Banished Disciple's Counterattack

Chapter 243

"Damn you!" Unexpectedly, Ye Chen moved at once, kicked away the disciple and jumped out of the siege.

"I know you won't surrender." Yang Wei smiled coldly. A long arrow glistening in chill light upon a fully-bent bow buzzed.


An arrow whistled towards Ye Chen like a flash. Yang Wei was harsh though in spite of his womanish demeanor.

Coldness at his back, Ye Chen spun around with the Fast Virtual Shadow, dodged the arrow narrowly, and leapt out.

He belittled the arror. It chased him as if with spiritual intelligence.

"Xuan Que Wind Chaser Arrow." The mystique was not new to him. The arrow was sealed once it darted out and would not stop until it shot the target.

"You womanish boy."All of a sudden, Ye Chen stopped. Rainbows slipped out from his sleeves and transformed into the Crimson Sword.

"Tiangang Sword Formation."

As he brandished the sword, the formation transformed into a defense pattern.



Though sharp as the arrow was, it was deflected and planted slantingly in a rock when facing the formation.

Others around hurled themselves upon Ye Chen.

Rushing Thunder Palm!

With a perfect coordination of vital energy, Ye Chen punched the first backwards in a dull hum; he flung the second away with Mountain Wrestle Fist; he jabbed a bleeding hole on the third with One Yang Finger.

"Boy, you're awesome!" Yang Wei pounced upon Ye Chen.

Ye Chen stepped back to dodge. Yang Wei, a cultivator at the true Yang stage, was superior to Zishan and Jiang Hao, albeit his girl-like manner.

"Wind Sword Knack."

A mystique was applied and a rainbow-like sword was marvelous.

Ye Chen placed the Tianque Sword in front for protection.


Yang Wei hit on the thick and heavy sword and the force pushed Ye Chen back.

"You think I'm made of paper? I need to teach you a lesson. " Ye Chen cursed, flung the sword and followed it closely.

Snorting, Yang Wei wielded his sword and confronted Ye Chen.



Snarls sounded. Ye Chen attacked like beasts with all of his knuckles and joints as weapons.

It was Yang Wei's first time to meet such strong close fighting skills. Yang Wei was out of tricks with palm prints and foot prints all over his body.

"Signal!" He screamed to the disciples behind him.

One fished out a shiny bamboo tube and released its seal. Spiritual light rushed into the sky and transformed into splendid light.

Many disciples looked up at the gorgeousness against the skyline.

"Ye Chen must be found! Follow me." Kong Cao with a flock of junior martial brothers stampeded there.

"Finally, I find you. It's time for you to go to death." Jiang Yang hurried towards Ye Chen.

"No need for you to go back today." Zuo Qiuming saw the signal and judged the position of Ye Chen precisely and summoned all his subordinates.

"Let's go." The disciples from the inner school combating with Qi Yue and her teammates stopped their battle the second at their sight of the signal light, and lunged towards it.

"What's up?" Xiong'er screeched with his mace.

"Ye Chen's found?" Qi Yue frowned, "It seems that he will be cornered to death in the wilderness."

"What are we waiting for? Rush there!" Xiong'er swung his mace.

"We cannot." Tang Ruxuan reminded, "Each squad has its own entrance and exit. We cannot leave the passage, but the disciples from the inner school are allowed to go everywhere freely."

"Shit, I forget that."

Similarities occurred to Xie Yun, Huo Teng and Xiao Jing's squads.

"Ye Chen must have been found."

"What a stir!"

"Ge Hong, Zhao Zhijing and Immortal Qingyang spared a great deal of effort to take Ye Chen's life. The killer of Ye Chen will be rewarded with two hundred thousand spirit stones."

"That's why the disciples of the inner school are so excited."

"What a pity that we're restricted by our passages; otherwise we can give Ye Chen a hand."

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