Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 19 - Pretend Not to See Him and Cross Over His Long Legs

Chapter 19: Pretend Not to See Him and Cross Over His Long Legs

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The first thing Nan Zhi did when she went in the restroom was to wash her hands.

She scrubbed her hands vigorously as if the strange sensation was still there.

It seemed like she did not control her strength at the time and accidentally pinched it. She went into a cubicle after washing her hands.

Even though she prepared a sanitary pad in her bag, since it had come early, her skirt was still stained a little. Thankfully she had been wearing red, so it wasn’t too obvious.

It has stained on her skirt, so…

A dangerous thought drifted into her mind. That man was wearing white pants so he was bound to get stained too…

Oh no!

The man’s sharp features, dark gaze, arrogant words and the malicious look that appeared at the corner of his eyes when he raised his eyebrows slightly appeared in her mind. She shuddered.

He was definitely not someone to mess with. He gave out a sense of gloom, ruthlessness, violence and despair.

Would he want to kill her after seeing her menstrual blood stain on his pants?

She knew that some nobleman who were officials and businessman would find it particularly unlucky to be stained by a woman’s menstrual blood. It was pure superstition but they felt it was better to believe it and be prepared, rather then be in doubt and fall under misfortune.

Nan Zhi came out from the cubicle, washed her hands again and put her hands together in a praying gesture.

Hopefully that young master was not a superstitious and vengeful person!

Unfortunately, God did not hear Nan Zhi’s prayers.

As soon as she got out of the restroom, she saw a tall and cold figure leaning against the wall outside, with one leg bent and the other stretched out in the corridor.

His legs were so long that when he stretched them out, they could easily block the corridor.

Nan Zhi was not in the mood to admire those long legs. Her line of sight was drawn only to the bright red stain on the thigh of his pants.

Was she going to die today?

After all that trouble she went through in the room for him to let her go, it still ended up like this.

Nan Zhi carefully moved her eyes from the man’s thighs to look at his face. He was holding an unlit cigar between his mouth, his long fingers playing with a small silver blowtorch. From time to time, he would flip the lid off and blue flames burst out, reflecting the well-defined handsome contours of his face as it became more dark and unpredictable.

His head was slightly lowered and his eyelashes looked to be even longer than a woman’s. Under his high nose bridge, his sexy, scarlet thin lips were pressed together dangerously.

His jawline was clenched tight, making it seem sharp and cold.

Sure enough, he was upset.

Nan Zhi cursed inwardly. I knew I should have taken a look at the almanac before leaving the house today.

After weighing the options, Nan Zhi felt that it was better to act as if nothing was wrong and walk away.

Judging from his actions in the room previously, he was definitely not the type of person who would easily let her go with just an apology.

Maybe he would be looking down and would not notice her coming out.

Nan Zhi bit her lips and with a calm look, passed by the man’s long legs.

One step, two steps, three steps…

Great, he didn’t chase after her.

However, she did not realize that when she was crossing over those long legs, the man was already looking at her back.

His dark eyes were brooding, with a trace of maliciousness flickering at the corners.

Nan Zhi walked into the elevator quickly. She sent a message to the Wechat group that she, Yanru and Qin Yubing were in, ‘Ladies, Sister Zhi’s period came so she won’t be able to meet tonight. Next time, Sister Zhi will give a treat to make up for it.’

When the elevator reached the first floor, the tight feeling in Nan Zhi’s throat loosened.

Just after she stepped out of the elevator, the door to the elevator on her right side opened and more than a dozen black-attired bodyguards came out. They stood neatly in two rows and a moment later, a tall figure came out.

Nan Zhi looked at the deep, narrow eyes under the man’s short hair and her heart suddenly tightened again.

The appearance of the man brought in a hoard of women who had been coming in and out of the clubhouse. They stood by the entrance, gossiping as they marveled at the man. He was really tall, handsome and very cool. Their ideal type.

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