Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 26 - Brother Sihan has Bipolar Disorder

Chapter 26: Brother Sihan has Bipolar Disorder

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He was slapped not only because he kissed her but French kissed her!

She did not think that she had done anything wrong. If any woman was faced with this kind of situation, there was no doubt they would resist and react in anger by instinct!

Her neck was still very much in pain, and her throat burned like it was cut by a razor blade. She did not want to answer Lan Yanzhi. If anything, he was a comrade and it seemed like he would justify the actions of his ‘Fourth Brother’.

She did not have a good impression of that man nor of his evil friend.

Lan Yanzhi looked at the back of Nan Zhi’s head and thought that this little girl was really quite stubborn.

He glanced at the horrifying strangulation marks on her neck, the usual devilish smirk on his lips disappeared and said solemnly, “You really can’t blame Fourth Brother for almost strangling you to death. You triggered his most hated memories from his childhood. He hates women who slap him the most.”

Nan Zhi closed her eyes under the blindfold and did not respond to Lan Yanzhi’s apparent explanation. She did not care for his reasons. If she was to ever meet that horrendous man again, she would definitely take a detour.

“Fourth Brother is a business prodigy, a rare one in a hundred years, but he’s not perfect, he has some faults in his character.” Lan Yanzhi paused, “He has bipolar disorder. After undergoing treatment for the past few years, his condition has improved significantly.”

Still silence. “Who would have thought your appearance tonight made him lose control again.”

The hands on Nan Zhi’s knees tightened slightly.

She would never have thought that that man turned out to have bipolar disorder.

“Little girl, I apologize on behalf of Fourth Brother for what he did tonight. I don’t know if you know anything about bipolar disorder, but the biggest symptom is that they cannot control their emotions after being angered. It’s not that he really wants to kill you, but it’s an illness. He really can’t control himself.”

Understanding was one thing, forgiveness was another.

Fortunately, she would not have any contact with this person with bipolar disorder anymore. She never wanted to see him again in her life.

“Forget it, I was also in the wrong tonight. So let’s just say we are even now,” Nan Zhi said faintly.

When Lan Yanzhi heard Nan Zhi’s words, he could not help but look at her.

Although Fourth Brother had bipolar disorder, he had the looks, figure and money. Even when he was not provoked, it was normal any woman to want to get close to him. This was the first time Lan Yanzhi had seen a woman who did not have any inclination towards Fourth Brother.

“Do you really not want to have any contact with Fourth Brother or are you playing hard to get?” Lan Yanzhi raised his eyebrows slightly. He was experienced in love. Among them, there was no lack of women with ulterior motives who wanted to trap him by making use of their devious tricks.

But the woman in front of him, with a cold and indifferent face, was either too scheming or really did not like Fourth Brother from the bottom of her heart. It was hard to comprehend.

Nan Zhi’s lips curved into a mocking sneer of disgust. “Would I play hard to get with someone who almost ended my life?”

Lan Yanzhi laughed unkindly.

It was rare for Fourth Brother to be disliked by a woman!

Before he came to find Fourth Brother, the new top hostess of the clubhouse came into the room. It was only then that he and the others realized that they had really pulled in the wrong person, the little girl that came in previously was not the new hostess of the clubhouse.

Nan Zhi did not let Lan Yanzhi send her to the hospital but instead, got off at a road where it was easier to hail a taxi.

Lan Yanzhi was a self-indulgent person and was not a person who cared about women much. After Nan Zhi got off the car, he drove away in his sports car at full speed without a care.

Nan Zhi took a taxi back to the hospital.

Yanran had found an apartment for her, but she could not bear to leave Xiaojie alone and came to the hospital every night to sleep with him.

Xiaojie and the nurse were already asleep. Nan Zhi stood by the hospital bed and looked at her little fellow for a while. She did not know how long she stood there.

There were no ways to describe how much she loved her little one. Her darling was so beautiful and lovely, so pure and adorable. Just by looking at him, being near him, any bad mood she was in would vanish in an instant.

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