipped and fell into the trap.

A series of cracking sounds could be heard. It came from the spikes hidden in the trap being crushed by the spider monster’s tough carapace.

However, there was still a portion of the spikes that managed to pierce into the white spider monster’s lower abdomen, its soft belly.

“Zii —”

A miserable howl erupted, instantly breaking the silence of the forest.

This was like a signal. The hunters hiding in the trees immediately lit their flints and threw them into the hole.

They had not only set spikes in the cave traps but had also coated them with animal grease. The latter would burn easily and create an inferno the moment they were lighted up.


Inside the pit, an inferno erupted.

The flames engulfed the howling white spider monster, lighting up the dark forest like a huge bonfire on Guy Fawkes Day.

“Release the arrows!”

With a loud shout, arrows rained down, instantly turning the struggling figure into a porcupine.

One arrow followed another as if they would not stop until the quiver was empty… It was difficult to miss such a huge target!

On the other side, Zhou Jing continued hiding in the treetop, observing the entire process secretly.

He knew what trap the hunters had prepared, and he was not surprised by the scene. His eyes fixed on the figure that had gradually stopped struggling in the firelight, and he began to mutter to himself.

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