Baby Tyrant

Chapter 19 - This Country is Hopeless

Chapter 19. This Country is Hopeless

Esteban was now desperately distancing himself from Mabel.

He was afraid that it would backfire if he approached her for no reason.1

After seeing Mabel, who is doing well, he was able to endure it better than before.

‘I almost hugged a kid who didn’t want it.’

The unexpected encounter was not planned, so he almost lost control, but fortunately, he managed to pass by.

Gustav applauded and praised the Emperor.

“You’re amazing, you Majesty. Well done!”


“I-I left something in the Oval Office!”

Gustav spule out before he could bring out anything.

Instead of not being able to see Mabel to the fullest, Esteban devoted his attention to preparing for the coronation.

The recommended managers were all very bad, so he decided to take charge of Mabel’s coronation.

‘I can’t let my daughter’s coronation be ruined.’

Over the course of about a month, Esteban was informed one after another about Mabel.

“Today the Princess played with the divine beast at the entrance of the northern forest. She was amazed by the pudding served as dessert.”

“Today the Princess played with the divine beast int he garden. She spilled the ice cream and cried.”

“Today the Princess fell down and burst into tears.”

When he heard this report, he was so surprised that he almost ran.1

In any case, preparations for the new coronation ceremony, which Mabel did not know of, proceeded steadily. So the day finally came.

Only at dawn, Mabel was on a trip to dreamland.

The child had no idea that she would soon be Emperor.

“Emperor, Mabel is definitely a genius. I can communicate with her.”

“Dialogue works?”

“Yes. She reacts quickly and she speaks a little too.”

Oscar’s words thoroughly cracked down on the people around Mabel.

‘Let’s do it when she falls asleep.’

Oscar told Esteban, ‘Mabel hates being the Emperor. She doesn’t want to be one.’

But what does Mabel, who is only one years and two months old, know?

‘Okay. Let’s do it.’

After all, she is just a nominal Emperor, he’ll be doing all the work.

Mabel was sound asleep and carried by Esteban to the hall of the sun where the coronation was held.


shake- shake-

‘Huh? The ground is shaking.’

I thought it was a dream, otherwise there wouldn’t be this much shaking unless there was an earthquake. So I ignored the shaking.

‘Because of the kitty, I had a hard time yesterday-.’

I fell asleep before I could finish thinking.

When I woke up again, I heard some noise around me.

“……Gardenia….Her Majesty……ascension……”



As soon as I opened my eyes, an entirely unexpected scene greeted me.

I was sitting on a small throne wearing my night gown.

And below me, more people than at my birthday, they were kneeling in unison.

It was a serious and solemn atmosphere, and I thought it was a dream, no doubt, But it was too vivid for a dream.

‘What’s this?’

I couldn’t grasp the situation because I was still half asleep.

After slowly raising my head, I found a face I hadn’t seen in a long time.

‘It’s the Emperor……’

It was my first time seeing him after he ignored me and walked past me.

He didn’t come after that, so I wondered if something would happen.

My dad in my previous life hit me when I was old enough to understand what he said.

I thought it would be okay if he at least didn’t hit me, but why do I feel happy?

‘Like I was looking forward to meeting you……’

It’s been almost a month since I saw you. Somehow the lines on your face seem sharper than it was then.

I stared blankly at the Emperor’s profile before I came back to my sense.


This isn’t the time. I quickly looked at the situation around me.

A group of nobles, including Oscar, all gathered together.

The magnificent decorations in the magnificent hall.

The Emperor dressed in formal attire for the first time, and a crown I saw for the first time in front of him.

Lastly, the bombshell announcement made by the Emperor at the birthday banquet.

There was one answer.

‘This……this Emperor!’

It must be a coronation!

The ceremony was in full swing. They were carrying out the procedure without interruption while I was asleep.

Does that make sense? A coronation being held without the subject awake……?

It seemed that the Emperor hadn’t noticed that I had woken up.

“Emperor Esteban Nis Ermano. If you consecrate the succession as Emperor of Ermano to your successor, place the custody on the successor.”

At those words, the Emperor reached for the crown. It seemed like it was the last step.

‘You’re making me laugh!’

I jumped up and ran, pushing the cold yellow table with all my might. Fortunately, the table was not too heavy.


The table fell over with a tremendous noise, and the brass tube rolled on the floor, stopping at my feet.

I didn’t miss the opportunity. I stretched out my short legs and kicked the crown.


clink, clink!

The crown, which rolled with a shrill sound, landed gently in front of an unknown nobleman.

I glared at the crown.

‘I’m not going to let you do what you want!’

I didn’t want to be swayed by anyone.

“Embewo, I thaid no!” (Emperor, I said no!)

If I become Emperor, what will be the difference from my previous life, where I only ran away, falling off the roof and died.

Even if I regret, I have to make the decision. Becoming Emperor was not my decision.

Oscar said he didn’t want to become Emperor, but neither did I.


Suddenly, I felt gazes on me. I raised my head and saw that all the nobles who were kneeling were staring at me blankly.

‘W-was that a little too rude……?’

Judging from the look on their faces, it was clear that everyone thought so.

In the midst of such an awkward atmosphere, one suddenly clapped his hands.

“She’s growing up fast as I’ve heard. Excellent!”


“What a nice kick! How was the angle of the parabola so perfect!”


“And how can she talk? She will definitely be a great monarch with a clear expression of opinion!”

I couldn’t keep my head up the pouring praises. While walking backwards, my legs became weak and my hip fell down.

But people liked it, clapping their hands. They were strange people.

‘This country is hopeless!’

Either these people are all crazy, or I’m the only one who’s crazy.


Something was over my head.

“Wha dis……” (What’s this……)

I tried to check by reaching my hands up, but I failed because my arms were too short.

When I lowered my head, something fell on my knee.

……it was the crown.

‘What? I definitely kicked the crown!’

I checked, but the crown was definitely in the spot where I kicked it earlier. Then what is this crown……?

Suddenly a dark shadow fell over me.

“That one is my crown. This one is a crown for Mabel.”


I didn’t even expect it. I didn’t know you’d do that.

Even before I was able to escape the shock, the aristocrats were greeting me with congratulations.

Even before I was able to escape the shock, the aristocrats were greeting me with congratulations

“Congratulations on the rise of the Emperor!”1

“May the glory of Ermano be everlasting!”

To the shame of a splendid defiance, I have become the Emperor.

‘What the hell. Give me back my rebellion.’


“Something interesting happened while I was away.”

Duke Javier.

As the representative of the Emperor’s faction and a political magnate who owns Ermano’s wealthiest top, he watched the coronation with an interesting look.

While leaving for the southern part of the country, Princess Mabel, second in order of the succession to the throne, was born.

Duke Javier, who heard through his aides that the birth of the princess was unusual and that she is the seed of God coveted by the Holy Kingdom of Abelardo, did not care much.

I thought it would be the subject of dispute. But.

‘I didn’t know the Emperor was crazy about his daughter.’

I’ve heard rumors that he’s crazy, but it was a real spectacle.

Not only was he unable to take his eyes off the princess, but he was also paying close attention to the small movements.

The head, Duke Javier, turned around furiously upon the sight.

The businessman and politician whispered.

‘It’s well worth using.’

That was also why he did not object to this concession.

The Emperor, Esteban is alive and Oscar exists, so there is still plenty of room for opposition to abdicting a princess who has yet to speak properly

Esteban was sweating at the sight of the crying Mabel.

Interestingly, Duke Javier, who was watching the scene, suddenly met eyes with Esteban.


Two cool eyes stared piercingly at him. The meaning of the gaze was clear.

I’ll kill you if you do anything stupid.

Duke Javier smiled gently and bowed his head.

‘The more you do that, the more it stimulates me.’

The Duke’s lips slanted up.


I am one years old. I became the Emperor.

‘Unbelievable. That I’m the Emperor.’

It didn’t feel real until I got out of the hall and arrived at the new bedroom.

I just sat there blankly, hugging the nanny, being carried away.


With a flash of consciousness, I looked around the bedroom for the Emperor, and opened my mouth wide.


It was big. Ve-rey big.

The princess’ bedroom wasn’t very spacious compared to this.

‘You could play soccer in here.’

Even though all kinds of fancy furniture were arranged, it still felt vey spacious. The nanny arranged the bed and asked affectionately.

“You’ll be staying here from today. How do you feel?”


I couldn’t answer easily. I don’t know even if you ask me.

In fact, I’ve never had such a big bedroom, so it didn’t really feel like a bedroom. I felt like it was a persons house.

“Your Highness must be so happy!”

“Lalima, be careful. It’s ‘Your Majest’y now.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

As if Lalima was unfamiliar with he title, I was unfamiliar with it.

‘I am the Emperor……!’


It was when I was screaming, covering both cheeks with my small hands.

knock knock-.

There was a knock.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Gustav.”

“Oh my!”

The nanny opened the door in surprise. The person who entered was the Emperor’s aide, who I saw often.

“Your Majesty the Emperor, the exalted sun of Emperor.”

I felt bad again because I was called Emperor. I just looked up at Gustav with a sullen face.

“I am Gustav Druval, who was ordered to assist the Emperor.


He’s sending me his assistant!

Gustav’s kneeled before me when I was too dumbfounded to say anything.

“I think it is a great honor to assist the Emperor, the future of Ermano. I will do my best to help you rule this country, Ermano.”

‘S-so burdensome……’

The atmosphere was too solemn for me to handle. I stumbled back.

But Gustav seemed unaware of my resignation.

“The Emperor despised me for being competent and useless, but I am quite capable! May I serve your Majesty with all my heart?”

Only after crawling to the end go the bed did Gustav look at em.

“What’s wrong?”


“Haha. But we can’t help it.”

I was surprised. No, I can’t believe my attack didn’t work.

When I said ‘hwate,’ the Emperor always looked shocked.

“Anyways, I’m here to greet you. You’ll see the full-fledged office tomorrow, your Majesty.”

“O-obbithe…..?” (Office……?)

An office for a one year old? Though I doubted my ears, Gustav replied with a bright smile.

“Yes, Of course, your Majesty! Then you can attend the conference room tomorrow. Then you will be greeted by his Majesty’s officials.”

“Awendance?!” (Attendance?!)

“Hoo-hoo. The, I’ll see you tomorrow!”

Gustav gave a brisk and sharp exit, whether I was surprised or not. Somehow he seemed excited.

I sat absent-mindedly, shaking the rattle that the nanny had five me.

‘It’s ridiculous, I really became the Emperor.’1

This was no doubt the truth. It was a waste of time to deny any more.

I’ve thought about it dozens of times, but the results were the same.

‘It’s only a matter of time before this country goes into ruins.’

A country ruled by a one-year-old is a shortcut to defeat. So I made up my mind.

“Ya.” (Yeah.)

It’s a ruined country anyways, I’ll ruin it for you.

Then you can’t keep me in the Emperor’s seat, can you?

I clenched my two small fists.

‘From now on, my dream is to be deposed!’

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