Baby Tyrant

5 Chapter 5: Dad and Brother Are Strange 2

5 Chapter 5: Dad and Brother Are Strange 2

"Don't be fooled, Oscar. Her eyesight hasn't developed fully yet. She's not looking at you."

His confidence soared through the roof, shocking me even. I was speechless.

'You once said that it looked like I was looking at you, like our eyes met!'

His demeanor and mannerisms towards me was… different compared to Oscar. I wonder why he calls me "My Mabel" yet acts cold to his own son. Oscar's reaction confused me too. He was not fazed from his father's harsh words and stared only at me.

"So cute…"


I wanted to say something, tried to say something, but I could not. Despite my foolhardy determination, I failed. I had no teeth and all I could muster was a soft coo.

"Uhk? Perhaps… older brother? Your Majesty, Mabel just called me older brother…!"

"Stop speculating, Oscar."

He snapped coldly before donning a soft, loving smile.

"I'm sure she was trying to say, 'Oh father…'"


You're both wrong. I wanted them to stay quiet. They were too loud and noisy…

'Someone get them away from me!'

I stared at the nanny with pleading eyes.

"Oh my, it seems that Her Highness is hungry. Lalima, is it ready?"

The nanny, who craned her head at me looking at her, suddenly exclaimed.

"It's all done!"

My effortless plea failed to reach her.

'To think even you would let me down, nanny.'

The nanny held my despaired and drooping body into her arms. She thought it amusing to wiggle bells around my face. Yes, nanny, amusing indeed.

The emperor and Oscar kept their eyes glued onto me and made sure not a moment was missed.

Their gaze burdened me. Why are they like this?

Meanwhile, the nanny planted the baby bottle on my lips. I sucked on the bottle nipple energetically.

"It looks like Her Highness was famished."

'…..That's not it…'

I only had thoughts of finishing the meal quickly so they'd leave. Halfway through the bottle, I let go of the nipple and breathed. Meanwhile, the emperor stood next to the nanny before I noticed and reached out his hand to her.


The nanny's eyes blinked.

The emperor looked at me.

"Give her to me."

'Huh…? Huh…?'

The tip of the baby bottle that was half inside my mouth popped out. All I could do was stare with my mouth half-open at this crazy situation, trying to understand what was happening.

Before I was able to comprehend what had occurred, the emperor quickly sat on the chair and embraced me in his arms.

"Here, Mabel. Papa will feed you."


'…..I don't need you to…!'

I tried to push my head back as far as I could, try as I might, but my actions bore no fruition. I could not get away from him. Meanwhile, he pushed the baby bottle on my parted lips.


….I could not win against a strong adult and so I abandoned all hopes and sucked on the nipple instead.

"There you go. Eat nicely."

'Sob… why am I a baby…'

A sense of foreboding despair came over me at my inability to express my displeasure.

The gaze of the emperor's loving and affectionate eyes… eyes with hearts… burdened me. It burdened me so, therefore, I shut my eyes tight.

"Looks like you're nearly finished

As I had sucked the bottle with all my mighty strength, my mouth was chock-full of the milk. When I slowly opened my eyes…


I spat out the milk.

'Wh-why is your face so close to me?!'

No one in their right mind would stay calm when a man, an emperor nonetheless, would stick his face so close to another.

"Oh…! Are you all right, Your Majesty?!"

The nanny hurried over and handed the emperor a handkerchief. On the other hand, the emperor smiled warmly.

"It's fine. The milk Mabel spits out is holy water."

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