Baby Tyrant

7 Chapter 7: Dad and Brother Are Strange 4

7 Chapter 7: Dad and Brother Are Strange 4

Before I could dive in their conversation, the topic of their conversation changed again. I could not keep up, so I stared a the ceiling without a thought. The baby mobile worth more than my whole body spun slowly in circles.

'All right.'

While they did not pay attention to me, I wiggled and tried to move my body as much as I could. I turned my head this way and that way while I wiggled my fingers as well. Thanks to my discreet practice, they did not notice my moving. I was able to do things like stretch out my hand or grabbing a toy easily. It was not too hard for me to put two hands up as if I was cheering either.

'…..Perhaps I'll try to do something a bit more difficult today!'

Lifting my own head up by the neck, of course! It was a hurdle that needed to be cleared so I could turn my head to the side without much difficulties.


I put as much power into my neck as much as I could, but all I could do was lift it before I expended all my energy.


With newfound determination, I tried one more time, but the result was the same.

'Nngh! How long will it take me to grow up?! I can't speak nor can I walk!'

I tried to kick my legs into the air to relieve my stress, but I failed to even do such basic action.

In that moment…


I suddenly heard a voice. I stopped trashing around and looked towards the direction of the voice it came from.

"It looks like you weren't sleeping. Hehe, that's good."

Oscar, who snuck in today as well, was covered in mud, dirt, and grime as he peeked over the cradle. Meanwhile, the nanny quickly tossed her knitting aside and dashed towards Oscar.

"Your Highness, your shouldn't touch Her Highness with those grubby hands of yours!"

'G-grubby hands…'

He's a royal member. Was this allowed? But it seemed like Oscar did not mind the nanny's words much.


Oscar looked back and forth between his grubby hands and my face before scratching his cheek.

"Nanny, can I use the bathroom for a bit? I'm sure you understand as well that I'm in no position to go back to my room to wash myself."

"What if His Majesty figures out that you're here?"

"I'm sure he already knows I'm here."

The nanny was not able to reply right away. Oscar was right, after all. Oscar laughedly slightly, satisfied that his point came across, walking to the bathroom thereafter.

I lied down quietly, watching the mobile above as I tried my best to not look like I've had a marathon exercise.

"Oh my."

As the nanny organized my cradle, she suddenly put her hand on my forehead.

"Why do you have so much cold sweat on your forehead?"

…..No, it's not cold sweat… just sweat.

'No way. Did she find out that I was trying to exercise?'

"Oh my! Has Her Highness developed a cold?! Lalima, Lalima!"

At her urgent call, Lalima quickly came to her side.

"What's the problem?"

"Call the doctor. Her Highness is having cold sweats."

"Uwaa!" (That's not it!)

The nanny wiped my face with a worried look, but the more she did so, the more sweats stuck to her hand.

Regret suddenly washed over me.

"Nanny, why are yelling so loudly?"

Oscar finished his bathe faster than expected and walked towards me while drying his wet hair with a towel.

"What is it… is Mabel in pain?"

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