Astral Apostle

Chapter 31 - Settling Debts; Inheritance (2)

Chapter 31: Settling Debts; Inheritance (2)

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There might be four different settlement patterns… Return of travel, Placement, Death, Clearance. Two minor settlements and two major ones.

Zhou Jing pondered silently and roughly understood the process.

The death settlement would reward him based on his career evaluation. This time, he was unlucky and caught off guard, so there was no reward.

However, the [Free Inheritance Slot] function surprised Zhou Jing.

This would let him transfer some abilities from the dead apostle to the next one!


Even though he could use his astral points to choose the abilities of other astral apostles from the Records Illustration and pass them on to new astral apostles. He could use this for free!

The higher the death rating, the more [Free Inheritance Slots] provided. This meant that the next apostle would have more of the abilities and skills of his predecessors.

“That’s good stuff!” Zhou Jing laughed out loud.

Previously, he was worried that after the apostles from the astral world died, he would have to relearn everything. Now, it seemed like he could pass them down from generation to generation.

Even if he could not convert the abilities to his main body, it would greatly increase his chances of clearing the missions!

Most importantly, his training results would not be wasted. Even if he died, it would be passed down from generation to generation. This could continue until an apostle cleared the mission, whereby it would be transferred to his main body.

That was too great of a hack!

Zhou Jing’s spirits lifted, and he hurriedly studied the process carefully.

He discovered that the free inheritance slots were divided into two categories: [Random] and [Specified]. As the name suggested, one randomly selected abilities, and the other allowed one to specifically inherit certain abilities.

The evaluation this time gave a total of five free inheritance slots. Will·Wood only had four skills, which was more than enough.

However, the inherited abilities among the astral apostles would be inevitably influenced by the new carrier’s own aptitude. If their abilities were incompatible with the new model template, their corresponding skill levels would also decrease.

However, that was only something that had to be considered when one’s ability had reached a high enough level. Will·Wood’s four skills were all very low level, far from being able to compete with one’s aptitude… There were also benefits to being a noob!

[Free inheritance slot used up]

[Inherited total 4 skills: Lv2 [Terra Empire Language·Northern Dialect], Lv1 [Weapon Mastery – Hunting Blade], Lv1 [Weapon Mastery – Dagger], Lv1 [Wilderness Survival].]

[The next Astral Realm Apostle template created will inherit the above-mentioned skills.]


Zhou Jing heaved a sigh of relief.

Although these few abilities were nothing much, they were significant to him right now… As long as a new one could inherit the important abilities of their predecessors, his previous hard work would not be wasted.

At this moment, he suddenly remembered that he still had a few unused Aptitude and Attribute enhancement rewards.

A quick check showed that the rewards were still in the warehouse. The death of his Astral Apostle did not affect the accumulated rewards.

Other than certain special achievements that could only be used by those who triggered it, most of the achievement rewards were universal and could be used on other Astral apostles.

Zhou Jing had a flash of inspiration and quickly thought of a plan:

In that case, maybe I can save the reward obtained for triggering achievements. If I meet an apostle from the astral world worth investing in, I can activate it all at once and use it to stack the effect until it becomes a big boss!

Hmm, it seemed like this operation was feasible… marvelous. He had found another loophole!

It was a pity that the reward for improving one’s aptitude and attributes could only be used by apostles from the astral world and could not be used by his main body. Otherwise, he would also want to experience what it felt like to become a genius overnight.

“This is not bad. Increasing the apostles’ aptitude will also increase the chances of clearing the missions.”

Zhou Jing shook his head as if to rid his greediness. At this moment, he noticed an additional achievement in the warehouse.

In Will·Wood’s placement report, a “Unique Achievement” was triggered after his first death was achieved and became an “inheritance.”

[Triggered Achievement: [First Death (Unique)]

[Unlocked Astral Apostle Mode Support Function Column]

[Received [Support Function] x 4]

[Received [Character Rank System (Up to Lv10)]

[Received [Item Analysis] function]

[Received [Follower Function] ]

[Received [Pet Function] ]

“Support function…”

Zhou Jing took a look at the explanation and was instantly invigorated, his face beaming with joy.

In the stats file of the Astral Apostle, there was now a supplementary function column. The number of empty slots depended on the rarity of the template.

When he was modeling for the Apostle, he could equip them with auxiliary functions in the empty slots to use when performing astral travel. However, different auxiliary functions required a different number of Astral Points to equip.

There were many auxiliary functions, and they were to provide the astral apostles some special advantages.

According to Zhou Jing’s simple understanding…

Isn’t this just Pay-To-Win? And, I can even choose a “VIP privilege” for the astral apostles?!

D*mn, this is a little fierce!

“Still, I can already reconstruct and create apostles from the astral world, so it wouldn’t be strange to include more information…”

Zhou Jing calmed himself down and muttered to himself.

Judging from the effects, the content of these four auxiliary functions was like a basic “external modification tool.” It felt like it would be an initial benefit like rapid language analysis—helpful but not too exaggerated.

If an Astral Apostle were equipped with an auxiliary function, it would be much more convenient to wander and grow.

Furthermore, he had saved up some Astral Points. He had enough “dough” now. The next time he created an Astral Apostle, he could try out the paid function of modeling an Apostle—using these resources to create a new Astral Apostle with higher potential would give him a smoother start.

When I think about the benefits… I guess Will·Wood died a worthy death!

If his Astral Apostle did not die, he would not be able to unlock the auxiliary functions and create a new and better template.

Since he had a two-month deadline, it was lucky that Will·Wood “left” early. He did not need to spend too much time on this mediocre template and would take fewer detours. From the results, it seemed like a good thing?

“Wonderful, a wonderful death…”

Zhou Jing was no longer depressed.

Not only did he not lose anything, he even felt that he had gained from it.

Will·Wood, your sacrifice will be remembered by the organization!

He was secretly excited at the thought that the next time he created a new model, he wouldn’t have to suffer like last time.

Furthermore, the time between the Mutant World and the main world was moving forward together. The events and connections from the previous time would not disappear.

Since he had already uncovered the map region of Frostwood Village, Zhou Jing decided to fix his position here next time so that it wouldn’t randomly appear in dangerous places.

Will·Wood was dead, but the impact he had left on the hunters remained. He might be able to use that to continue his dealings with Barong and Griff…

He even felt that the path to glory for his next apostle would be much easier… Zhou Jing clenched his fist excitedly.

However, Will·Wood’s corpse hadn’t turned cold yet, so it would take time for him to create a new template and head down once more.

Zhou Jing looked at the remark on the interface, which read: “Temporarily no usable Astral Apostles” and “Time until creation of new model: 1 day”.

“I’ll wait for a day. I can sort out the current astral travel mechanisms as well… I’ll also consider how the new apostle should act.”

Zhou Jing’s eyes flickered as a plan began to take shape in his mind.

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