Astral Apostle

Chapter 29 - Current Objectives; Target Attributes (3)

Chapter 29: Current Objectives; Target Attributes (3)

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He roughly analyzed the significance of the different colors of the various endowments. Gray was aptitudes that he was not gifted at, white was considered normal, and green was slightly gifted.

The blue represented outstanding talent.

Purple represented genius-like talent.

“The aptitude of my main body is mainly green and white. Only the aptitude for battle has reached blue…”

Zhou Jing raised his eyebrows slightly.


If blue is already so fierce, then won’t purple make pigs fly?

In terms of talent, he also had a talent that was related to combat, [Battle Intuition].

“Looks like my guess was right. I do have talent in combat…”

Zhou Jing was inexplicably excited.

However, he immediately thought of a new problem.

These are my original body’s talents, but when I use Will·Wood’s body, it can still take effect… So my original body’s talent can still be displayed to a certain extent in the Astral Apostle even without being displayed?

“Hmm, I will be using different carriers when I descend to different Astral Realms, but they are still controlled by my thoughts. My combat awareness is rooted in my own experience and memories, and it is unaffected…

“On the other hand, the Astral Apostle’s talent does not seem to transfer on my body. I don’t have the [Agility] talent anymore. So, my main body cannot be replaced. It is the core of the Astral Travel ability.”

Zhou Jing analyzed and felt that his conjecture was somewhat reliable.

After a good analysis of his skills, he couldn’t help but recall the skills that Will·Wood had. Although they weren’t displayed in his main body’s skill column, he still remembered many of the skills, such as the usage of daggers, hunting knives, and the words of the Terra Empire language. However, he only remembered what he had learned and used in his Apostle, not the entire broad spectrum of the skill.

For example, when he spoke, he could no longer automatically understand the meaning of his words in the Terra Empire language as he did when he descended. He could only remember the words he had said when he was Will Wood. He had to link the spoken language back to his own language for inference, which was similar to learning the language normally.

As for the technique of mastering weapons, although he could remember it in his head, his body did not have any muscle memory. It was as if he had never practiced it before.

Zhou Jing’s eyes lit up at this discovery.

“Even if the Astral Apostle’s skills haven’t been transferred to my original body, the relevant knowledge and memories don’t disappear. If I remember it, it will stay in my mind. I won’t lose it by switching bodies.

“So, even if you don’t clear the life objectives, you can let your main body learn from scratch. And with experience, it will be easier to train…”

However, while this was indeed the case, due to the difference in the flow of time between the two worlds, the Astral Apostles had more time to train. Using an apostle to clear the level to obtain abilities and skills was the most cost-effective.

Still, his main body was also given the opportunity to cultivate.

He couldn’t learn a system like the Blood Mutant Warriors, which required external strengthening, on his own. However, he could learn some knowledge-type superpowers, even if they were not transferred to his main body, to become a Super.

“There’s another way. In the future, I can focus on knowledge-related superpowers…”

Zhou Jing remembered this discovery and, at the same time, thought of a new trick.

“I can take advantage of this loophole. I can use a carrier to speed up some knowledge-based abilities. When I return to my original body or use the next apostle, this knowledge will not disappear from my mind, even if the skills aren’t displayed.

“Like… If I were to truly learn all the words of the Terra Empire, then even if my main body can’t analyze the words, I can still grasp this language…”

Zhou Jing was ecstatic at the thought.

He felt great about gradually figuring out the mechanism of astral travel!

Between these mechanisms, there seemed to be many tricks to be discovered!

Zhou Jing could not stop shaking from excitement.

It was past five in the afternoon, and the 12-hour cooldown for his astral traveling was over.

“Let’s go and take a look. I wonder how my astral apostle is doing.”

Suppressing his interest in researching the functions further, Zhou Jing closed his eyes and sent his consciousness into the starry space… Now, it was time to move to the projection space.

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