Baby Tyrant

3 Chapter 3: Born a Princess 3

3 Chapter 3: Born a Princess 3

The man was so young that I found it difficult to believe that he was my father.

Father? Isn't he more like my older brother? Yes, it was proper to believe that he would be an older brother of mine with a large age gap.

He had blue-colored-eyes and specks of silver hair that reached down long enough to cover his neck. Though his facial features looked menacing, he smiled at me constantly. He looked friendly.

But at that moment, the man stretched his hand out.


'I'm going to be hit!'

He was going to hit me that I instinctually shut both of my eyes tight. But no pain came about. Then, my eyes opened slowly as I felt a smooth touch swirling over my head. The man smiled freely, though I don't know why he was beaming with smiles.

"She's my daughter, all right. Recognizing her father right away. Heh, what a smart little child."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

The man who was my father was different from what I imagined him to be. Perhaps I had watched too many dramas and read too many novels. Usually, the father would go, "You made my wife die!" and grow cold towards the child in this sort of scenario.

Meanwhile, the man's hand slowed down slightly.

"…..If Sianna was still alive, she would burst out with happiness."

"…..Your Majesty…"

With the man's melancholic tone and the nanny's solemn reply, I came to the conclusion that Sianna was my mother's name.

The man's sight was locked onto me, but it seemed as if his mind was preoccupied at the thought of his wife that passed away.

"Mabel, I promise that your father will do his best to protect you."

The man's large finger touched my slightly opened palm. I unconsciously gripped onto that finger tightly.

It was not done intentionally… I swear…!

It was common knowledge that babies would reflexibly grab at things that touches their hand…

But why was this man, who calls himself father, smiling so brightly?

"How cute you are."

The man smiled blissfully, staring at his grabbed finger. Anyone could see the pure happiness overloading his face.

But for me, this immense amount of attention came with a great burden. I was the only one that existed, a precious fragile daughter that he placed all his love and attention onto would not matter in the end. A man's behaviour could change unexpectedly and without notice. My life had never been so great and so I was not confident that I would not be tossed aside over time.

I never expected it, a family's love… it wasn't for me.

"Gyeo Ul-a. My cute little Gyeo-Ul."

My father… I remember those sweet memories well, him kissing me on the cheek because he loved me. He changed not long after.

It would be best that this silver-haired man not love me in the first place so I would not have any hopes of being loved.

Though it would be a lie to say that my doubts weren't shaken thanks to this man's absolute love and kindness, and so I tried to recall the promise I made to myself…

'I don't need anything from now on.'

Yes, so I should not expect anything this time, and quietly pass on without standing out.

In the end, it was best to live a lonely life than to place my hopes on others and live in misery.


The Great Ermano Empire's emperor, Estaban Nis Ermano, had two problems that plagued his mind as of recent. Once was how to deal with the magnate hostage that was captured during a confrontation at Deblin Empire's (their enemy) borders, and the other was his daughter, Mabel, who was around a month old.

Esteban decided to put aside the Deblin hostage situation for now.

'There's nothing more important than Mabel anyways.'

The reason that it became a national problem was the high number of priests proclaiming that Mabel was the daughter of the gods and that they needed to bring her to the holy capital of Abelardo to raise her there.

The priests talked of a vision, a prophecy that they saw on the day that Mabel was born and used this as mere excuse to bring her to the holy capital.

"Right, visions."

Esteban gritted his teeth. Those priests often came rushing inside the palace to declare their visions.

「At the far east, a seed that will save the world will be sown.」

The Great Ermano Empire was located in the far east. On the day that Mabel was born, a lightning struck above the palace. This matter was known to all. Even Esteban, who held Queen Sianna's hand tightly during her labor, heard the sounds of lightning.

Though the servants collectively said nothing was wrong with the princess and all was well, Esteban was not happy.

Two weeks had passed since Sianna's tragic death. She could not handle the pain of childbirth due to her weak constitution. Her passing away was a shock and caused him grief, and so, Mabel , his lovely daughter that looked similar to his wife, became a special existence.

Mabel was Sianna's last gift for him.

Esteban's expression was sharp and fierce. It looked ready to penetrate through the letters the priest sent him.

In the end, he ripped it apart.


His aide, who watched Estaban at the side, groaned painfully and covered his face with his two hands.

Estaban turned his head and looked at the aide, his words cold and piercing.

"Tell them that we decline and have no thoughts of reconsideration."

"Yes, of course…."

Esteban planned to ignore the priests's pleas completely, but he wasn't sure how long he would be able to last. He's sure the holy capital would send their requests constantly until he gave in.

The priests argued that since The Great Ermano Empire had Oscar, the first prince, there would be little chance for Mabel to hold the throne and become queen. Therefore, it was acceptable that she be raised in the holy capital instead.

In any case, he needed to find a way to stop the holy capital's ongoing persistence to snatch his daughter away from him.

The priests be damned!

Esteban was ripping another letter from the priests when he felt a presence lurking behind the door. He looked up and made an eye gesture at the servant nearby.

The servant quickly opened the door.


A soft cry could be heard.

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