Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering

Chapter 7 - Meeting at the Hotel

Chapter 7: Meeting at the Hotel

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Xiaojie could not help but lick his lips.

That uncle was cool and handsome, though he still somewhat lacking in comparison to himself.

His strides were long and confident, and behind him followed a pretty lady.

The cool uncle furrowed his eyebrows, not showing any intention to stop and wait for her.

The lady was struggling to keep up with him and looked rather pitiful.

“Sihan gege, I know that I’m wrong for using my older brother’s name to book out the entire restaurant. I just wanted to ask you out since I’m about to go study overseas. Won’t you even accompany me to have a meal together?” The lady pouted unhappily as tears glistened upon her eyelashes, making her eyes appear even more lovely.

“I don’t have a habit of dining with females.” The man did not show an ounce of gentleness or sympathy no matter how pitiful she seemed. Her tears simply had no effect. He did not turn his head, nor stop his footsteps.

“I like you!” The girl shouted after the man’s tall and cold back, tears falling down her cheeks.

Several people were standing at the front of the hotel entrance and turned to look at them curiously.

Having just finished her phone call, Nan Zhi also could not help but glance at them, although all she could see was a crying young woman chasing after the domineering figure of a man’s back, who looked extremely noble and exceptional in his long coat.

Nan Zhi was about to turn her head away from the scene, when the arrogant voice of the man drifted into her ear without a hint of warmth. “I’m not interested in you.”

It was a clear cut rejection.

Nan Zhi could not help but glance at the man’s back a few more times. He was about 190 centimeters tall. The tailored black coat covered his lean, straight body flawlessly. His presence was so intense and intimidating that a glance from him frightened a young girl nearby, who had her phone up, intending to take a photo of him. She put it down immediately and did not dare to look in his direction, her head down and shoulders trembling.

“Zhizhi, what are you looking at?” Xia Yanran asked through the car’s open window, having driven the it over to the entrance.

The man could no longer be seen. Nan Zhi quickly turned her gaze back to Yanren.

She was somewhat surprised that she could actually stare at a man’s back for such a long time.

Nan Zhi shook her head with a smile. “It’s nothing.”

Before they got into the car, Xiaojie suddenly turned back to look at Nan Zhi, his child-like voice asking seriously, “Pretty Zhizhi, did you see a cool uncle that was more handsome than Jie Gege? You’re not allowed to like other unknown men apart from Jie Gege.”

Nan Zhi stumbled, almost falling down at Xiaojie’s words.

She had originally wanted to abort the baby after she found out she was pregnant four years ago, but the doctor told her that she had a rare blood type. If she were to abort then, there would be a high chance that it would either be hard for her to fall pregnant again, or that it would result in habitual abortion. She struggled for a period of time before she decided to have the child.

It was not easy to be a single mother, as she completed her studies abroad, while also taking care of her son and her sick mother.

Nevertheless, the gods still had no mercy on her. Xiaojie had been diagnosed with leukemia a month ago.

Yanran’s older brother, Junyuan, was a specialist in this area. Nan Zhi had brought Xiaojie back with her to seek treatment from Junyuan.

Renxin Hospital.

Junyuan, dressed in the doctor’s white coat, called Nan Zhi into his office.

“Xiaojie’s condition is still stable for now. I’m trying to find a suitable bone marrow for Xiaojie in the bone marrow library and the umbilical cord stem cell library, but before this, you may want to get Xiaojie’s father to come to the hospital to take a matching test, just in case.”

Nan Zhi’s heart skipped a beat.

She herself did not know who Xiaojie’s father was. How was she going to get him to come and take the matching test?

Junyuan suggested to let Xiaojie stay in the hospital to ensure that Xiaojie received better treatment, since there were professional nurses to help take care of him.

The fees for the treatment and incoming surgery were not a small sum. Even though Nan Zhi had savings, she planned to slowly recover what belonged rightfully to her mother and her, since she was back.

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