Badge in Azure

Chapter 1210 - Divine Horses (Part 2)

Chapter 1210: Divine Horses (Part 2)

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Saleen’s Magical Element Tower was like a tiger charging into a herd of sheep. While the magic net was unable to be used during flight, the 3,600 demonic spirits were still capable of casting spells.

3,600 spells were cast in a very tight area and due to not having the magic net to smooth things out, Elemental Shock happened and the resulting Elemental Burst made things feel as if they were about to rupture around them.

Due to the magic net not being available, the spells were simply Fireballs.

A mage who was capable of casting Fireballs was not a good mage, but they were able to shoot 3,600 Fireballs of over level five in one go, they were definitely a powerful mage.

If the 3,600 Fireballs were capable of achieving Elemental Burst, then the mage was above level ten.

The Magical Element Tower was capable of remembering one spell and have the demonic spirits cast it, making it an equivalent of a jury-rigged magic net. Saleen chose Fireball due to the fact that under similar conditions, it was the most powerful spell and was difficult to miss.

The ground surrounding the tower turned into a sea of fire. The Heaven Knights were all hit by the Fireballs. Saleen saw over half of the knights blasted away and their armor broken. However, over 300 knights remained and charged at the tower.

The armor of the knights who had been blasted spun in the air, drawing eerie arcs and returning to the knights, piecing themselves together.

There had been less 100 knights who were attacked too many times and burned to a crisp by the overwhelming Fireballs.

Saleen nodded. Impressive equipment. If it had been a conventional army, it would have ended with about 10,000 killed. However, that attack did not even manage to kill 100 Heaven Knights.

There were over 300 Heaven Knights charging to at the Magical Element Tower. Saleen’s tower spun furiously, flinging the knights away and landing on the ground.

The water puppet, Truman, Isabella, Eleanor began attacking from the tower.

The three mages’ attacks were boosted by the magic tower, but Eleanor’s attacks were the only ones that worked. Her elvish magic arrows could not be negated by armor. Elemental armor was useless against space arrows.

All of Eleanor’s arrows were laced with poison from Saleen. It was concocted by Agares for killing Saleen. The Heaven Knights who were shot by the arrows died almost instantly and turned into puddles of blood within a minute. Only empty armor was left behind.

The armor was corroded by the poison and rendered irreparable. Even if it was repaired, no one would be able to wear it.

The attacks by Truman and Isabella hardly worked. The defenses provided by the armor seemed to be interlocked with each other. If one of them was attacked, the rest of armor would react and share the brunt of the attacks.

“So it works well against magic attacks.” Saleen nodded and Eleanor’s arrow hit with physical attacks instead of elemental ones.

However, common physical attacks were unable to even penetrate the Heaven Knights’ defenses, so it was a weakness that would hardly matter in the battlefield.

Eleanor’s level nine magic arrow possessed damage exceeding level 9 magic and physical attacks.

Saleen gave up on using magic attacks. While his magic attacks far surpassed his student, he was reluctant to waste his magic chords. The number of enemies was huge, and if speed was to be taken into consideration, then he would need to rely on the Puppet Constellation.

The huge Puppet Constellation rose from the top of the Magical Element Tower, shrouding the Heaven Knights corps. The sun disappeared, and the sky was overtaken by night and dazzling stars.

Hundreds of thousands of puppets pounced from the Puppet Constellation, and the Heaven Knights began to panic. The Magical Element Tower stopped attacking and Eleanor switched to using three powerful magic arrows, waiting for the powerful ones among her enemies to show.

As Saleen expected, a rare purple-robed holy master walked towards the Magical Element Tower. They pointed at the Magical Element Tower and shouted, “the flames of god shall manifest as bad luck and be cast upon you!”

“Bul**hit!” Saleen shouted. He used Thundering skills, and the holy master’s curse was thrown back before it was even finished.

The level ten holy master was decisive, summoning an angel when they realized the curse was unable to be completed.

The angel appeared from the void and took the brunt of the curse’s recoil. The angel’s body was reduced into white light. Saleen saw the pure energy of the angel disintegrated by some dirty energy. None of the white light was able to coalesce.

The purple-robed holy master snorted and retreated half a step. The puppets that were attacking them were incapable of getting near them, being stopped 50 meters away from the holy master by some invisible barrier.

“Nailisi, can you kill that holy master without using Grey Memory?” Saleen asked.

“Sure I can, Master.”

“Very well then. Eleanor, shoot him. Pay close attention to my gestures. When I cast my spell, there will be about 10 milliseconds where the holy master is completely stopped.

Saleen asked Nailisi, but he had Eleanor attack instead, making her incredibly frustrated.

Saleen did not bother heeding the holy master’s words. He saw the holy master take out a scepter and hold it high, pointing at the Magical Element Tower. A holy master who dared to take on a magic tower was definitely above level 10. Level 9 ones would not even battle before the towers.

Saleen was able to feel the holy master cast a powerful territory. A ball of white light burst in the Puppet Constellation, shining light onto every Heaven Knight in a one-mile radius.

The holy master’s skills had yet to be completed when Saleen shot an icicle. The projectile was over two meters wide, and it slammed into the invisible energy barrier around the holy master. It was not Divine Protection, as Saleen never had so much trouble taking out Divine Protection before.

The projectile burned, but it was consumed by the invisible shield. The fires were soon extinguished and when the core of the projectile burst, the barrier hardened, blocking the sharp fragments.


Saleen finally saw energy ripples. He caught how the energy worked with the invisible barrier.

Arrghh! Saleen unleashed Thundering Shock 10 milliseconds after his gesture. The holy master’s skill was once again disrupted by Saleen, stunning them.

While both of them were level 10, Saleen would not be able to kill the holy master even when he was boosted by the tower. However, halting them for 10 milliseconds was more than enough for Eleanor.

Elvish Time Arrow, Elvish Space Arrow, and Elvish Emperor Arrow.

All three arrows were released in a certain order. The Time Arrow extended the halting period to 30 milliseconds. The Space Arrow penetrated the invisible energy barrier, hitting the holy master’s throat.

It was the most difficult to hit the throat, and it was not necessarily lethal. However, the one arrow almost took the holy master’s head off. If it had been common folk, they would most certainly die a grisly death.

No blood spurted out. White light flashed from the holy master’s neck and the wound disappeared.

“A hard b**tard to kill,” Nailisi grumbled, seeing the power of life in the Seven Nights quickly depleted. The third arrow hit the holy master’s chest.

It hit the heart squarely, and blood seeped out of the holy master’s purple robe. Blood continued to drip from the robe’s long sleeve.

They eyed the Magical Element Tower in disbelief, puzzled as to why their body, which was blessed by a god, would age and be incapable of restoring the wound.

Over a hundred puppets jumped onto the holy master, tearing them to shreds.

The Heaven Knights did not scatter as they continued to clash with the puppets. The death of the level ten holy master did not break the Heaven Knights in the slightest.

Saleen was alerted, feeling the tower locked onto by someone. While the Puppet Constellation still worked in the sky, he was unable to command it. Some mystical power had severed the connection between him and his equipment.

Saleen felt something was off. He stood in the topmost floor of the tower and looked around. He saw over 100,000 soldiers surround the tower on the endless plains. No, they are not soldiers. They are slaves!

There were some who dressed in Qin garb. There were soldiers and civilians.

What are they up to?

Saleen intended to take flight but quickly found his tower grounded.

The 100,000 people were suppressed by divine arts and were kneeling on the ground. A huge divine rune charm array appeared on the ground before Saleen’s eyes. Just how big is this thing?

It had a diameter of 28 miles and there was holy prose in the millions within. The ground became covered in snow and ice. Wherever the wind blew, there was holy prose shimmering.

“Saleen, I knew you would come. You’re not going anywhere this time!” A familiar voice was heard. Saleen looked up and saw Theisio’s face. There was a tall oracle standing right behind him.

“Now I see why the trajectory of the stars looked messed up. It was the work of a level 12 oracle messing up my astrology!” Saleen laughed and put away his Puppet Constellation.

The Puppet Constellation behaved like a territory when cast, and no outsider would be able to tell the difference, so the oracle did not take the Puppet Constellation. Saleen took the chance to put away the powerful equipment.

“Theisio, even if you cage me, so what? My tower is not something you can take out!” Saleen had crafted his tower into equipment, and it was no longer how it was before, where he was unable to attack or transmit his voice in a sealed space.

He shut his tower away while taking the time to ridicule the pope.

“Saleen, 128,000 people will die because of you. I hope you like the show,” the pope replied.

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