Banished to Another World

Chapter 657

Chapter 657

Banished to Another World, Chapter 657: The Temptation of the Godblood stone

He just doesn't say anything else!

No matter how Yuan Bing questioned him, Shu Yi didn't say anything . When he gets tired of being asked, he uses his actions to make Yuan Bing shut up .

Yuan Bing knows for the first time what it's like to be unable to close his legs .

Yuan Bing didn't speak any more . They keep silent as if they are competing . All their actions depend on their actions and expressions . It's OK in the daytime . In the evening, they always have to fight first before they can really enter the theme (xxx) .

Of course, the one who enter the other is always the savage Shu Yi, and those who are entered is always the poor brother Yuan Bing .

The surrounding population began to increase gradually, and the smell of spring became heavier and heavier .

Walking along, Yuan Bing found something was wrong . He doesn't know when it began, maybe it’s because they just entered the Ding Yue tribal border, maybe later? He found that Shu Yi seemed to be deliberately taking him around, even avoiding human eyes, even animals trying not to touch . And he's speeding up his journey, and he hardly stops during the day .

What makes Yuan Bing really realize what Shu Yi is doing is that when they choose a resting place, Shu Yi would check to see a large number of green mantis jumping on the grass in front of them and runs to the other side .

That's a bunch of bugs! It's not a herd of carnivorous beast!

Yuan Bing's brain fog was blown away, and an idea quickly jumps into his brain, “Who are you hiding from? Mo came to find me, didn't he? Our priest Da-Ren is here, isn’t he! "

Damn it! He didn't think about it . This damned bastard even evaded the insect group, because he knows that the Priest Mo of the Jiu Yuan can communicate with the language of all things!

"Shu Yi! You're still a shameless man! When I get down, you better watch your back! You remember that, don't you? You fvcking let me go! Let go! Till when are you going to tie me up! "

Shu Yi clogged his ears and didn't hear . He still ran fast carrying a man .

Before the beasts and insects in the grassland could see who they were, they saw a relatively large black shadow flying past them, leaving only the running wind and the broken curse and roar .

In the evening, Yuan Bing, who was thrown on the ground with all kinds of bindings, had no strength to scold .

Shu Yi took the skull of the animal in water and put it to his mouth .

Yuan Bing opened his mouth and gulped all of the water . He is thirsty to death .

"A little . "

“What?" Yuan Bing doubts her ears .

Shu Yi, a savage, sat down beside him . "I remember a little bit . It's all fragments . "

Yuan Bing squirmed and tried to sit up . "So you know who I am?"

"Um . " Shu Yi looks at him struggling, but doesn't help him .

"Untie me!"

"Mm-hmm . " Shu Yi shook his fingers .

Yuan Bing suddenly uttered a series of swearing words, and then lay on the ground out of his strength, "Come on, what do you want to do? Are you going to take me back?"

"Spoils of war, mine . "

"Spoils of war, your mother’s egg!"

Shu Yi meant to say it freely, mine is mine, and if I say you are the spoils of war, you are the spoils of war .

Yuan Bing felt that he couldn't go on like this . When his eyes turned, he changed his topic . "Do you realize that the Jiu Yuan people are looking for me? And the person looking for me is probably our priest?"

Yuan Bing know he knows what he means . As an experienced fighter, he always has a much higher sense of danger than ordinary people . Witch Mo could ask animals and insects for help and look for their whereabouts everywhere .

"Do you want to fight the Jiu Yuan?" Yuan Bing was patient and asks peacefully .

Shu Yi was silent for a long time this time . He looked at Yuan Bing's face, saw his mouth from his eyes, and then turned back .

Yuan Bing was seen by him .

Shu Yi relaxed and reached into his fur coat to touch him .

Yuan Bing: “ . . . . . ”

“You, or Witch Mo . Who do you think your leader will agree to give me?"

"Fvck off! You beast, beast, jackal! Even dared to think of our priest, you dream! Why don't you go to hell? You . . . !" Yuan Bing once heard that Shu Yi, a savage, dared to fight for Yan Mo's ownership . That's Yan Mo was a white moonlight and cinnabar nevus . He would go mad if anyone touched him . Yuan Zhan is so envied by him that he can't bear to stay away from each other even for a day, let alone other people!

"That's you . " Shu Yi in Yuan Bing's endless stream of vicious curses .

Yuan Bing's curse came to an abrupt end .

"I like the strong . You're weaker . Well, you are very weak . The close distance combat strength is too low . But you're very tolerant . It's much better than those slaves . "

Yuan Bing's throat felt clogged . No, his whole body felt clogged!

“You said, if I mentioned to Yuan Zhan, would he agree to exchange the Godblood stone for you?"

Don't say the Godblood stone . Even if you don't give it anything, he will show his anger on the surface . Secretly, he would like to have my house packed and delivered together with me! Yuan Bing felt pain in her heart . My goodness, if you offend the boss, you will end up as miserable as him!

"Witch Mo will not agree . " Yuan Bing clenched his fist .

"He will agree . " Shu Yi suddenly approached him, and his hands held his milk / tip with great effort . You will, too . "

"Agree with your mother’s egg! I will fvcking kill you [Whining]!" Before Yuan Bing finished scolding, he was once again suppressed and even his mouth was blocked .

Yuan Bing bit his fingers hard, but almost broke his teeth .

At the same time, there is a small hill slope about 20 or 30 miles away .

Yuan Zhan covered his head and fell feebly into the arms of his priest Da-Ren, groaning / groaning hard, "ah, my head hurts so much, I seem to be ill . I've got the wind chill like the one you said . "

Yan Mo held his super big baby and pinched his face . "Can you be more shameless? Your two sons are not as sick as you are . "

Yuan Zhan turned over and hugged him, his head arched straight into his arms . "I'm sick, I want to drink milk . "

Yan Mo: “ . . . Go away! "

Jiu Feng, who became a little bird, lowered his head and grabbed Yan Mo's hair . "Mo-Mo, do you have any milk? By the way, it's said that the two legged monsters have milk for their babies . Mo-Mo, I want to drink it too! I haven't drunk milk yet! "

The topic here with Jiu Feng is a mess, although his actions and mentality are very pure .

On the other hand, it is extremely discordant from voice to action .

Shu Yi was infatuated with the feeling of hugging this man . He likes to stick to the other person closely, and he prefers the intimacy and speechless fast / feeling when he is entering the other person .

The more a man struggles, the more he likes it .

Occasionally excited, he will feel . . .

Few people can arouse such instinctive and hidden cruelty and passion, which is totally different from the feeling when he fantasizes with the priest .

Yan Mo, he may never master him .

But the man under him, no matter how fierce he is, still has the assurance to tame the other party . When he thinks that he can completely control the man, and that he has to give in to him when he is unwilling, he will be hard enough to shoot out immediately .

Maybe he should not avoid the coming Jiu Yuan’s leaders . Maybe he should have a good talk with the leader of the Jiu Yuan and priest .

The position of chieftain's wife of the Ding Yue is still empty . If a high-level of the Jiu Yuan is allowed to take this seat, he thinks it must be very interesting . It's much more interesting than marrying the princess of Yincheng-Sound city . The expression of Great Witch Zhe Li after knowing this is enough to make Shu Yi happy for a long time, let alone other benefits brought by it .

As for the children, he was less worried . He has long heard that the priest of the Jiu Yuan has the fruit of child that let the same sex people have children . If he exchanges the Godblood stone or other treasures, he believes it will not be impossible to exchange them .

In fact, as early as great witch Zhe Li asked him to marry Lamo-Na, he thought that since he wanted to combine with big forces, he would rather find another person than marry Princess Yincheng-Sound city, he would marry a high-level person of the Jiu Yuan . His original goal was the Jiu Yuan priest - although that goal was not possible, he had thought about trying to get a child with the Jiu Yuan priest . Now he has changed the Jiu Yuan priest into Yuan Bing, it doesn't seem to be unacceptable anymore .

At least in addition to getting a child who will have a connection to the top of the Jiu Yuan, he can sleep with his child's father every day .

Going against the Jiu Yuan? Shu Yi sneered in her heart . He didn't have the abnormal morbid persistence like the Great Witch Zhe Li . He was against them waging war under the current momentum of the Jiu Yuan, which was not good for the Ding Yue at all because the Jiu Yuan city grows very fast . On the contrary, only when they are in a state of half enemy and half friend with the Jiu Yuan can they be most conducive to the development of the Ding Yuan .

In the past, because of his strength, he could not completely crush the Great Witch Zhe Li and the former chief's forces, but now when he goes back

"Do you want the power of Godblood?" Shu Yi's long cry of pain was replaced by a strong one, and then he slowly fell down to the man's ear .

" . . . What?" Yuan Bing's voice was shaking, not excited, but he was going to be / dry / to death!

"Go back with me and have a baby for me . I'll pick out the Godblood stone for you . "

"Fvck! You think I'm that special! Have you had enough? Get off me!" Yuan Bing was panting and sweating .

Yan Mo once gave him a comprehensive examination and recuperation, and also used precious willpower for him to develop his ability in the direction of more powerful "Spiritual Eye" .

Although he now has only a 7th rank of his blood ability, and only points at the sight that does not seem to be very destructive . But Mo said that the eye is the window to the human soul . Now he may only have the function of clairvoyance and magnification vision, but he also get minor in mental exercise method, and then train the eyes consciously according to the training method provided by Mo . as long as he exceeds 10th rank, his eyes will become a weapon with great lethality .

At the very least, before the cultivation of the spiritual eye, as long as his physical quality and his eyesight are equal, he can be more powerful than the most in the future . Any attack will become a slow action in his eyes . In other words, unless there are too many people stronger than him, it will be very difficult to hurt him in the fight . He can be said to be invincible at the same level with Yuan Zhan!

As for the Godblood stone, Mo also said that not everyone can use the Godblood stone . First of all, it has to be of the same a blood ability . There are no gods related to the eyes in the twelve Godblood stones . Instead of self-use, he is not only likely to encounter danger, but also cannot gain the greatest effect from the Godblood stone . In this case, it is better not to use it . In the world, the Godblood stone can only improve people's ability .

Yuan Bing believes in Yan Mo . it's impossible for him to be lied to .

For this reason, Shu Yi wants to take one of the Godblood stone in exchange for his whole life, and also wants him to have children for him? There's no way to even dream that one!

Shu Yi saw that the Godblood stone couldn't move the man . He was a little distressed .

It's really exciting to tie and play occasionally, but you can't tie man like this every day, can you?

How can I make this man behave better?

On the other hand, Yan Mo is really worried about Yuan Bing .

"Stop it . According to the report, Yuan Bing is not far away from us . What's the point of you holding me back from contacting them? If he . . . "

Yuan Zhan raised his head in his arms, took his waist and said lazily: “You can also hear what your little animals and insects have said . At this time, it's really good for us to catch up? I think Yuan Bing may have already had feelings with Shu Yi . "

"How can you be sure that person must be Shu Yi?"

“Who else but him? Besides, it's better to take the other person back to the Jiu Yuan . Then punish him and let him work hard for Yuan Bing all his life . "

"Then, if that man is really Shu Yi, what shall we do?"

"We cannot do what we're going to do, but what do you mean to do if Yuan Bing and Shu Yi have formed an attachment?"

Yan Mo frowned .

Yuan Zhan laid in his lover's arms and looked at the stars in the sky . He thinks that the sun is beautiful without their children's interference . “With Yuan Bing's character, he will never commit suicide because he slept with a man . "

This is one of the concerns Yan Mo once mentioned . Yuan Zhan was puzzled when he heard it . He was so big that he seldom heard that any man or woman committed suicide because of being forced to have sex . Most of them either gave in or retaliated . Why did they commit suicide? Unless the other side is too cruel to bear, but even then, most people will choose to revenge first and then die .

Yan Mo can't explain that his expansive education made him form a fixed thinking on certain concepts . He said that the person who forgot about the times he was living in when he was worried has not established the concept of chastity, let alone the so-called body innocence is greater than everything .

At this time, no one will check whether you have a virgin membrane or not, and no one will care how many people you sleep with .

Yuan Bing, who once had slaves, of course, didn't care about this . He was only angry and suffered serious damage to his dignity . For him, what Shu Yi did to him was like fighting and losing . The other side humiliated him many times .

If he is better than Shu Yi, he can do more than Shu Yi!

"I will kill you . "

“Well . "

“You take me back to the Ding Yue, I will . . . I'll do my best to turn the Ding Yue upside down . ”

"Um . "

You . . . Don’t start again, will you?" Yuan Bing crashed .

The next day, after the showdown of Shu Yi and Yuan Bing, he stopped hiding and began to walk into the crowd gathering area generously .

Yuan Bing acted like he had nothing to do with this man . Say, say not move . Scold, scold and don't listen . They can't fight . Threats, the other side does not pay attention .

Is he bound back to go to the Ding Yue like a slave?

Yuan Bing seriously began to think about whether to commit suicide again .

At this time, Yuan Bing didn't know that Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo, who were behind them, had put forward a thick list of dowry money . When they met with Shu Yi, they took it out to discuss with Shu Yi about how much he was going to pay - it's not going to be cheap for the man, the man is the head of the picket group who are in charge of the policing, construction and urban defense of the whole Jiu Yuan City!

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