Astral Pet Store

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Break Your Arm

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Just as Su Ping was reading the quest, Fan Xiaoyu smashed the table and her face was contorted with anger. “If there’s nothing wrong with the food you sold, how come a pet with no appetite cannot stop eating that food? You’d better come clean!”

“Come clean?”

Su Ping came back to his senses. His eyebrows twitched when he looked at the hand on the counter. A glint of coldness flashed past his dark eyes, but he contained his fury.

The two people were battle pet warriors and he was no match for them.

“The host doesn’t have to worry. There is nothing inside this store that can threaten your life. Anything and anyone that shows killing intent towards you will be erased, even when the Immemorial Savior arrives!”

Su Ping was stunned speechless. He didn’t know that the pet store had such abilities. Didn’t it mean that this store was his strongest shelter?

With the system’s promise, Su Ping felt less worried. Looking at the two indifferently, he said, “Do you have proof that there is inappropriate stuff mixed in my pet food?”


Fan Yujing’s glare turned colder as he went on, “My words are the proof. Believe me. I will have the Pet Food Association come here to investigate at once and your dirty little store will be shut down!”

Su Ping raised his eyebrows.

He wasn’t afraid of the Pet Food Association. After all, all the food was natural and harvested by him; there was nothing wrong with it.

That being said, the investigation procedures of the Pet Food Association would be complicated and it would affect his business. Besides, that would also harm the store’s reputation. That would put him at a disadvantage when it came to finishing the system’s assignments.

At the same time, Fan Xiaoyu noticed the many pet food bottles placed on the shelf behind the counter. When she saw the prices, she cried out in alarm, “Brother, look, this is a clip joint indeed.”

Su Yujing took a glance. He pulled a long face at once. “I didn’t know gangster shops were this bold in the outer town. This is a place where there are no rules nor laws.”


Su Ping snorted. “A high price invariably means that this is a clip joint? Don’t buy or come here and defame people just because you cannot afford it. The things I sell are attractive in price and quality. You get what you pay for. The price is more than reasonable!”

“I can’t afford it?”

Fan Xiaoyu laughed out of extreme anger.

Even if the price were set ten times the amount, it would be nothing but a casual buy for them. How could he accuse them of not being able to afford anything?

Besides, the pet food he had was ten times more expensive than regular pet food. Who gave the owner the courage to call it “attractive in price and quality”?

“You get what you pay for. Nice try. I’d like to know what that thing priced at 20,000 coins can do. Can it make someone live forever?” Fan Xiaoyu burst into laughter out of fury.

Su Ping answered calmly, “Only 20,000 coins and you want to eat it and live forever. You’re not looking for crap to eat, are you?”


Fan Xiaoyu opened her beautiful eyes and bellowed, “Say that again?”

“Am I wrong?” Su Ping shrugged.

“How dare you insult my sister.” Fan Yujing’s eyes glared in coldness. He made a swift move and reached his hand to grab Su Ping’s neck at lightning speed.

However, right at that moment, a sense of fatal danger rose in Fan Yujing’s mind.

Before Fan Yujing could think about it, he heard a cracking sound. It was as if his arm had been pushed down by something. The bones in his arm were fractured from the elbow down.

The dull pain reached him in an instant. Fan Yujing gasped in pain. He stepped back at once to keep a distance from Su Ping.


Everything happened too fast. Still angry, Fan Xiaoyu only saw how her brother was about to teach the other guy a lesson, to then see him suddenly step back as if something had struck him.

Fan Xiaoyu turned pale with fright as she saw Fan Yujing with a broken arm. Her brother was not an average boy. He had graduated and joined the rangers as a powerful battle pet warrior. He was far superior than her. How could his arm be broken?

Su Ping was surprised by this as well. Inside, he heaved a sigh of relief. The system was freaking awesome and this was a system of words.

“If it weren’t for the fact that you didn’t mean to end my life, it wouldn’t be just your arm that would be broken.” Su Ping sneered.

He was a guy that had died over a hundred deaths in cultivation planes. He had an acute sense of killing intent. Previously, Fan Yujing only intended to teach Su Ping a lesson and did not mean to murder him. Therefore, the system’s punishment was not the most severe.

“Was it you who did this?” Fan Xiaoyu turned around and stared at Su Ping, shocked.

Who was this person that could easily break her brother’s arm?

Also, judging by his looks, she could tell that Su Ping was in his early twenties, younger than her brother. Wasn’t it an indication that Su Ping was more talented than her brother?

Fan Yujing was a person that had undertaken countless battles himself. While the pain from the broken arm was sharp, he managed to endure it. He was even more shocked than Fan Xiaoyu. Previously, in that instant, the sense of danger was still lingering in his heart like a needle and it was hard to be erased.

He didn’t doubt that he had just visited the gates of hell!

“Who exactly are you?” Fan Yujing took a deep breath, putting on a stern look. This person that could break his arm and was younger than him had to be a genius, not a halfpenny the worse than those glamorous talents in the Federation. This person was far from an unknown anonymous guy!

“As you can see, just a normal guy, a pet store owner,” Su Ping said, calmly, “Now, I believe we can communicate like equals.”

Fan Yujing’s countenance changed. He kept a low voice. “We didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just that this matter is related to our family. We were too anxious.”

“It’s funny.” Su Ping chuckled.

At the same time, inside, he was sighing.

Right, only the powerful could have a say. Otherwise, people wouldn’t even have the patience to listen to the explanation. The fist ruled even when the words were wrong!

“Didn’t you ask me what the function of this is?” Su Ping revisited that subject, saying in a nonchalant tone, “These are Colored Buddha Leaves and can be regarded as a form of pet food. But this is disposable food. The only effect is that it can enlighten a pet’s intelligence and increase the pet’s power of understanding.”

“Enlighten intelligence?”

Fan Yujing’s expression changed once he heard this.

All the items that could enlighten intelligence were sold at 100,000, at the very least.

Why would this one only cost 20,000?

Fan Xiaoyu, who was supporting her brother, was also stunned. She didn’t expect that this garish thing would be a treasure that could enhance intelligence.

“Which pet ranks can be enlightened by these Colored Buddha Leaves?” Fan Yujing voiced another question.

Right at this moment, he was no longer regarding this owner as a shady businessman. What kind of trickster was able to break his arm without leaving a trace?

Su Ping shrugged. “It can be applied to all pets below the Beast King rank.”


The siblings stared dumbfounded.

All pets were inferior to Beast Kings.

Didn’t it imply that even pets of the ninth rank could use this?

What treasure could enlighten the intelligence of a pet at the ninth rank? Such a treasure could not be purchased with one million, not to mention 100,000 coins!

For a moment, the siblings were looking at Su Ping in a weird way. If this man were a fraud, he was unusually powerful; such people were seldom con artists since they wouldn’t have the need for it.

But if he weren’t a fraud… then why be so stupid as to sell such a top-level treasure at only 20,000 coins?

Su Ping’s mouth twitched as he noticed the funny glares the siblings threw at him. His heart was aching. Of course he knew that the price of 20,000 coins was low. Only the wealthy and ostentatious could regard this kind of price as “reasonable.”

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