Astral Apostle

Chapter 26 - As Though Reborn

Chapter 26: As Though Reborn

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Back in the main world.

The sky was bright—another morning in Xihai City.

His eldest brother pushed open the door and skillfully put on his tie, preparing to go to work. Behind him, the sleepy second brother walked out of the same room with a yawn.

There were only four rooms in the house, one for his parents, one for Zhou Jing, and two for his three younger brothers and sisters.

The two of them did not disturb Zhou Jing, who had just received the grievous news last night. They got


their youngest brother to sleep with his parents and a spare bed for the two brothers to squeeze in.

Just like countless other youths in the interstellar era, they had separated from their family early on to forge their own paths. However, they received a short message from their father yesterday. They found out that their family had been selected for forced immigration. They rushed back hurriedly and fought hard to ensure that this quota would not fall on their heads.

It wasn’t easy for them to develop their own career and trajectory in the country, so they didn’t want to migrate.

On the other hand, the third son, Zhou Jing, had just graduated and had yet to start working. No one was more suitable than him to take on the immigration quota.

Even though they were brothers, they still had to draw a line on official matters.

Therefore, after Zhou Jing returned to his room yesterday, his eldest and second brother talked with their parents for the entire night.

They discussed adopting a calm attitude and dissecting the pros and cons for him. They thought about how to persuade Zhou Jing to accept this arrangement, but the outcome of the discussion was actually not very optimistic.

Because they had also suddenly learned of the grievous news yesterday, no one was mentally prepared for it. It was difficult to control their emotions, and their tone probably caused Zhou Jing to hate the idea. It would be difficult to persuade him later.

The eldest brother put on his coat and gold-framed glasses. He looked at Zhou Jing’s tightly shut door and hesitated for a moment before speaking in realization.

“I don’t think he’s been out all night?”

The second Brother was stunned. “Now that you mention it, that seems to be the case.”

“His room has been too quiet since last night…”

They looked at each other and were about to knock on the door.

At that moment, the door opened.

Zhou Jing walked out with a calm expression. He glanced at the two of them and said casually, “Getting ready to go out?”

Big Brother was stunned by Zhou Jing’s calm tone and replied in a helpless tone.

“Uh, yeah… Are you awake?”

“Good observation.”

Zhou Jing rolled his eyes and pried the two of them away, moving to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

The eldest Brother and Second Brother exchanged a surprised look.

What’s going on? This situation isn’t right…

They had discussed last night that Thirdie would be angry, not calm. It was as if nothing had happened yesterday.

“Are you… alright?”

The Eldest Brother probed.

“What can happen to me? I’ll still be fine even if you’re fired.” Zhou Jing took a sip of water and said casually.

“What are you even talking about… Cough, regarding forced immigration…”

“Alright, you don’t have to worry about this anymore.” Zhou Jing interrupted them and waved his hand.

Did this mean that Third Brother has accepted it?

The two of them were delighted but also surprised.

It had only been a night, and Thirdie had already completed his psychological construction? Did he really just accept this so readily?

But then again… Third Brother was usually quite rational. If he was given one night, he would probably understand that this was the best plan.

Second Brother said with relief, “Third Brother, it’s great that you think this way. Don’t resist being an interstellar immigrant. This is already the eleventh batch of immigrants on that planet, so I reckon all the facilities have been perfected. The government’s benefits for immigrants are good, and better days are coming for you soon.

“Anyway, you don’t have a career yet, so you won’t have to worry about anything if you stay for a few years! And you can also help me get a scholarship. It’s a win-win situation!”

Zhou Jing glanced at him and only lightly commented, “Your speech is very nice, but don’t bring it up again.”

Second Brother looked embarrassed.

Big Brother sized up Zhou Jing from the side and suddenly had a strange feeling.

Why does the thirdie feel suddenly different?

In the past, he used to be a gentle person, but after one night, he seemed to have changed

Zhou Jing glanced around. Seeing that there was no one else in the living room, he asked nonchalantly.

“Where’s Zhou Wei’an, is he awake yet?”

His two brothers were stunned. They hadn’t expected Zhou Jing to address their father by his full name.

… Although they did this in private, Thirdie had always been a cultured and polite person. This was not like him.

“He shouldn’t be up yet…”

Hearing that, Zhou Jing pointed at Zhou Wei’an’s bedroom, “Go call him, I have something to tell him.”

“Why don’t you…”


The second Brother was terrified and obediently ran to call the door.

He didn’t dare to provoke Zhou Jing right now for fear that Zhou Jing would fall out with him.

After a while, Zhou Wei’an and Zhao Jing walked out of the room. They found Zhou Jing sitting in the living room, with his eldest brother and second brother standing awkwardly at the side.

Seeing Zhou Jing’s calm expression, both of them were a little stunned.

“About yesterday…” Zhou Wei’an opened his mouth, about to say something.

However, Zhou Jing didn’t give him a chance and went straight to the point.

“I can accept the forced immigration quota, but I have some conditions.”

Zhou Wei’an was stunned, and the words he had prepared to say to persuade his son were suddenly stuck in his throat.

He did not expect Zhou Jing’s attitude to change 180 degrees after one night.

“…Tell me.”

“After I accept this slot, we both will owe each other nothing from now on. I’ll move out as well. From today on, don’t bother me.”

Zhou Jing’s expression was calm as he made up his mind.

Sometimes, people would be blinded by the identity of their “family” and beautify their image—until they realized that they were too different from what they had originally imagined.

One’s love for their children was never an obligation, nor was it a given. There were six children in his family. It was impossible for him to not be biased when it came to sharing things.

He understood his family’s decision, and he was indeed the most suitable person from a logical point of view. But all of that was meaningless now.

For every day that passed without a conclusion to this matter, there would be an endless debate. His family would definitely come to bother him from time to time. He did not want to waste time arguing with his family about this matter. Right now, he only wanted to focus all his energy on researching his astral traveling.

He could only focus on exploring this sudden ability by going out and living alone.

Since he had a way to resolve the forced migration, he would take on the quota and resolve their problem. In the future, they would not owe each other anything.

Zhou Jing had thought it through. There were still two months left before the migration ship set sail. Before that, he could become a Super, and he would be exempted from the forced migration. This was still his goal for now… not for his family, but for himself.

In any case, his family’s original intentions were just to push the quota to him. After he accepted it, no matter what method he used to solve this problem, it would have nothing to do with them anymore.

They were already prepared to never see him again, so his path in the future had nothing to do with them.

At this point, it was alright, even if he did not have any kin!

Looking at Zhou Jing, who was totally different from before, Zhou Wei’an couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

After a moment of hesitation, he spoke out once again, “If you need any financial compensation, I—”

“No need. Keep your money.”

Zhou Jing remained impassive.

He needed money to rent a house outside. Although he did not have a job, he still had some savings over the years.

Initially, he wanted to save up for the tuition fees for higher education institutes, but it was no longer necessary now.

Zhou Jing suddenly became so cold. The

others were not used to it, but they could not criticize this change. After all, they had made a choice first.

Zhou Wei’an hesitated for a few more seconds before he coughed and said: “There is one thing that I’m afraid you’ve forgotten. The migration ship will board in two months, and during this period, you will have to complete the process of reporting your personal information.”

“I’m aware.”

Zhou Jing had checked up on the migration information last night.

There were a series of procedures for mandatory migration, such as filling in reports, immigration bureau interviews, physical examinations, and so on. Before the boarding date of the migration spaceship, the parties involved had to complete these procedures, and it was ineffective if others did so on their behalf.

The immigration bureau would confirm the quota and record it into the database after the chosen family member filled in a report. It was only then that the immigration candidate was confirmed.

Seeing Zhou Wei’an hesitance, Zhou Jing thought for a moment and understood the other party’s concerns.

“If you’re worried, I can submit the report first before moving out.” He only threw down this sentence indifferently.

“… That works too.” Zhou Wei’an had nothing left to fault.

Zhou Jing did not delay. He took out his phone and computer, logged into the immigration bureau’s website, and recorded his identity. It took him about twenty minutes to complete the report.

When the image of “Applicant Successful” appeared on the screen, Zhou Jing turned the computer to show it to Zhou Wei’an.

“Is that enough?”

Zhou Wei’an nodded silently.

“That’s good.” Zhou Jing stood up and returned to his room.

A short while after, he came back out with his backpack and suitcase.

After returning from his astral travel, he had packed his luggage.

There wasn’t much to bring. A laptop, a few clothes, a few books, and a couple of posters that had been pulled down from the wall.

Zhou Wei’an and the others were stunned at his sudden packing.

“Are you leaving now? Have you found a house? Where are you staying?” Zhao Jing couldn’t help but ask.

“There’ll always be a place to stay.”

Zhou Jing walked to the door, thought for a moment before continuing,

“My home address is still set here. I can’t change it, so I can only report here. So, when the immigration bureau makes a visit, I’ll come back. Other than that, we’ll have nothing to do with each other.”

Zhou Wei’an and the others stared blankly at his heartless remark.

Finally, Zhou Jing took one last glance at the familiar house before turning around and walking away.

The closing of the main door obscured his family’s last view of his departing back.

Sometimes, a person’s change takes a lifetime, and sometimes, it only takes an instant.

He suddenly felt that the things he cared about in the past were not worth it.

Since he had made a decision, he would not stop.

In the room, only Zhou Wei’an and the others were left looking at each other in stunned silence.

This swift and decisive style… was completely different from the Zhou Jing they knew.

None of them had ever seen this side of him before.

This was the first time they realized that Zhou Jing’s refined and gentle character could actually turn into such a resolute and heartless one.

The group was utterly confused at this point.

They more or less knew that it was their fault, but they didn’t think people could change so much in one night. …

With his backpack slung over his shoulders, he dragged the luggage as he walked out of the building.

The warm morning sun shone on his shoulders.

Zhou Jing took a deep breath and let it fill his chest. For some reason, he felt a numbing sensation come from within his heart.

It was as if he had thrown away his last remaining restraint and was now looking forward to the future.

It was as if his life had only truly begun today!

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