Astral Pet Store

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: First Main Quest

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Su Ping twitched his eyebrows in surprise when he heard the sound alert of money received. He didn’t expect this boy to be so swift in action.

The 20,000 coins entered his account and that could be converted to 200 points of energy.

With the 200 points of energy, he could buy a bottle of “Awakening Potion” at once, which could make him a battle pet warrior.

While he was delighted, Su Ping kept a calm look. At the same time, he felt reluctant to sell it. After all, the Colored Buddha Leaves were more valuable than what the price indicated. If it weren’t for the fact that money made outside the store could not be converted to energy points, he would have tried to sell the Colored Buddha Leaves elsewhere so he could name the price at will.

“System, can we not increase the price?” Su Ping asked in his mind, unwilling to sell it at this price.

“The system’s pricing is reasonable. There’s no need to change the price,” the system replied.

Su Ping felt he was choking on his own blood. His face darkened.

The siblings were baffled as they saw this anguished look on Su Ping’s face. Others would be unhappy when a deal fell through. Why would this owner pull a long face when a deal came through? What a weirdo.


Su Ping handed the plant to Fan Yujing.

Fan Xiaoyu took it over for her brother. “How do you eat this?” She was curious.

“How?” Su Ping said indifferently, “Chew it up so you don’t choke.”

Fan Xiaoyu was on the verge of spitting out blood in anguish. Taunted by his words, she stood there, at a loss, and could not come up with anything else to say.

Fan Yujing didn’t mind seeing his sister being humiliated. “Sir, how many pieces of Scarlet Stone Fruits are left? I will take them all,” said Fan Yujing.

Su Ping’s expression softened a bit as another order was being placed. He turned around and picked up the bottle with Scarlet Stone Fruits to count the number. “One piece of fruit is 130 and there are 22 left. Altogether, it would be 2860 coins.”

“Is that 130 for one piece of fruit?” Fan Xiaoyu came back to her senses, only to be stunned again. “You are selling on a per fruit basis?

“Should I sell them in slices?” Su Ping glared at her.

Fan Xiaoyu: “…”

Fan Yujing had already noticed that his grandpa didn’t have many Scarlet Stone Fruits left. He had been prepared for the price so he didn’t comment further. At least, for the moment, the Scarlet Stone Fruit was the only thing the Vermilion Bird would eat. The price was still acceptable even though it was high.

Fan Yujing paid up and collected his merchandise. He darted a glance to the other items on the counter but was no longer in the mood to probe. “Let’s go,” he said to his sister.

Fan Xiaoyu was in low spirits. She carried the food and left the store with her brother. When they got into their car, she snorted angrily. “This person is despicable. I am furious!”

Su Ping lashed out on her several times. She had been grinding her teeth in wrath. She would have come forward to fight back if it weren’t for the fact that Su Ping had displayed a horrifying strength.

Fan Yujing didn’t share her view. “It is us that have been careless. I didn’t know that we could meet such a person in this kind of small place. This person has the strength and is young, yet he is willing to spend his days in comfort here. I cannot figure him out.”

“Hmm, he is just purposely making a mystery out of simple things. Maybe he’s a bastard from some big family and is homeless, so he has to come here and sell some family belongings just to make some money for food!” Fan Xiaoyu conjured up the meanest assumption. With this said, she couldn’t help but grin. The cloud over her mood had vanished into smoke.

Fan Yujing was speechless after seeing how his sister was cheering herself up. “All right now. You drive. Let’s go to a good hospital to bind up this wound. Later, I will contact my friend and have him treat me,” he said, grumpily.

Fan Xiaoyu threw a look at his twisted arm. That grin was soon substituted by a frown. Her look became solemn.

This person was far stronger than she was, to be able to hurt her brother this badly. She was sure that she was one of the best amongst her peers at school. She could never imagine that she could meet someone stronger in that remote and backward place.

“So mean!”

She bit her teeth in hatred again as she remembered how detached that person was.

Buzzing, buzzing!

The car was like a beast that had gone mad. The exhaust growled.

Somehow, Fan Yujing felt something was wrong. In the next second, the car was launched forward.


Hearing the car rushing away, Su Ping knew that the siblings were finally gone. He thought they had to be in a rush considering how fierce the exhaust sounded.

“Are they rushing to the hospital?” Su Ping raised his eyebrows. He didn’t think about it too much; soon after, he shifted his focus on his account.

He did the calculation. His eyes were filled with passionate feelings.

8700+20000+2860=31560 coins.

Altogether, that was over 30,000 coins!

That would be 315.6 energy points when converted!

“Finally, I’m out of poverty…” Su Ping teared up. He pulled up the system’s shop and bought that “Awakening Potion” worth a hundred energy points without further ado.


When the points of energy were deducted, Su Ping felt his pocket suddenly become heavy with an extra item added.

He took it out. It was that bottle of Awakening Potion sold in the shop.

Su Ping’s eyes glowed. He asked at once, “System, how do I take this?”

“The Awakening Potion is made from an ancient underground spring. Take it orally,” the system gave a simple reply.

Su Ping was about to drink it at once when he suddenly remembered something. He left the counter, turned around, and closed the door. Then, he stepped into the back room. He opened the lid and poured the Awakening Potion into his mouth.

It didn’t feel like a flow of liquid; it was more like a mist.

“So warm…”

As soon as he took it, Su Ping felt this warm mist spreading across his body through his veins. His arms, legs, and back turned warmer at once.

At the same time, his body seemed to be lighter until he felt he weighed nothing, as if he could just float when he stood on his tiptoes.

Feeling this warmth, Su Ping could faintly hear some cracking sounds all over his body. That was a special sound that brought a marvelous feeling. It was as if every cell in him was sprouting and cracking, with new things bursting forth.

This kind of disputing and revitalizing feeling was not exclusive to his physical body. He felt his brain was going through the same thing. He could hear a constant subtle cracking sound until it completely occupied his mind.

After a long, long time.

When everything quieted down, Su Ping opened his eyes again.

A world that was distinct and in focus was revealed in front of his eyes.

To his surprise, Su Ping realized that the darkroom and everything around could be seen vividly, including the protruding particles painted on the white walls.

He heard the system’s even tone, “Congratulations to the host on becoming a battle pet warrior. The main quest is initiated.

“Main quest: the host is to breed a pet of his own within one week. The aptitude of the pet shall not be lower than upper-middle.”

Su Ping was astounded.

The main quest?

But there were strings attached.

He had to have a pet with an upper-middle level in aptitude.

When he was training the Lightning Rat, Su Ping already had an idea about how strict the system was. A Lightning Rat that could be regarded as the best was only rated as “below average” by the system.

He could hardly imagine how outstanding a pet that was rated at the upper-middle level would be!

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