Ba Ai Mou Qing

Chapter 15.1

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Jin Cheng found himself losing patience in dealing with this woman, she is seriously determined not to say anything! He wanted to stay longer and bridge a dialogue, but he didn’t want to seem intense about it. He was surprised with his own indecisiveness in dealing with the issue of his wife and child, finally he ruthlessly told her to wait for the court hearing! Wit knitted brows, he headed back to B city, once in a while picking up his phone to call his lawyer, but later hanging up again.

He was well aware that if the case ever does go to court, this will limit their options in the future, but that woman….he always knew that she was quiet, but he never thought that she would be so stubborn about the separation. Especially since they were rushed into tying the knot, and now all of the sudden they were facing divorce.

Jincheng wished he could read Ji Qing’s mind and understand what happened. Feeling depressed he called Ye Chi to go out for some drinks, he needed a friend to listen to his rants.

These two days Ye Chi is free, his wife is travelling, her work organizes these trips several times a year, Ye Chi always uses this opportunity to hang out with his buddies.

Ye Chi doesn’t quite understand why his wife loves so much to go travelling with her work friends. To him they are a bunch of noisy, strange and annoying people. But she likes it, and he respects her decision.

His mother in law came to pick up their son to bring to her house in the meantime, while his wife was away.

So with the wife gone, and the boy at his in-laws, he was left all alone in his home, after work hours. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience for him, the time he arrived home from work to the time he has to get up again in the morning to go back to work, drags on and on, like a heavy burden. Especially lying alone in the cold bed at night.

So when Jincheng called him up to go out for a drink, he felt more than happy to oblige. From the look on Jincheng’s face, he could see immediately that the man had something weighing on his mind.

And here he thought that his own wife was a tougher cookie than Jincheng’s! “So what is your wife lie?” He asked.

Jin Cheng let out a sarcastic smile, “Like a bandit. A ruthless, wicked and evil bandit!” He said hatefully while taking a sip at his drink. “Do you know what bandits do best? They kidnap you’re children. That’s what they do!”

Hearing this, Ye Chi sighed in relief. What was he expecting his wife to do? He glanced sideways at Jin Cheng, ”Ah…, I see, so you had a brawl with your wife?”

He shook his head thinking about the situation. Jin Cheng had just found his wife, and now he called out a friend for drinks to relieve himself of stress. Perhaps he was just asking too much too fast.

So he concluded that after two years of living through the disappearance and living like a chaste monk all this time. He thought that probably all the uncertainty about their relationship was the thing that haunted him the most.

All in all, even a “monk” can feel temptation to eat “meat” after two years of a “vegetarian” life.

Ye Chi really admired his friend, this guy really has potential to become a saint , Ye Chi poured him another cup, then grabbed the back of his neck and whispered, “I’ve only been apart from my wife a few days, and I’m going crazy trying not to think about “eating meat”. Anyway how did your conversation with your wife go? How was it that Hu Jun described your wife? Long pretty face, big eyes, but very small with a childish frame….?

Jin Cheng shrugged his friends hand off his shoulder, “Fuck you! Don’t talk about my woman like that….” He puckered “She’s cute and pretty. Her smile is very warm. Every time she holds me in her soft sweet embrace I feel like I want to put the world at her feet. Who would of thought that a woman like that is capable of driving a knife through my heart and pushing my patience to the limit…”

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