Astral Apostle

Chapter 8 - Initiation (2)

Chapter 8: Initiation (2)


He focused his consciousness there, and a few messages popped up from the bottom right corner.

[Triggered Achievement: First Astral Travel!]

[You have received 300 Astral Points!]

[Triggered Achievement: Newcomer!]

[You have received 100 Astral Points! Obtained 1x Auxiliary Tool — Rapid Language Analysis (Skill Edition)]


[Auxiliary Tool — Rapid Language Analysis (Skill Edition)]

[Function: Quickly analyze a language]

[Usage Method: When you learn a language through a book or communicate with a target, you can consume this tool to quickly analyze the related language and transform it into a skill for daily use.]

Zhou Jing’s eyes lit up.

He learned from the interface information that when astral apostles roamed the realm, certain actions might trigger achievements and gain benefits. They were Astral Realm Points most of the time, but occasionally they would receive different types of achievement rewards.

There were conditions for completing these two achievements. [First Astral Travel] symbolized the first time one transmigrated to a plane, and it was a unique achievement. As for the [Newcomer] achievement, it was something that would be triggered every time one entered a new star realm, an achievement that could be repeated.

The achievements were divided into Unique and Repeatable types. He could open his [Achievement List] within the interface and check the requirements for many achievements to be completed. At the same time, there were also some hidden achievements that could not be directly checked. Add to meet the requirements for them to be triggered.

As for the different types of achievement rewards outside the Astral Points, they could not take effect immediately. Instead, they could be stored in the Achievement warehouse, waiting to be used.

“Looks like the interface doesn’t solve all communication problems directly. Fortunately, there’s this achievement reward… Speaking of which, this achievement can be triggered once in every new realm. So there should be a sort of benefit to solve the communication problem for every realm?”

Zhou Jing started to connect the dots.

He had been worried that if there was a language barrier, others would not be able to understand him. Now, he was relieved.

He was unfamiliar with this place and had no information about the astral world. He needed to find someone to understand his situation.

Zhou Jing composed himself and searched around on the ground. Finally, he found a withered branch that he could use as a walking stick and chose a direction before carefully advancing.

Having been a city dweller his entire life, he did not have any experience in surviving in the wilderness, so he was not confident. He could only trust himself and rely on a little luck at this point.

Fortunately, this body had 9 points in Physical Fitness. Not only was it very strong, but it was also full of stamina. If he ever encountered danger, it would be easier to respond compared to his original body.

“I’m just an ordinary interstellar society civilian. To be suddenly dragged into a forest and expected to survive… Although the death of an apostle from the astral realm will not affect my main body, to be safe, I should try my best to stay alive before I return.”

Zhou Jing rubbed his arms forcefully as if it could wash away the bone-chilling cold.

After walking for about three to four hours, the temperature in the forest gradually returned to normal. It was not as cold as it was at dawn.

Zhou Jing had been trekking through the forest for a long time. His nose was red from the cold, and white mist kept coming out of his breath.

“Fortunately, I have a set of clothes with me. Otherwise, I’m afraid I would have frozen…”

The style of the clothes he carried with him was very simple. There was only a single piece of clothing, and the fabric was very rough. After traveling for half a day, there were red marks on his shoulders and neck. It was itchy and prickly, but when the cold wind blew, it felt extremely refreshing.

He lived in the interstellar era. Although he did not lead a comfortable life, he used modern industrial products. He never expected to wear a single piece of clothing to survive in the wilderness. He had never suffered like this.

Zhou Jing gritted his teeth and endured it. He tried not to think about the modern comfort; instead, trying his best to adapt—he had already been mentally prepared before entering, so He couldn’t think about retreating now.

He was already here, so he had to finish what he started!

As he walked and stopped, Zhou Jing tried to find traces of people in the wilderness.

He had never learned how to read tracks in the wilderness, so he could only judge based on his intuition. However, his [Agility] talent seemed to be working, and he could occasionally notice some otherwise undetectable traces.

However, these discoveries made him tense up. There were old claw marks on some of the trees. Clearly, there were unknown beasts in this forest. He was in a more dangerous situation right now.

However, what surprised him was that his body’s physical condition was even better than he had expected. After walking for three to four hours, he was only slightly tired and still maintained sufficient physical strength. Furthermore, after staying in the cold environment for so long, his joints were only slightly stiff and were already very resistant to the cold.

He turned around a large tree, and Zhou Jing suddenly stopped in his tracks. His gaze was fixed on the ground not far away. Surprisingly, there were a few human footprints that extended all the way out.

“Finally, traces of people!”

Zhou Jing was delighted at first but soon calmed down.

He did not know if the owners of these footprints were good-natured or had malicious intentions.

It was just that only people were able to communicate in the wild forest. Thus, he had to make contact with them to find out more about the situation. Otherwise, it would be difficult to leave the forest without any knowledge.

This was the first time Zhou Jing had experienced such a thing, but he had weighed the pros and cons along the way. The biological lifeforms he could encounter in the forest were either wild beasts or people. The latter was ultimately easier to communicate with than the former.

He secretly raised his guard and followed the footprints carefully.

He was extremely tense as he paid attention to his surroundings, ready to deal with any possible accidents.

After walking for about half an hour, there was a sharp sound of rushing wind!

Zhou Jing reacted quickly and hid behind the nearest tree.


An arrow pierced the ground a few steps ahead where he previously stood.

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