Banished to Another World

Chapter 16: Is there anyone who is Worse than Me?

Yuan Zhan got up and walked to the tent mouth to the young warrior gaze.

The young warrior squinted at the corner of his mouth and asked with a raised eyebrow: "Where is that kid? The one who was too thin, and didn't have much meat on his body. You refused twenty red dates for the exchange, how about thirty then? Think about those sweet dates."

Yuan Zhan, smacked the back of warrior head and said:." Go find your own. "

"Well isn't this the same? You really don't want to exchange "

Yuan Zhan, kicked his foot, then grabbed the young warrior shoulder and dragged him into his arms, lowered his voice and he asked: "Why did the chief call me for?"

"How would I know?" The young warrior deliberately prolonged his voice.

Yuan Zhan shut up, and forced the young man's body in one direction. He lifted his foot and kicked the warrior ass. "You can go back."

The young warrior slammed forward and wobbled in two steps. He looked back and whispered: "Hey, okay! I didn't say I didn't know I didn't want to say it."

Yuan Zhan thought for a moment, "I can let you touch him."

The young warrior's eyes lit up, but then he whispered: " I can get a light touch OK, OK, I did not know the details, but before, I seem to hear Qiu Da Ren and chief mentioned something like cirsium leaf that can stop bleeding,"

"Only so much "

" So much. I have to touch him twice!"

"... Okay. Just touch his ankle."

After the young warrior got the promise, he left with joy and Yuan Zhan walked back to the tent.

Yan Mo thought about the fire and when saw Yuan Zhan coming in and looked up at him.

Yuan Zhan walked down to Yan Mo and he was not too dirty and smelly. He touched two bare feet and looked at them well enough. He grabbed the boy's right leg and frowned.

Yan Mo didn't understand the mind of this young man, only when he regretted asking it. "You shouldn't take it off, I have to re-enforce it."

Yuan Zhan shook his head. "It's useless."

What's useless?

"Fat dog has seen your injury, I am not sure if he will tell the priest Qiu Shi Da Ren, but if Qiu Shi Da Rens want to check you, he will definitely be asking you about your origins."

"Why should he check? "

"Because cirsium leaves and weed leaves act was not concealed from others in the tribe. I heard you said to Cao Ting told her told her that cirsium leaves can stop the bleeding... But did you tell someone else? "

" Yes . "

"So cirsium leaves effect is something that must have been spread in the tribe, and probably someone used it and found it was really effective, otherwise Qiu Da Ren would not ask to see you. "

Cirsium leaf effect gradually spread in Yuan Tribe, Yan Mo has been disguised through the reformation guide.

Because the night before, Yang Mo found that The Guide would conduct statistics every night, and counted the credits collected when some people using the big cirsium leaves and the see its effect, and this kind of person can only be the students he personally taught. For example, Cao Ting and He Tu. If it is a student who is taught by Cao Ting and He Tu, the success of using cirsium leaves will not be counted back to him.

Not only cirsium leaves effect, the method of making needlework, the method of salt water disinfection, the straw mat weaving method, the compression homeostasis method, the simple dressing, etc. He also received some reductions of scum level from Cao Ting and others.

That is to say, the "MLM-type scum reduction method" is only effective for the first generation of students who he personally taught. Yan Mo thought that this was probably a way for The Guide to reform him and encourage him to teach more people.

Yan Mo took back his thoughts and sat up. "So Qiu Da Ren is likely to check my injuries?"

"You are the first person to use the big cirsium leaf. In order to ensure that you will not harm people, but also to see its effect, he will inevitably have to check your wounds. What's more..." Yuan Zhan paused. "He will looked at your Master, and I am not very pleasing to the eye."

"So... I have to let the priest who is not pleasing to the eye have no doubts about me. Do I have to break and cut my long legs?" Yan Mo made a second joke since he arrived here.

Yuan Zhan nodded in a painful gaze. "Da He is a potential warrior in the family. He can testify that the herbs will affect the recovery of the injury. He will not let Qiu Shi Da Ren look at his wounds carefully, but you are only a slave so he will want to."

So I was dragged into this because of you kid? Yan Mo managed to hold back the words "You are so Useless" because he knew that it was not Yuan Zhan fault. If he was like other slaves, the priest would not notice him.

"Dear Master, can I still run away now? If you are willing to let me go, I swear that I will repay you in the future." He was still happy that God finally gave him some preferential treatment, and now he only wants to bury God.

Yuan Zhan couldn't understand the meaning of "Dear," but he also understood that the boy was expressing his indignation and dissatisfaction in his unique way.

The young man poked the boy's face and smiled and said: "How far can you run? Don't even say if you can survive outside in the winter, only the beast outside waiting for the winter food will not let you go. Forget it, anyway your healing ability is better than others."

Bullshit! Anyway, it's not your meat and bones. It's not you who is going to and up hurt, right?

"There are big differences between fresh wounds and old wounds. Can the priest see them?"

"At night, only the torches are illuminated. The age of the Priest is also older. You can put some mud on the wounds, do some hands and feet bruising and there are very chance that you can confuse him."

"Cut wound and animal bites are very different." The difference between the two is big.

Yuan Zhan illuminated the bright white teeth, indicating that he does not mind helping him bite enough to make a wound.

Yan Mo looked at the young developed canine teeth and suddenly felt that his right leg hurts even more.

"Hurry up! Don't let the Chief and the priests wait for a long time."

Yan Mo stared at the youth and he wanted to kill him, but he didn't want to be stared at by the priests of this tribe because of his healing ability. Motherfuckers, how is this bad thing? Why did he let him run into it?

Taking a deep breath, Yan Mo finally reached out his hand: "Please hand me the stone knife."

With a little bit of mentality, he confirmed it again: "If the priest real person finds that my healing ability is better, he will..."

Yuan Zhan pulled out the stone knife and took a knife and handed it to him. He dispelled his luck: "The Yuan Tribe priest has always coveted the bone powder on the hands of the Red Earth tribe priests, but the cost of invading the red earth tribe is too big, this makes the priest Qiu Da Ren always lament why the god did not come near Yuan Tribe."

Yan Mo listened and decide to not think anymore, he took the stone knife and stroked his thigh.

When the blood flowed out, Yan Mo pulled the stone knife and handed it back to Yuan Zhan. "You are stronger than me. You have to cut off my bones. Please be sure to cut it off clean." After Yan Mo finished he grabbed the bad skin. Stuffed it into his mouth.

... He is stupid! Afraid of this bastard will accidentally cut his aorta and can draw a line on his leg. Maybe that guide made him stupid?

Seeing that the boy did not hesitate to kneel down on his own knife, Yuan Zhan felt some appreciation and respect for the boy for the first time.

If the child was not bitten by a beast and has not been abandoned by his people, wouldn't he be a very good warrior?

However, since he can heal his own injuries, why does his family still abandon him? Or did he and his people accidentally left and forgotten him.

The young man touched the boy's face and waved his hand with a stone knife!


The moon has risen to the treetops, and the square was still very lively. The smell of the barbecue can be smelled from far away.

In the tents, on the roadside, in the squares, there are people everywhere, a man's screams, women's crying, and various sounds intertwined. Tonight is also the continuation of this race family roots.

Unlike the tribes inside the tribe, at the tribal entrances that Yan Mo never saw, there were soldiers who are responsible for the defense look out rotation tonight and they seem to have not been affected by the fiery atmosphere. Everyone has a cold face and a wooden spear. Looking at the front of the tribe and the sky separately.

Yuan Zhan came to the chieftain's tent with Yan Mo.

The curtain of the big tent was open, and the two guards were on the outside of the account. They did not look at Yuan Zhan.

Why a primitive tribes develop such a disciplined army? Why is the male leader of the Red Earth tribe called the patriarch, and the leader of Yuan Tribe is called the chief? Aren't they the same or do they have different in their meaning?

Yan Mo can't figure it out, he can only temporarily let go.

Yuan Zhan threw Yan Mo on the ground after he entered.

Yan Mo rolled a circle on the ground, and rolled in his newly cut-off leg injury, so that he couldn't help but lay on the floor and suck up the air and it was freaking painful.

This dog X tribe! Be careful with the priests! When he leaves the tribe, he must revenge against all the grievances and sufferings he has suffered in this tribe.

The big tent is quite wide. In addition to the chiefs and the old priests who are talking, there are also several fighters. Among them are the top tier fighters whose armed forces are only under the Chief, and four other fighters, Yuan Shan. Yuan Diao, the red date male and a young warrior that Yan Mo has never seen before.

After Yuan Zhan came in, he raised his right hand and made a fist. While bowing his head, he smacked it on his left chest against the Chief and the priest. After the greeting was finished, he stood up straight and looked straight ahead without speaking.

Yan Mo found that the soldiers in this big tent stood in the same position as Yuan Zhan, even with similar expressions. Yuan Zhan took him in, and no one even looked at him. The chieftain and the old priest sat cross-legged on a stone platform about one meter high. The stone bench was made of flat stones and covered with thick animal skin.

"Da Zhan." The chief looked to Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Zhan stepped forward.

"That is your slave?"


"Where is he from?"

"The remnant of the Salt Mountain tribe."

"Why hasn't the slave mark been stabbed on him?"

"I was out hunting. It will be done tomorrow."

Yuan Zhan's words are simple, but the chieftain understand, he looked to the side of the old priest Qiu Shi.

Qiu Da Ren nodded and asked: "Do you know what he can do ?"


"Is this slave a Salt Mountain priest disciple?"


Qiu Shi did not ask again. He also met the Salt Mountain priest and his disciples. Looking at the slave, it was not the same person as the disciples he saw.

"I have something to ask your slave."

"Yes." Yuan Zhan bent over and grabbed Yan Mo, who was lying on the ground, and dragged him to the stone platform.

Qiu Shi swept his eyes on the injured leg and asked: "How do you know that the weeds are called cirsium leaves, and can heal the blood cuts? Also that it can be eaten as food?"

Yan Mo didn't dare to look up and trembled and replied: "Replying to the priests, this weed leave knowledge is taught by my father."

"Where is your father?"

"He and the tribes fled, I don't know where they are going."The boy shivered very badly.

"Are you injured?" Qiu Shi asked.


"Did you use the leaves?"


Qiu Da Ren waved and ordered Yuan Zhan: "Open the wound"

Yuan Zhan immediately knelt and reached for the hay wrapped in the boy's right thigh. The large stalk residue on the slag is completely erased.

The blood immediately ran down from the boy legs, and the young man was sore and trembled, but he did not dare to resist.

Qiu Shi came down from the stone platform and walked down to the boy to look down. A strange smell rushed into his nostrils.

There were only four torches in the tent, not bright enough, but for him to see enough wounds, he just had to look at it.

The old priest slightly covered his nose and saw a bite in the leg of the boy. The broken bones inside were tightly mangled, but the broken section was still clear, and it was obvious that it had not begun to heal. These conditions are consistent with the fat dog description of the wound

The wound was a little dirty, but it was basically fresh and there was no obvious spoilage. Moreover, when the herbal medicine was applied to the wound, there was no bleeding. Until the herbal medicine was wiped off, the blood flowed out again, indicating that the cirsium leaves did have some effect.

Qiu Shi suddenly extended his fingers and poked it in the wound.

The boy screamed.

Yuan Zhan did not respond.

Qiu Shi straightened up his body, he said to Yuan Zhan: "Cut his leg, this leg can not be saved, winter is coming, don't raise a wasteful thing"

Cut your own motherf**king leg! Yan Mo ground his teeth. He was very careful when he cut himself. As a result, the old bastard not only poked his fingers in it, but also his nails were old and dirty. If he was just an ordinary slave, this leg would grow well and he cause him an inflammatory infection.

"I will wait for the winter." Yuan Zhan said it is simple, but everyone in the big tent understood what he means. He said that if the boy leg injury has not improved after the winter, he will make him into food

Qiu Shi kicked the young boy's injured leg and looked down at the boy's face. He suddenly asked: "Why don't you use a wooden board to fix the broken bone?"

Yuan Zhan didn't know, Yan Mo's heart was cold, and full of hatred!

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