Baby Tyrant

Chapter 30 - Don’t Fight!

Chapter 30 - Don’t Fight!

30. Don’t Fight!


A low-pitched voice.

Aiden, who was on one knee, looked up. The boy’s red eyes captured the man on the throne.

Veron Arthur Devlica. Devlin’s Emperor was looking down on him.

Veron’s hair was long enough to cover his neck.

It was true that Devlin’s crazy wizard Emperor was suck in the lab without any time to trim his hair and immersed himself with work without eating.

The purple eyes looked down to Aiden. His eyes were as cold as he was mean.

“Good work today.”

Veron, who looked down with his chin resting in his hand, smiled satisfactorily. Aiden’s eyes turned to Veron’s left arm.

It was empty with only the sleeves flapping.

A severed arm.

That was the biggest reason for the chisel of Veron and Ermano’s stand-in-Emperor, Esteban.

Aiden bowed his head with a heartless expression.

‘I’ve done enough to be a dog.’

Since entering the city of Devlin on his own, he had never disobeyed Veron’s orders and carried out his duties like a faithful dog.

According to the list of people to kill, all kinds of difficulties were involved in the killing, so hiding his feelings was a basic practice.

At this level, the degree of proof of God would have been enough.

“It looks like you finally realized your situation.”


“Should I give you a prize?”

Veron, who rolled up the corners of his mouth, spoke softly. It was a languid voice as if it would make you fall asleep while listening to it.

Aiden did not answer. Veron’s question didn’t have an answer.


The laughter from Veron’s face vanished.

“Should I step on you, so you cannot climb any further?”

The hall was shrouded in silence. Still, Aiden didn’t answer and lowered his eyes.

Even if he was in a good mood, Devlin’s Emperor killed people suddenly due to his capricious nature.

After watching him for a long time, Aiden knew how to deal with him.

He had to be completely unresponsive.


Veron clicked his tongue and raised his glass full of strong liquor, splashing Aiden as if to appreciate.

“I will ask since we are talking about it. Is there anything you want?”

“There isn’t.”

At Aiden’s immediate answer, Veron laughed with satisfaction.

Aiden’s spirit, which ran wild and ignored his own will, seemed to have broken.

‘As expected, you have to tame by hitting.’

It was worth driving Aiden into all kinds of wars, whether he went on a rampage or not.

Veron, who had been in a good mood for a long time, spoke heartily.

“I’ll ask again. Is there anything you really want? If it was me, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity.”

“…I do have one request.”

“Oho. What is it?”

Aiden looked up.

“Give me the troops. I’ll hit Ermano.”


Veron was surprised by the unexpected demand.

So far, Aiden had never gone on the battlefield on his own will.

‘How satisfying.’

When Veron said he would give him a prize, Aiden said he would rather make a contribution for the Empire. There was no reason to refuse.

“Okay. I’ll give you the troops. Come back victorious, Aiden.”


Aiden walked out of the hall with his back to Veron after showing his respect. There was a moment where he smiled on his expressionless face.

It disappeared quickly.


Aiden finally got what he had hoped for.

When he returns to Devlin, this Imperial Castle will be in ruins.

Devlin’s devil.

He’s an enemy, an ally and murderer on the battlefield. He killed everyone without any distinction.

I even helped him escape.

‘I thought I would never run into you again!’

When I was gaping at the news of the sudden attack, Lissandro was staying calm unexpectedly.

“It’s reckless of him to barge into the entrance of the Imperial Castle. It’s like he’s transferred the troops with great magic.”

“Mwagik?” (Magic?)

“Yes. Veron Arthur Devlica, Devlin’s Emperor, is the greatest wizard in the continent. It wouldn’t have been difficult to move the troops to the ecliptic.”

Lissandro kindly explained to me and signed to the rest of the guards.

They moved in perfect order to protect me.

‘Um…what should I do at times like this?’

I fell into agony as I dug into Lissandro.

For now, I was also the Emperor, so I thought I had to do something.

But what can I do?

‘At least I’m not picky with food.’

Other than that, there was nothing I could do.

I wanted to use the power of animals and insects, but I was afraid to use it recklessly because I still didn’t know what my power was like.

“Evacuate Her Majesty to a safe place first.”


It would be difficult if I was exposed to the enemy’s sight and taken as a hostage, so it was the best to hide in the depths of the Imperial Castle.

I stared at Lissandro’s back with worry.

The maids were seen busily walking with nervous expressions.

‘A raid so suddenly…’

Devlin’s soldiers had yet to enter the Imperial Castle.

First, they failed to destroy the high gates of the Imperial Castle. Second, they failed to break the barrier surrounding the Imperial Castle.

I went back to my bedroom and sat still, holding the rabbit doll the nanny gave me.

“You don’t have to be afraid at all, Your Majesty. There’s already a lot of troops that’s been sent.”


‘Now you’re not even using nicer words, saying I’ma baby.’

I reflected on my actions for a moment. Anyway, as the nanny said, it didn’t seem like a big crisis.

It’s Ermano’s home base, no matter how many troops they bring in.

I even thought that Devlin’s devil, who walked into the middle of the enemy’s camp, was stupid.

“Wat abouth stwand-in Empewor?” (What about stand-in Emperor?)

“His Majesty probably went to see the situation in person. He’s one of the strongest Sword masters in the Empire, so there is nothing to worry about.”

‘I wasn’t worried though.’

When I realized once again that there was nothing I could do, I laid on the bed.

“Ith weiwd…” (It’s weird…)

It’s weird, no matter how much I think about it.

The Devlin Empire, which had been engaged in only income-less classes at the border, suddenly invaded. It’s almost suicide.

No matter how much Devlin’s devil was said to be a monster who committed murder regardless of the opponent, it’s not impossible to suppress.

‘Do they have a trump card?’

I was rolling around on the bed, but I couldn’t think of any plausible assumptions.

And when time had passed, Xavier rushed in. Lalima spoke with wide eyes.

“What is it. What happened? What happened that you’re rushing in like that?”

“All the soldiers are dead.”

“What? Not our soldiers, right?”

“No, Devlin’s soldiers…”

“What. Of course. His Majesty went, so why are you worried?”

Lalima burst into laughter, but Xavier’s face showed no signs of improvement.

At this point, I was curious of what was going on, so I sat up quietly. Lalima, who smiled awkwardly, poked Xavier’s cheek.

“Xavier, what’s wrong with you?”

“That… His Majesty wasn’t the one who killed them.”

“Then who?”

“…Devlin’s devil did.”


“Devlin’s devil killed all the soldiers he was leading…!”

Drop. It was unbelievable that I dropped the rabbit doll I was holding.

‘Just what is he thinking?’

‘There’s blood.’

Aiden, who wiped the blood off his cheeks with his black sleeve, looked around.

None of the Devlin soldiers were breathing.

What was seen beyond the sprawling bodies were Ermano’s soldiers looking at themselves in dismay.

‘My guess was right.’

His speculation about something being special about the baby Emperor was correct.

The closer he got to the Imperial Castle of Ermano, the clearer his chaotic mind got.

He didn’t want to miss the possibility that his unconvinced hypothesis could be proven true.

‘If I had that baby.’

It would be okay not to go back to Devlin. It didn’t matter if he killed on Veron’s will anymore.

This fact breathed into Aiden’s dead feelings.

He thought about killing all of them and taking the baby with him, but it would be annoying to be chased by Devlin and Ermano.

He stepped on the mountains of heads and the pools of blood and moved to the gate of the Imperial Palace. His movements were closely guarded by archers and distant wizards guarding the walls.

However, they failed to attack Aiden because they could not understand his intentions of killing his own troops.

“I will kill all, even allies, is that it?”

“He doesn’t look interested in Ermano soldiers at all though?.”

“Y-you never know. He might suddenly change and attack.”

Ermano’s soldiers waited for the release of the standby order.

Soon after, when Aiden came close to the wall, the stand-in-Emperor, Esteban, appeared.


Aiden stopped walking.

Esteban, who had taken out his sword, jumped down the wall.

The soldiers were all shocked by Esteban who approached the enemy with only one sword without proper armament.

It was so long ago when Esteban was on the battlefield that they forgot he was a sword master. As soon as they realized this fact, the agitation quickly subsided.

“I’ve never seen you before. Devlin’s devil.”

He once took Aiden as a hostage, but it was the first time he had met him face to face. Aiden’s red eyes stared at Esteban.

“You must be the stand-in-Emperor, Esteban.”

“That insolent!”

“So rude…!”

There were loud cries everywhere, but Aiden didn’t even blink an eye.

Esteban smiled with interest.

“I like your reckless spirit. So why did you attack Ermano’s Imperial Castle?”

The attack was a situation in which Aiden had slaughtered all the soldiers he had brought himself.

Anyway, the fact that he left the army to the front of the Imperial Palace had the intention of a threat.

Esteban looked at Aiden, who didn’t answer.

The red eyes of the little boy, who might be about Oscar’s age, glowed grimly. What did he go through to have that gaze?

‘It’s not as out of control as I thought it would be.’

Why did he lose his reason?

Esteban carefully kept Aiden in check because there was a possibility that Veron might have a device on Aiden.

“Answer the question, Devlin’s devil.”



There were sighs from everywhere. Esteban asked patiently, “Then why did you destroy the troops you brought?”

“Because they interfere.”

“Interfere what?”


Aiden shut his mouth again. As the conversation did not continue, Esteban’s forehead narrowed.

‘I should take him down first.’

It’s unknown when they’ll be attacked again after letting their guard down.

Esteban aimed for a single moment, but Aiden remained vigilant.

Esteban’s eyes narrowed.

‘The wall mightcollapse if it takes time too close.’

He was confident of overpowering, but was not confident of leaving the surrounding terrain undamaged. When Esteban was in conflict, Aiden opened his mouth.

“My purpose of coming here…”


“I’ll tell you.”

Esteban’s expression relaxed a little.


“Not you, bring the Emperor.”


Emperor. That one word brought a devastating energy from Esteban. (Energy from his sword)

‘Was his original purpose Mabel?’

This suspicious attack. The act of killing his own troops out of nowhere.

And at the end, there was Mabel.

Aiden’s facial expression remained unchanged despite Esteban’s threatening posture, which was likely to attack anytime soon.

Esteban firmly nailed down the surging emotions.

“We can’t accept your request.”

“I’ll meet the Emperor and tell her myself.”

“Not allowed.”

The eye of the two men clashed in the air.

Esteban lifted up his energy, and a gust of wind began to blow on the floor.

Aiden also boosted his energy. An ominous black fog flared around the boy.

A flashy situation as if they were to clash at any moment.

Esteban fixed his sword. He was going to finish it at once to reduce the damage as much as possible.

And at the moment he was about to leap-

“Dwon’t fwight!” (Don’t fight!)

A loud cry separated the two.

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