Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 17 - His Thin Lips Lightly Sucking Her Earlobe

Chapter 17: His Thin Lips Lightly Sucking Her Earlobe

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Lan Yanzhi was flirting with a sexy woman he had embraced in his arms, but was looking over at Mu Sihan from the corner of his eyes.

Seeing how Mu Sihan has pulled that pretty girl onto his lap, a wolf’s paw pressed on the girl’s small waist, Lan Yanzhi’s expression was somewhat ambiguous.

From his perception and knowledge, Young Master Mu never played around with women, plus he was a clean freak, bordering OCD. He would never interact with a woman he was not interested in.

What was the situation now?

Were these two having an affair?

But there were no admiration or shyness in the eyes of the girl, only a fierce annoyance.

Tsk, I wouldn’t have believed there were any woman alive who were not interested in Fourth Brother.

It was really strange.

Nan Zhi could not bear the overwhelmingly sharp and gloomy gaze she could feel over her head. It made her feel prickly and uncomfortable. She struggled to get up from the man’s thighs and pushed herself off him.

But just when she got up and took two steps, she was tripped over by an outstretched leg.

Nan Zhi was caught unaware and fell forward, her hands scrambling to hold on to the black coffee table. In the chaos, she felt somebody pulled her slender arm.

Lan Yanzhi, with a faint smile, looked at how Nan Zhi was being played with by Young Master Mu and falling back into his arms.

Others may not have noticed but Lan Yanzhi did, that outstretched leg belonged to Young Master Mu.

Mu Sihan was hit on the head by the small square bag in Nan Zhi’s hand. He groaned in pain and grimaced, pulling the woman into his embrace.

His back hit the sofa as she hit him in the chest.

The cool breath of the man landed on Nan Zhi’s forehead. Her long eyelashes fluttered and she raised her head to look at the man.

The light reflected on his sculpted, angular and handsome face. His dark eyes looked even more deep-set while half-closed. There was a hint of a shadow at the corner of his eyes. At one glance, he was a man with an unfathomable and dangerous personality.

Nan Zhi wanted to say something but she felt a sudden rush of heat from her lower abdomen, followed by a dull pain in her stomach.

Damn it, her period came early.

Ever since she had given birth to Xiaojie, her menstrual cycle had never been regular.

Met with this situation, Nan Zhi needed to leave quickly, but the person behind her refused to let go that easily.

Mu Sihan casually threw away the cigar, his fair and slender palm pinching a small section of delicate skin on Nan Zhi’s neck. She shivered as she felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise at his touch. Mu Sihan’s cold and sharp face came uncomfortably close to her ear, his tone unruly with indifference, “Woman, you want to just leave after touching me?”

It was fine if he didn’t mention it but once he did, Nan Zhi could feel the strange sensation on her hand.

Nan Zhi gave an awkward cough. “My hand slipped, this wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t pulled me over suddenly.”

Looking at the woman with a slightly pale face and clenched jaw, Mu Sihan with his tongue against his cheek, gave a low laugh.

Nan Zhi did not know what he was laughing at. Her danger instincts towards this man deepened in her mind.

Her stomach was growing more uncomfortable by the second. She was not in the mood to talk to him anymore and struggled to get up.

Her struggle made his Adam’s apple bob and he held her down, refusing to let her go. She looked small and petite, but she was surprisingly strong. But no matter how strong she was, he could still trap her firmly with one arm.

Just when she tilted her head to glare at him, he smiled lazily, lowered his head and wrapped his thin lips around her white earlobes. His prominent nose nestled up to the soft area of her ear as his voice breathed into it, intimidating and husky.

“Woman, do you know what happened to the last person who tried to touch Young Master Mu? Her finger was chopped off before she even touched anything. Your hand may have slipped, but you still touched it. So, how should we punish you?”

The last word was dragged out, giving it a bloody and dangerous flavor.

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