Astral Pet Store

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: What Did You Do to It?

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“The owner is here.”

Su Yanying’s eyes’ brightened slightly when she saw Su Ping coming out from the back. She stepped forward right then, dragging her friend with her.

“Hi, what can I do for you?”

Su Ping moved to the counter and his eyebrows were knitted together.

His heart was in extreme pain as he thought about the mere 108 coins he received for that outstanding Lightning Rat.

Su Yanying noticed that Su Ping’s expression appeared to be unnatural. While she found it bizarre, she did not pry further. “Sir, do you remember the Lightning Rat I picked up?” She threw out her question in a hasty manner.


It was the sound of the scar in his heart being torn open.

Su Ping curled his lips and his face darkened. “What is wrong with it?”

“There is nothing wrong with it. I’m only asking if you did anything to it.” Su Yanying couldn’t hold back from asking this question.

“…” Su Ping remained silent for a long time before he said, “What do you think I would do to a rat?”


Su Yanying realized that her question was phrased oddly. Her cheeks blushed as she went on in a low voice, “Sir, that’s not what I meant. I’m only wondering if it was trained here.” She uttered those words with prudence and respect.

If the Lightning Rat had been trained there, then there had to be master trainers working in this place. Even battle pet warriors with titles would have to treat such master trainers with respect and politeness. Of course, she also had to do the same.


Su Ping was intrigued. He understood the intention of their visit, based on the information he heard from his sister Su Lingyue.

This girl saw that little rat in action, so she returned to find out the reason for its growth.

There was one thing, though.

This matter involved the pet store’s secret and the system, things that he could not expose.

Su Ping made up a random answer, “If taking it for a walk can count as training, then yes, I did train it for a couple of days.”

Su Yanying did not see this coming. “Walks?”

“Of course I have to take it outside for a walk after a good meal,” Su Ping said off the top of his head. He was about to be convinced by his own words.

Su Yanying was losing patience with Su Ping playing with her. “Sir, I’m being serious. Did you not train it at all?” she asked in a hurry.

Su Ping frowned a bit. She was persistent. “What does it have to do with you if it was trained here or not? I can compensate you if you think there is something wrong with it, or you can return it and I will buy it. If you find it in good shape, then I will be okay if you want to give me more money. Other than that, please leave if you have nothing else to do here. Don’t interrupt my business.”

Su Yanying never expected that the store owner would tell them to leave so directly. She recovered from her shock soon and hurried to explain, “Sir, this is not what I’m saying. I am merely seeking confirmation. If you have trained it for me, please let me know, all right?”

Su Ping raised his eyebrows. “If so, then yes. Are you happy now?”

Su Yanying found it hard to find words.

“Hey you, we’re not here to look for trouble. If you trained Lightning Rat, then tell us. We’re not going to hurt you,” Lan Lele said, unsatisfied by Su Ping’s attitude.

Su Ping kept a straight face. “I already said it. I trained the Lightning Rat. But if you want to know the process and methods, then I will have to say sorry.”

Su Yanying finally found the root of their misunderstanding. She shook her head at once. “Sir, I have no desire to look into the methods and process of your training. I’m just very grateful to you for training my pet.”

“Oh, I see…” Su Ping put away his cold face and said, “If you want to say thank you, then give me some more money.”


Su Yanying was stunned.


As far as she could tell, a person able to train the Lightning Rat to such a degree had to be a hermit who would not care about such worldly items.

“You don’t have money?” Su Ping’s eyebrows were knitted together. Coldness returned to his face again.

Looking at how Su Ping changed his face, Su Yanying had the feeling that she had made a mistake since the very beginning. Was her Lightning Rat trained elsewhere?

“I finally understand what it means when people say that before gold, even kings take off their hats!”

Lan Lele couldn’t help but complain about Su Ping’s reaction. She grabbed Su Yanying’s hand and said, “Yingying, you must have made a mistake. There’s no way that your Lightning Rat was trained in such a place. That little thing had an epiphany or something else happened. Let’s go back and discuss it.”

Su Yanying came back to her senses and shook her head. “Since the owner has admitted that there was some training, I believe the change happened here. Anyways, I must thank the owner for taking care of the Lightning Rat.”

With that said, Su Yanying noticed that Su Ping’s expression was the same as before and was unmoved by her words. She realized something. She took out her phone and transferred one thousand. “Sir, this is a thank you.”

Su Ping didn’t expect that the girl would pay the extra money, and she was quite generous at that. After a moment of surprise, he nodded and said, “Good, good. I would appreciate it if you can give me more.”

Su Yanying did not know how to respond to that. Of course, she wasn’t going to give him more money.

“What kind of person is he?” Lan Lele almost burst into flames after hearing Su Ping’s reply. At that moment, she just caught a glimpse of the many pet foods behind the counter. Her eyes were wide open in astonishment. “300 for a plant? Such ridiculous pricing!”

She grabbed Su Yanying’s arm at once. “Let’s go, this is not a legitimate store. He’s ripping us off!”

Alerted by her cries, Su Yanying became dazed for a second. Then, she cast a look at the pet food behind Su Ping. She, as well, was startled by what she saw.

Still, she remained on the spot. Lan Lele failed to drag her away.

A moment later, she came back to her senses. She took a look at Su Ping who was still composed. There was no trace of shame in him.

Su Ping could tell from Su Yanying’s looks that she was deliberating. After a moment of hesitation, Su Yanying asked, “Sir, can I leave a few more pets here? Is that okay?”

Naturally, Su Ping was glad when there was business. “Yes, of course. For how long?” He nodded at once.

“Three days.” Su Yanying replied after some thought.

Su Ping nodded slightly. He took out an old fashioned calculator and pushed the buttons rapidly. “For three days, that is three by 24. Well, each pet will cost you 7200 coins. How many do you want to leave here?”

“Three pets…” Halfway through her sentence, Su Yanying glared at Su Ping in utter astonishment. “How, how much is that?”

“Is there something wrong with my ears?” By her side, Lan Lele was perplexed as well.

“One pet, 7200 coins.” Su Ping raised his eyebrows when he saw how the two girls reacted.

“7200 coins?” Su Yanying repeated the numbers. She was still questioning the possibility of her hearing acting up. “7200 coins for one pet? Sir, I just want to leave them in your care for three days only!”

Su Ping nodded. “I know. This is the price for a three-day stay. The charge is 100 per hour. So, the result comes as 7200 for three days, no more, no less.”

“One hundred per hour?” Lan Lele sized Su Ping up and down as if he were a monster.

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