Astral Pet Store

Chapter 893 - Set Off

Chapter 893: Set Off


An umbrella-shaped spaceship appeared out of nowhere. It had a shuttle-like tail; there were silver glittering rings as protections on its surface.

“You will board this spaceship and head to the Golden Star Zone. The trip will take half a month; you can take a good rest in the spaceship. There are minor mysterious realms and training rooms inside. Whatever you need, just send a report and you’ll get it for free!”

Hai Tuo added with a smile, “An Ascendant State expert will also be there to guide you. Feel free to ask him if you have any questions about your training.”

Ripples were spread in the void while he spoke, and a muscular man three meters tall suddenly showed up with a cowboy hat and casual clothes; there was nothing but indifference in his bright brown eyes.

“General Ciro!”

“I didn’t expect that he would be going with us!”

Many contestants were scared to see the muscular man, but they soon felt excited.

General Ciro was very famous in Silvy. He was a strong Ascendant general working under Hai Tuo’s command; he had previously gone and brutally slaughtered his way in a couple of galaxies. He had been defending the borders of their galaxy, slaying countless beasts and eerie creatures from deeper spaces.

Ciro glanced at everybody and said indifferently, “Stop wasting my time. Let’s get aboard.”

His words were obviously more effective than Lord Hai Tuo’s. The excited crowd instantly fell silent and complied, quickly lining up to fly toward the spaceship.

Hai Tuo smiled and said to Ciro, “Some of the students are quite promising; take good care of them.”

His eyes flashed, then he whispered, “Have a safe journey!”

Ciro understood what he meant. He nodded and narrowed his eyes. “I will teach a good lesson about order to whoever dares to mess around!”

Hai Tuo nodded.

Su Jin’er, Linghu Jian, Dragon Emperor and the others had already followed the crowd to the spaceship by then.

The Star Lords who had been responsible for keeping order in the arena were standing on their way to the spaceship. They had acted coldly earlier, but they currently looked quite friendly; there were a few exceptions, who seemed to have been born taciturn.

Su Ping looked at the spaceship. He looked up and saw Rhea up above; he then hesitated for a moment before he flew out of the crowd. He approached Hai Tuo and said, “My lord, can I say goodbye to my friend?”

Ciro instantly frowned. Although he didn’t watch the competition, he had used his means to get up to speed with the overall situation and results the moment he arrived. He knew that the young man was the champion, and that he had Ascendant State potential!

However, while such potential was rare, it was nothing but potential!

All the Ascendants had that potential previously.

However, very few could really reach that goal.

He didn’t like those who demanded privileges for their talents. He was about to turn him down, but then Hai Tuo said first, “Of course. Go.”

Ciro remained silent and cold.

Su Ping felt relief; he thanked Hai Tuo and quickly tore space open to fly away.

Su Ping seemed to be flashing when seen from the outside world; he was moved quickly in the fifth space, reaching outer space beyond the continent in only one minute.

Hai Tuo removed the boundaries outside of the continent when he accepted Su Ping’s request.

The contestants who were moving toward the spaceship were slightly puzzled, seeing Su Ping flying away.


Su Ping stepped into space and then stood outside of Rhea.

Everyone on Rhea was silent, especially the ones Woffett who had trained their pets in Su Ping’s store; they were shocked beyond words; they didn’t expect that the unremarkable boss of that store would turn out to be that horrifying.

The strongest genius selected from thousands of planets in Silvy was actually from Rhea!

All of Rhea’s locals felt dizzy as they considered it such a great honor.

Su Ping spoke from that location, standing in the sky; he chose not to land on Rhea. “Green Lady.”

“I’m here.” A telepathic voice echoed in Su Ping’s head. It was exactly Green Lady’s voice.

“I’m going to the next part of the competition; it’s going to be in a place far away. Why don’t you stay here?”

Su Ping didn’t want Green Lady to follow him any longer, because he might run into Celestial experts as strong as the four Superior Gods in the Demigod Burial in the following phase of the contest.

Such experts would be on par with the deceased Twilight Deity King!

There was the risk of them discovering Green Lady’s secrets.

“You’re overthinking,” a casual reply came. It was actually the system’s voice.

Su Ping was surprised.

“She has already signed a contract and is an employee of this store; nobody can identify her if she doesn’t leave the store. They can only infer how strong she is based on the aura she leaks,” said the system casually.

Su Ping instantly got it.

Green Lady’s voice joined in at that moment. “I said it before, I’ll go anywhere you go; I won’t let you out of my sight. You’re the hope I have to exact my vengeance!”

Su Ping smiled bitterly; he could only relent since the system had already put it that way. “Fine. Try your best to remain hidden; we may encounter experts as strong as Deity Kings. We may get in trouble if they realize that you’re a divine pill; you might either get killed or imprisoned.”

Green Lady instantly replied, “Don’t worry, your store can block my aura. They won’t recognize my identity as long as I’m careful.”

Su Ping nodded and simply asked, “It’s going to be a long trip. Won’t it be exhausting if you carry a planet with you?”

“A planet?”

Green Lady said casually, “Are you referring to this mud ball? I could squish such a ball with one hand if I weren’t imprisoned in this store.”


Fine. It was truly impossible for him to understand the strength of the bigshots.

Su Ping tore space open and returned to the continent.

His telepathic communication with Green Lady was inaudible to the others, but people knew he had to be talking to someone when they saw him standing next to the planet.

That planet had been brought by an Ascendant; Su Ping had to be communicating with that person!

“Is that Ascendant Mr. Su Ping’s master?”

“I’ve never heard of any Ascendant residing on that planet. I’ve just confirmed, it’s merely a tier-3 garbage planet.”

“It’s true that there’s an Ascendant behind every genius.”

All the media focused their cameras on Su Ping and whispered.

“Is he talking to his master?”

Ciro also noticed the planet floating above thm and Ascendant aura it gave off. He stopped frowning upon seeing Su Ping’s actions and his dissatisfaction faded away.

It would be appropriate to go and say goodbye to his master.

Masters should always be respected.

“I think he’s talking to his friend,” said Hai Tuo with a smile.

“His friend?” Ciro narrowed his eyes. A Fate State cultivator had made friends with an Ascendant State expert? Did the latter like his character, potential or background?

“Take care of them as you travel. Contact me in case of an emergency; I’ll send you reinforcements immediately.” Hai Tuo patted Ciro’s shoulder.

Ciro withdrew his gaze and gave a slight nod.

Su Ping returned to the spaceship floating next to the continent; he was the last one to board. The wait wasn’t excessive since he had only been away for a dozen minutes or so. Ciro also boarded the ship and closed the hatch. A cluster of energy was then gathered in front of the spaceship.

A vortex that looked like a star ring was opened; the other side of the vortex seemed to be another space zone.

The spaceship made a swift move.

The planet also moved to follow; a space zone appeared in front of it too and the planet disappeared into it.

On one of the nearby planets—Ryan had been staring at his own planet; he wailed when he saw that Rhea was moving again. “My planet…”

Once again, his planet had ended up as the vehicle of Su Ping’s Ascendant backer.

Why must the honorable Ascendant take such a heavy planet with him?

He felt speechless and depressed, as he couldn’t think it through.

The nearby Shennong’s Three Punches said with a smile, “Stop pulling a long face. Haven’t you already contacted your family? Everything is normal on the planet. The Ascendant is clearly protecting your planet; it would have collapsed with all the moving already.”

“Exactly. Your planet has become famous. I would be thrilled if I were you.”

“A planet that’s been carried by an Ascendant. Think about it! The planet will attract a lot of travelers when things go back to normal and you’ll make a fortune!”

Everybody was teasing him, but they meant what they said; Ryan was very lucky.

At the center of the crowd—Xingyue Shen’er smiled and rose too. “Okay. Time for us to move, now that the galactic matches are over. The contestants would have rested for a few days according to the original schedule, I would have then given Heavenly Destroyer the materials he needed.

“But since they’re setting off to the Golden Star Zone directly, we should go there too. He said that he needed those materials for his training; they would definitely help him become stronger. We’ll be doing him a great favor if he reaches a higher ranking because of the materials. I’m eager to find out whether he can make it to the top ten in the finals!”

“We’re going there too?”

The others were stunned by her decision, not expecting Xingyue Shen’er’s willingness to travel such a long distance to the Golden Star Zone. But on second thought, that decision got them all excited.

Su Ping had definitely shown the best performance among those selected. He was the strongest in the alliance except for Xingyue Shen’er and their deputy leader!

To top it off, Su Ping was merely a Fate State warrior!

Such a brilliant figure, one who had attracted the attention of the entire galaxy, was a member from the Alliance of Stars; they felt proud to have him as a fellow member. If Su Ping made it to the top ten in the finals… the Alliance of Stars would become famous in the entire universe!

“Great! Let’s go there too!”

“I was planning to explore the Chaotic Space Zone, but never mind. How can we not support Brother Heaven Destroyer?”

“Exactly. Brother Ryan has even offered his planet. We need to go there and cheer for him!”

Everybody was enthused.

Ryan was speechless. His face had a bitter smile, but he actually felt delighted; Su Ping had established a store on his planet. Given Su Ping’s popularity, he could bring him infinite wealth once he returned to the planet.

At the same time—

On the Blue Planet.

The entire planet was like a carnival; all the locals were excited, parading on the streets. The formerly aggrieved neighbors weren’t being disturbed by the other’s screams; they found each other much more agreeable.

“Our lord has won the championship!”

“He’s the strongest genius in the galaxy!”

“He is our lord! Let me tell you! That’s our lord!”

The foreigners currently traveling on the Blue Planet were dumbfounded by the craziness of the locals; the shock was intensified when they learned the reason.

We’re on the home planet of the top genius of this galaxy?

That kind of brilliant person was born in such a desolate place?

“Boss Su…”

Qin Duhuang, Qin Shaotian and the other members of the Qin family were too excited for words.

They never expected that Su Ping would reach such a height. Once they were further connected to the Federation, not only had Su Ping walked beyond his home planet, he had also distinguished himself as the best genius in Silvy!

Everything felt like a dream; many people found it hard to believe, and asked others to slap them. They screamed in excitement after feeling the pain.

Considering Su Ping’s fame, even if they were to publicize the mysterious tree that had recently appeared on the planet, would anyone dare to loot it?

The Star State?

Not even Star Lords would dare to invade the Blue Planet again!

I didn’t expect Boss Su to reach that far… Xie Jinshui, Liu Tianzong and the others who knew Su Ping had a bundle of conflicting feelings. The planet had almost been destroyed by a Star State King of the Deep Caves not long before. However, in a short amount of time, Su Ping had become able to kill anyone in the Star State.

Su Ping was growing too fast. They also started growing faster once they were in touch with the rest of the Federation, but not as fast as him!

While everybody on the Blue Planet was cheering, a spaceship was moving at a fast speed in the vast and cold universe, jumping every now and then.

Inside the spaceship—Ciro summoned the top hundred players and gave them a tour to the training rooms, minor mysterious realms, cafeterias, entertainment areas, and the rest of the amenities.

He personally gave a brief introduction to the training rooms and minor mysterious realms. As for the other areas, he asked the Star Lords to show the contestants around on his behalf.

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