Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 2606: Second Brother Pursuing His Wife (7)

Chapter 2606: Second Brother Pursuing His Wife (7)

Ning Shiyu looked at Song Yuling, who was not afraid at all. She was anxious and angry.

Why was her mother as retarded as she was before?

“Mom, you said that Ning Yuan was booked by someone. Even if it is, do you know who is behind it?”

Song Yuling did not care. “It’s probably some bald middle-aged man.”

“Second Prince!”

Song Yuling widened her eyes in shock. “Impossible!”

Even if Ning Yuan had a good life with the Second Prince, they had already broken up. The Second Prince would not want a woman who had a miscarriage and could not have any more children!

Song Yuling ignored Ning Shiyu and picked up her phone to open Weibo.

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After watching for a while, she found a screenshot of Jiang Yan, who had been interacting with Ning Yuan recently.

Some people suspected that Jiang Yan might be financially supporting Ning Yuan.

Song Yuling glanced at Jiang Yan’s photo. He was handsome, elegant, and refined.

“Look, some netizens said that Director Jiang was the one who found out about Ning Yuan. You really can’t judge a book by its cover. He looks so knowledgeable, but in the end, he did something worse than an animal!”

Ning Shiyu felt that something was wrong.

Although this Jiang Yan was good-looking, she could not give up on the Second Prince and fall into this man’s arms, right?

Besides, she could tell that the Second Prince really had feelings for Ning Yuan after her miscarriage!

Did they really break up?

“Just you wait. Ning Yuan will be a street rat in the future.”

Song Yuling looked at the group of netizens who had defamed Ning Yuan. She was laughing when one of the people involved, Jiang Yan, suddenly posted on Weibo.

He even tagged Ning Yuan. “Daughter, what do you want to eat tonight? Daddy will make it for you personally.”

Hei Zi:

“F*ck, that’s disgusting. She’s even playing with her father and daughter.”

“To think I used to be a fan of Director Jiang. I didn’t expect him to be such a person!”

“I strongly request the royal family to deal with this matter seriously!”

“He’s so high-profile. He’s ruining our country’s reputation!”

After a while, the royal family reposted Jiang Yan’s post.

Not only that, the Queen, the Crown Princess and Ye Tian all reposted the post.

The haters were trembling slightly.

What had happened?

If Jiang Yan and Ning Yuan really had an improper relationship, the core members of the royal family would not have reposted the post.

Song Yuling also saw the post reposted by the royal family. Her hand holding her phone trembled uncontrollably.

It was definitely not what she had imagined!

Within a few minutes, the Second Prince, Ye Yu, posted on Weibo: “It’s my honor to meet you, my love @Ning Yuan.”

Almost at the same time, Ning Yuan also posted on Weibo: “It’s my honor to meet you, my love @Ye Yu.”

The netizens immediately exploded.

Because under their Weibo, the core members of the royal family were giving their blessings.

Some people also revealed that Jiang Yan was indeed Ning Yuan’s biological father.

The blood drained from Song Yuling’s face.

How could this be?

When did Ning Yuan become Jiang Yan’s daughter?

When had that banquet been held? Why hadn’t she heard anything?

Ning Shiyu was even more afraid than Song Yuling when she saw the comments online.

Everyone in the royal family supported and protected Ning Yuan. They already treated her as their daughter-in-law.

Besides, their family could not afford to offend either Ning Yuan’s biological father or Director Jiang!

“Mom, you’ve really gotten into big trouble this time!”

Song Yuling’s heart thumped crazily, but she still held onto a trace of hope.

“I sent it to that blogger anonymously. They definitely won’t be able to find out about me!”

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