Banished to Another World

Chapter 8: You will be punished if you do not try your best.

The situation about Da He was worse than what Yan Mo thought, and the whole person had a smell of decay and purulence.

This kind of smell can be tolerated on oneself, but if it is put on others... Yan Mo is very eager to have an ultra-filtered medical mask.

The tent is very dark, even if the curtains are all picked up, it will not help.

Da He little kids were driven out by the mother. The children were not sensible. Instead of letting them fall asleep in a dark and rancid tent, they would have to learn how to hunt.

In the future, Da He's family will rely on these two sons, who are only four and eight years old, especially the one at the age of eight. He must learn the basic skills in this winter, so that he will be able to go out with the adults in the spring of next year so that younger brother will not starve to death in the coming year.

Yan Mo asked the two to carry the fur under Da He and drag him to the lighter side of the tent. If it was not for fear of attracting attention, he would like to drag Da He out.

He Tu did not despise Yan Mo because he was only fourteen years old and still suffered injuries. She married Da He at the age of fourteen and gave birth to her first baby at the age of fifteen. The disciples of her priests also started at the age of ten in giving the priest a hand.

However, He Tu does not know that Yan Mo is a disciple of the Salt Mountain priests. Cao Ting was asked by Yan Mo to keep quiet about that, only telling her that Yan Mo has a little herbal knowledge. If she let He Tu know that Yan Mo is a disciple of the Salt Mountain priests, things may be complicated.

Because whenever the tribes fight, the rest of the family can be left behind, and only the priests and their disciples will be killed or taken away. A priests represents the soul of a tribe, and a scepter who is likely to be possessed by ghosts and gods enters his own ethnic land. Only a fool can do this.

It is impossible for the original priest of any tribe to leave a priest of another tribe to live on, even if it is only a young disciple.

Unlike He Tu and Cao Ting, Cao Ting is a slave from other ethnic groups that was bought. She doesn't care much about the rise and fall of the main tribe. He Tu is the native of Yuan tribe. If she is told that Yan Mo is a priest disciples, maybe she would refuse Yan Mo help to them, and may even go further to even telling the priest.

These words, Cao Ting said to Yan Mo in advance, and told him not to tell others that he was a disciple of the Salt Mountain priests, and Yan Mo was alert.

Because this matter is not profound in the memory of the teenager, he wants to use his medical knowledge to build his own status as soon as possible, and has neglected such an important point.

Thanks to Cao Ting reminder he won't be naive!

But what will his master think? Knowing that he is a disciple of his priesthood - although he is not grown at so he brought him back, is he not worried that he will create something that is not conducive to Yuan tribe?

Yan Mo doesn't think that the youth who looks quite stern will be at this point.

For the first time, Yan Mo had a little vigilance against his 17-year-old owner. If the person is not super-thick, its like he is not without a brain...

Now thinking about it, Yuan Zhan letting him go, was it because he was the salt mountain tribe priest disciple who pretended to be a snake on the stick. Why did Yuan Zhan decide to let him live alive?

Yan Mo thought for a while and soon threw it behind his worries.

He is not afraid of people playing tricks with him. Yuan Zhan definitely wants to use his "priest" ability to do something. As long as he has the value of using it, he will not have the opportunity to fight back, not to mention that he has already done this, what is there to be afraid about?

Da He's right arm is only two-thirds of the upper arm, and the wound is scalded. Although the blood has stopped, there is no post-treatment, which causes the infection on the burned part. Now it has black hair and stinky, yellow-black pus water.

In this way, if he wants him to live, he must cut off the meat and bones that have been spoiled.

Da He abdomen was wrapped in mud, probably this is the means of stopping bleeding here.

Yan Mo looked at the color around the abdomen and pressed it gently.

"It's useless to get rid of the mud. It's useless. The wound extend to the inside."

He Tu didn't cry, her tears had been exhausted in these two days, and she knew very well that her husband had been in the past few days. The only thing she can do now is to make him feel a little more comfortable, and die so he can be a full-fledged ghost.

But Da He refused to eat anything. He also knew that he was going to die. He felt that he was a dead man consuming precious food and it was better to leave it to his wife and children.

The mud was uncovered and the wounds on the abdomen were exposed.

The place where his abdomen is close to the navel there was a big hole like something.

He Tu told them that this is the horn of the giant beast

Yan Mo opened the wound with peeled branches, and Da He skin.

He looked down at the wound and opened it a little closer.

This better than it looks on the surface.

I don't know if the human bodies here is strong and the self-healing ability is relatively high. After two days, although the abdominal wounds and the internal organs are partially spoiled, they are not that bad.

Yan Mo grabbed Da He left hand and read his pulse.

In the absence of open surgery, according to the situation and the pulse, he can only initially determine that parts of Da He intestine may have to be removed, but other internal organs should still have the original function, as long as the dead tissues is removed and the wound is re-cleaned. And they kill the inflammation, the chances of Da He to survive is still very large.

However, there are no conditions for open laparotomy. The two biggest difficulties are the inability to transfuse and the inability to suture, and to prevent further infection of the wound afterwards.

This does not mean that Yan Mo will not save him, but that there is no condition to save him.

"Now you have two choices," Yan Mo said to the Da He couple.

"The first choice, is to give him a painkiller, it can let him spend the last few days without pain, and even stand up and walk."

Da He eyes lit up, he spit out the words weakly said: "Then I can go hunting?"

Good brain thinking to get some rations at home.

Yan Mo ignored him. "The second choice, the dead horse is a living horse doctor. I will open him with a caesarean section, dig out the rotten intestines inside him, cut it out, cut it off, and then put it back, the infected arm. It is also necessary to remove the necrotic part. In order to do this, in addition to it being very painful, there is a very high possibility of death, you also need to help me prepare some things."

1]... The dead horse is a living horse doctor... I think it means that trial by error

Cao Ting looked up and her face changed.

Da He did not hesitate: "I chose the first one." He Tu grabbed the fur under Yuan He. "If you choose the second one, Da He, can he live?"

"Stupid woman! I am dead already. You will hurry to find another master Even if I survive, I will be disabled. Do you still expect me to feed you?" Da He suddenly screamed.

"You shut up!" It seems that he was about 30 years, only the 23-year-old He Tu grabbed the fur spit from her husband reprimand and rubbed it on his face.

Yan Mo used to see this situation in the hospital. Especially those who have cancer, it is really a family ethics drama, so he and the nurses don't want to see it.

It's not that they don't have compassion for their patients and their families – maybe he's really not much interested in watching too much drama and anyone who is soft-hearted will not be able to see who will later comfort, just the little nurse and young doctor will even shed tears because the patient dies, but here they will only feel the sadness of his family he left behind.

So Yan Mo encountered this situation and never gave his opinion, unless the patient asked.

Cao Ting gently poked Yan Mo's back.

Yan Mo turned his head.

Seeing the couple still screaming and crying, Cao Ting attached her mouth to Yan Mo's ear, with a bit of anger and shock, she rebuked him: "You are crazy! What are you talking about? Give people a laparotomy and cure him? You should be afraid of the priest. I don't know if you are a disciple of other priests or not? Do you still want to live? Do you think the priest will let it go?"

For Cao Ting, it seems that a person who can open the laparotomy and treat it well. It must have belonged to the scope of "please help God".

He can do this. Only the old priests of the great tribes and the legendary temple servants can do it. Yan Mo said that the possibility of death is high, certainly because he is only a disciple, and has not yet learned the priest's ability to perfect the treatment.

Yan Mo was feeling very helpless. If Da He is really sick and dying, he can't do anything about it. It's okay to say that he is euthanizing Da He. Presumably, the shitty banish Guide will not be dishing out punishment. Maybe he will lose some of his scum value, but ... Da He is more vital to this family more than he imagined, and he has the ability to save his life. Although the conditions here are poor, it is not completely impossible to do it.

He thought about it before the speaking. If there is a punishment for death, there must be some scum that does not try to be applied. He has finally returned the scum value to less than 100 million points. He really does not want to be punished by the guide once again. The torture of the fire is really painful!

Moreover, it is beneficial to have all the disadvantages. He wants to reduce the scum value in a large amount. It will be impossible to always conceal his own skills. Since it will be exposed sooner or later, of course, the sooner the better, his scum value can be reduced a little.

If you are unfortunate enough to be swindled, and then be slaughtered by the priests here...

Yan Mo doesn't think it would be so easy for him to get rid of the banish Guide to supervise his banish.

Thinking of this, Yan Mo raised a little bit of voice, speaking with emotions: "Sister, you said that Da He is a good person, if I have no ability, but I know that I might save him a life, but in order to protect myself and I have to abandon him, I, I really can't do it. I saw that Da He and thought of my older brother. My older brother is good to me..."

Da He couple husband and wife who are arguing closed their mouths.

Yuan He had a complex expression looking at the teenager, his mouth has not spoken a few times.

He Tu clenched his husband's hand. When he heard the young boy say the second choice, she knew that the young slave who had just been brought back by Yuan Zhan must not be simple child and even had a faint guess on the identity of the boy.

The tribe welfare, her own husband?

A teenager can completely conceal his identity and ability, but he does not hesitate to live on because of the help of a female slave and the sympathy for others.

He Tu bit her teeth, she can't lose her husband, the two children can't have no father, if there is any possibility of saving her husband's life, she is even willing to reach deal with the devil!

At the same time, she also believes that a teenager who wants to save his life and spares his life, even if he is really a priest disciple of his family, the boy will certainly not want to destroy Yuan tribe.

She can observe him later, monitor him, and when he wants to do bad things, she can tell the chiefs and the priests, yes, that's it!

He Tu suddenly raised her hand and swears: "As long as you are willing to save my man, I swear I will never reveal your secret!"

Yuan He also said: "Whether you can or can't... I can thank you today, I am very grateful to you. Regardless of the outcome, I swear, my wife and I will never say anything about you."

Cao Ting said nothing at this time, she can only bow silently.

The boy was moved to tears. "I will do my best." He Turned couldn't help but reach out and pat his head. She softly said, "You name is Little Mo, then you will call me sister. Now I ask you, if we choose the second one, what do you need us to prepare?"

The boy hesitated: "Sister, I don't really have much confidence, the possibility of death is really high, very high."

"I know. " He Tu clenched her hands. "You also said that the dead horse is a living horse doctor."

Yan Mo nodded. "Well, as long as you think about it. To apply that kind of treatment, I need a bright and clean place, and this must not be known to anyone other than you."

"You can rest assured."

"I need needlework. Needle, use the finest bone spurs, I will tell you if there is a hard wood thorn, as long as it meets the shape and size I need. Thread..." Yan Mo thought for a while, " I want to use strong hair and stirrups Ok, the longer the better, the more you prepare."

"What else do you need?"

"Knife, pot, water, fire, soft and clean hay, big scallions. All these things are best prepared today. Da He situation can no longer be dragged on."

"Just these?" asked He Tu.

Yan Mo said with a joking tone: "Tu sister, you can also prepare the food that is sent to me, you can prepare more, I can eat."

He Tu laughed. She just thought how much to prepare or how difficult, but now it sounds like she can do what she can, and now she is relieved and quickly said: "It will be ready soon! What do you want to do?" How thick and how long is it?"

Cao Ting's heart was worried and she coughed. Interjected: "It's not difficult to prepare these things, but we have to unobtrusively transfer Da He to the place outside, and still find a safe, clean, place where not just anyone can go. It's definitely not possible to rely on the two of us. I have to stay outside and tend to the chores there for a long time."

"Yes, you can ask Da Diao to help him and Da He big brothers Da Shan and Da Ying there are two of them. Together things will be much easier." After He Tu finished, she looked at Yan Mo. "You can rest assured that as long as I forbid it Da Diao and Da Shan will not talk nonsense. They, my man, and your master their relationship is very good."

Yan Mo smiles. Oh? Good relationship with my master? Then how can he worry about it?

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