Battle Frenzy

Chapter 1117 Comba

Chapter 1117 Comba

The Giant Starry Sky Beast flapped its wings that seemed as thin as a cicada's, and a terrifying tornado formed above the city. Thousands of civilians that could not evacuate in time were instantly annihilated by the storm. A large formation made up of 1,000 Heavenly Soul experts and one middle Foundational Stage expert released all of their spiritual power, and it was as if the spiritual power had taken physical form. The spiritual power formed a massive spiritual-influence shield that was several hundred meters tall and several thousand meters wide to face the tornado.

Rumble! Bam, bam!

The periphery of the rapidly spinning tornado rubbed against the spiritual-influence shield, producing a cracking sound.

The experts were all filled with danger and activated the limits of their spiritual power. They even used up their own vitality. The storm gradually became weaker from exhaustion, but there were also countless figures who had burned into ashes and were trickling down from the sky!

They were actually able to forcibly resist the attack!

However, the next second, the Giant Starry Sky Beast simply blew in their direction as if it was playing. A storm that was multiple times more brutal than before immediately formed. The storm contained the will of the rules, and every wisp of wind energy was as sharp as a blade.


The thousand-man formation, including the middle Foundational Stage leader, were simply annihilated by this terrifying blade storm. Countless pieces of flesh fell, and a stream of blood formed. However, to that Giant Starry Sky Beast, it was as if it was playing a fun game. It was so excited that it wagged its tail!

Wang Zhong was stunned.

Even though Lao Wang knew that these were simply the memories of an expert and that this was an abridged version of countless miserable civilizations in the Fifth Dimension, what was even more tragic was seeing 10,000 experts fall into ruin while they were helpless. An entire civilization was being played like a toy by an even more powerful expert as if they were ants. Lao Wang could not help but feel some empathy and vigilance from the bottom of his heart.

There was no doubt that this was a civilization that was much more powerful than the Earth and its humans. The overall level here was even higher than that of the Mizobudapi civilization. However, they could not fight back when faced with such a dimensional threat.

This was also the reason why the Holy Sacred Teacher was desperate for humans to join the Star Alliance. When the Earth entered the Dark Era several hundred years ago and was connected to the Fifth Dimension for reasons not well-understood, such disasters could have befallen the Earthlings at any time! However, Earthlings had decent luck and had never encountered situations that they could not fight back against. Of course, even if they entered the Star Alliance, this did not necessarily mean that they were safe. While the laws of the Star Alliance could ensure that Earthlings were not invaded by Star Alliance pirates or dimensional slave vendors, however, if they had encountered creatures like the Giant Starry Sky Beast that wandered aimlessly in the Fifth Dimension, they could not have put up a resistance and would have fallen into ruin before coming to the Star Alliance.

With the current speed at which Lao Wang could make calculations with his soul, these thoughts simply flashed past his mind. However, in that instant, his gaze had locked onto the Giant Starry Sky Beast. His wristband had lit up, signifying that the beast possessed the soul fragment. His luck was not bad.

At that moment, the Giant Starry Sky Beast was chasing dozens of thousand-men formations. Although they were well-organized, had many people, and were led by middle Foundational Stages, they were completely helpless in the face of this Giant Starry Sky Beast and were easily wiped out. Even though they had the determination to protect this world, the eyes of those soldiers were filled with despair and uncertainty. The beast suddenly took a large breath. Thousands of Heavenly Soul Stage soldiers in the air and Heroic Soul civilians on the ground were pulled into the air by that terrifying suction force. Then, the beast swallowed them in one gulp!

Crunch, crunch… It used its large mouth to chew a few times before letting out a joyful cheer. Then, it closed its eyes and enjoyed its meal.

"Gods, please spare the Kazanthor civilization!"

"It is too powerful! Even the King cannot block its attack!"

"The legendary Giant Starry Sky Beast, the incarnation of the rules! We are the children of the rules. Why do you want to eliminate us?"

"The King has died in combat, and more than half of the Kazanthor elites are dead or injured. We're done for! It's all over!"

"Our civilization has existed for a hundred thousand years! But now, because of a beast… It looks like it's playing catch with us!"

"It's going to eat us whole!"

The painful and dreadful wails from countless people could be heard below. It was too powerful, far too powerful! In the face of this terrifying creature, few people had any hope of surviving!

However, at that moment, an extremely eye-catching spark suddenly formed in midair. The Giant Starry Sky Beast seemed to sense a threat and stopped enjoying its food while chewing with its eyes closed. It waved its large tail, and its abyss-like eyes suddenly looked at the sky.


The moment it looked up, an extremely massive fire phoenix that was comparable to the size of the Giant Starry Sky Beast suddenly charged downwards from the sky!

The might of this fire phoenix was extremely shocking, and even the powerful Giant Starry Sky Beast did not dare to be careless. It widened its furious eyes, sensing a threat. At that moment, it turned its body and violently closed its cicada wings. In an instant, countless runes and symbols on its cicada wings dazzled and formed a massive storm dragon that flew towards the charging fire phoenix.


The fire phoenix and the storm dragon collided in the air. In an instant, violent winds and fire energy filled the surroundings. The terrifying clash of energy simply caused the entire world to sway slightly as a result. Meanwhile, the energy waves that spread into the surroundings instantly turned the thousands of Heavenly Souls and middle Foundational Stages in the air, as well as the massive city below them, into pieces!

A massive mushroom cloud rose from the center of the world. Wind energy, fire energy, as well as the sand and dirt completely engulfed an area of several thousand square kilometers. Then, a dense dust plume stretched over several thousand meters into the sky!

Just one collision destroyed almost 1% of the entire world! Thousands of Heavenly Soul experts and the center of a civilization had been completely annihilated!

A Void Core expert that entered a peripheral world and was free from the chains of the laws was too terrifying!

Lao Wang had no time to sigh at the destruction of this civilization and the deaths of millions of creatures. After all, this was an illusory scene in a memory. What truly attracted his attention was the Giant Starry Sky Beast. Lao Wang could feel its aura through the dense dust that covered the skies and land and sensed that it had not grown weaker. On the contrary, it was exploding in rage, and its spiritual power continued to rise!

"Oh?" Wang Zhong was somewhat shocked. This Giant Starry Sky Beast was supposedly a young beast that had been born not long ago and was only a preliminary Void Core when its spiritual power was evaluated. Furthermore, Lao Wang possessed this amount of spiritual power when he was still in the Foundational Stage. Now, after he had advanced to the Void Core Realm, his spiritual power had increased and could rival ordinary peak Void Cores. Furthermore, he had secretly ambushed it using the Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven. However, the beast had hastily fought back and was not injured at all.


There was an angry roar from the cloud of dust below. Giant Starry Sky Beasts were rather "simple" before maturation, but this did not mean that their intelligence was low. After all, they were the incarnation of the rules. If a Giant Starry Sky Beast was not discovered by a divine territory expert and brought away, they would travel everywhere in the peripheral worlds for almost the rest of their lives. They had no brothers nor any threat to their lives. They only knew how to find worlds with signs of life before they slaughtered and engulfed those worlds! Even if they occasionally encountered one or two Void Core natives, which was the limit of growth in the peripheral worlds, they would still not pose a threat to the beast.

With its powerful bloodline, the Giant Starry Sky Beast was able to resist peak Void Cores while still at the early Void Core Realm and had the best bloodline in the Fifth Dimension. With some cultivation and growth, it could even rival Solid Core experts! This was definitely enough for them to run amok in the peripheral worlds.

Thus, in their minds, words like "threat" and "danger" did not exist. It only felt that its splendid meal was being disturbed by others. This enraged the beast to no end!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Four storm dragons shot out from the dense storm of sand and dirt to target Wang Zhong, who was in midair.

"How fast!" There was a flash of admiration in Lao Wang's eyes.

There were many similarities between the beast's storm dragon attack and his Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven technique. They both used spiritual power to create runic constructs, before using the completed runic construct to develop rules. Then, it would be guided by one's spiritual energy and multiply before forming an attack that could be seen by the naked eye.

This process was rather complicated. The runes were not difficult, but what was difficult was the speed at which the runes had to be formed. If one had to take a few seconds to form one runic array, a few seconds of distraction was enough for the enemy to kill you several times in such battles. This was also the reason why no Void Core experts used runes in actual combat. They had to be at least Solid Cores or even Gold Cores. When their thoughts and consciousness, their understanding of runes, as well as the speed at which their spiritual power operated reached their maximum, the use of runes in practical combat could become a mighty combat technique.

Back then, when Lao Wang and Gorst fought for life and death, he took one second to form one rune while using Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven. This was more or less an acceptable level for actual combat, and a Foundational Stage had been able to do this! This was the reason why countless people gasped in shock. Now that he had advanced to the Void Core Realm, the speed at which he formed runes was even faster. He only needed 0.5 seconds for one Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven attack. However, the Giant Starry Sky Beast opposite him was much faster than Lao Wang!

While two Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven attacks were still in the process of being formed, the storm dragons from the beast were already charging at him! Lao Wang decisively gave up and controlled the power of the world extremely quickly. A thought flashed past in an instant, and the four icy storm dragons almost pressed against Lao Wang's body as they brushed past him. Even though he had the physical defense of the divine cells, he felt a slight pain. It was difficult to imagine what it would feel like if he had been directly struck by these storm dragons.

"It is only a preliminary Void Core, but it had such a powerful attack!" Lao Wang was silently shocked. There was no doubt that he had definitely won the lottery. He had already encountered the legendary "divine trap" in the first memory bubble he had entered in the Illusion Sea World. The practical combat abilities of this Giant Starry Sky Beast was much more terrifying than Gorst's. It could even compare to a few weaker Solid Core experts!

Luckily, he could control the power of the world. His body had shifted thousands of kilometers away with just a thought. However, it was obvious that the opposing Giant Starry Sky Beast had the same ability. It was in the Void Core Realm, and controlling the power of the world was as easy as eating and drinking to it. Even though there was a difference in spiritual power between it and Wang Zhong, its deeper comprehension of the rules allowed it to easily eliminate this difference.


It was like a massive aircraft from the Machinery race and moved even more quickly than Wang Zhong! In an instant, it caught up to him. It flapped its cicada wings, and the runes on its wings dazzled. Four storm dragons immediately appeared!

Lao Wang had no intention of stopping and facing the beast head-on. In the blink of an eye, he rapidly traveled for the second time. At the same time, he constantly observed his opponent. To other Combat Cultivation Hall pupils, this was a "divine trap" that was almost hopeless to defeat, but to him, it was definitely a rare opportunity.

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