Battle Frenzy

Chapter 20 – The Unfathomable Heart of a Girl

Chapter 20 – The Unfathomable Heart of a Girl

“Big chest with no brains; schoolmate Anlor, how can you be so sexist toward women! As your squadron leader, I have to discipline you!”

Bang… Whoosh….

Anlor flew back and a loud crash emanated from outside. Seeing Laura’s glare now fixated on him, Arnold hurriedly beckoned with his hands and put on a shining, innocent face as he said, “ Leader, what you said is absolutely right! Let me help you kick that sexist scum. He is the enemy of common men!”

Bang….. Whiz….


Laura dusted her hands and said, “Ah, how refreshing. Sharmie sure is bored. Ever since last year, she’s been bringing up troubles for herself. Out of all the numerous experts from the Empire and other various special races, she just had to choose me.”

Laura couldn’t bear to watch any longer as all the discussions had turned into arguments, nitpicking both of them.

Sharmie also felt extremely depressed. “This bastard, to think that you were actually that ‘All-Mouthy’ King. Don’t let me see you, else I’ll be sure to roast and kill you over and over again!”

She had initially only taken a glance and presumed it was the Almighty King that was being used as a nickname due to his behaviour and combat techniques used. Dammit, he was actually just some small trash!

She decided to eat ten ice popsicles to quell her anger before stomping through the already broken door. Mouths gaping, the members of the Fire Cannon team stared at their Big Sis’s voluptuous and heaving chest, unable to retract their sight.

Wang Zhong on the other hand didn’t have many complicated feelings. For him and Simba, the stronger the opponent, the better it was. By using the maximum amount of effort to force his opponent to do the same, he was able to maximise the capture of soul essence.

After the battle, Wang Zhong stuck to his usual schedule and proceeded with his physical training. The existence of the Primordial Chaos Seal was something he was unable to understand, however, having a strong and resilient body was a necessity.

Any kind of combat technique came with a definite load and requirement, and this also applies to combatants and ability users. Only by possessing a strong and resilient body can one withstand the backlash of using an ability. This was a critical element which required months of hard training in order to create the strong foundation of a resilient body that would not collapse unpredictably.

After a satisfying half hour of training, Wang Zhong felt clear-headed and refreshed. The satisfaction of victory washed over his soul, resulting in a unique feeling of the spirit and clarity of one’s thoughts. The combat style of Juan actually wasn’t too bad, as every academy or heroic soul family would have their own unique style of combat. Yet, all of them share at least a few similarities; for example, the pursuit of precision and control.

Aiming for a one-strike kill was extremely difficult as the opponent wouldn’t be an idiot that would wait patiently for your strike. Only by seizing an opportunity, identifying weaknesses, and risking one’s life would one be able to land the killing blow. A true master would be able to grasp the correct moment and opportunity, utilizing his precision and control to take advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses and expose a moment of vulnerability, thus landing the critical killing blow.

This was Wang Zhong’s understanding of combat. It didn’t matter if it were individual or team combat, the concept of control was extremely important.

Feeling that he could improve on his hypothesis, Wang Zhong opened up the memo in his Skylink and jotted down every single point of inspiration and corresponding action that would result from them.

At another side, Student Ma Dong finally arrived at the registration venue extremely delighted that his Prodigy Society could finally be officially recognised.

“Put the tables over there, yes, over there… Hey, you better be careful, that’s the sign of the president, so make sure you place it properly,” Ma Dong ordered. After finally achieving his dream even though he had to spend almost all of his savings, Ma Dong enjoyed every second of it.

Now extremely loyal to Ma Dong, Barran was wholeheartedly rushing about and handling all of the required arrangements. Ma Dong opened the window and glanced outside. “This is the allocated area of the Black Rose Society. Hehe, something good is happening; my goddess is approaching!” Ma Dong took a deep breath and smelled the whiff of a slight fragrance that lingered in the air

Fortunately, as a member of the Assassin clan and also by utilizing Emily’s name, no one in the family would complain about him showing off. For prominent families, as long as results were shown, the process didn’t matter. Personal experiences were part of a person’s training.

“Leader, what are you looking at?” Barran curiously asked.

Ma Dong looked deeply at Barran and patted his waist. “That’s a very good question; did you see it?”

Barran Gestalt looked around incredulously and said “What?”

“It’s the future!” Ma Dong said with a serious tone. He ignored the fact that Emily was busy, and that even Wang Zhong and Grai were nowhere to be found. Being a leader wasn’t an easy job, as it required one to babysit everyone—including Barran.

The minimum requirement for a society was 5 people, but the Prodigy Society would definitely grow bigger and larger because he wanted to created a legend!

Barran felt as though his president was shining…

A new day had started and as the new students started to flow in, laughter filled the school as the upper year students scurried along hurriedly.

Due to having a lecture in the afternoon, Wang Zhong headed into the lecture hall, which quickly became crowded and noisy as more restless second years started coming in. The core emphasis of the second year curriculum was theories and analysis, and that’s the reason why Wang Zhong could continue studying despite his hopelessly poor grades. Yet, if he were to fail again this year, he wouldn’t even get the chance to have a second attempt.

Upon seeing Wang Zhong, looks of contempt showed on some of the students’ faces, with some of them even snickering. This was similar to his previous year, except that this time there was no response from Wang Zhong. He was going to leave the academy sooner or later, but still, the taunting did worsen.

The commander department was the most illustrious department within the academy and contained within it were students that came from prestigious heroic families, those with deep political backgrounds, and of course, students with excellent grades. Wang Zhong was considered as the ‘forgotten’ of the lot.

Those inside cliques were known to do quite nasty things to people who didn’t get on their good side. Luckily for Wang Zhong, however, the presence of Ma Dong helped restrain the bullying from these people.

As incredible as it seemed, Ma Dong was considered one of the popular and well received figures with the academy. Although not the most popular, he stood within the top tier of that category. Despising those fellows that acted extremely arrogant and being too lazy to bother with them, Ma Dong instead became extremely good friends with Wang Zhong, a relationship that happened regardless of the fact that they shared the same dormitory room. These punks had various unscrupulous means to deal with their target and it was only because of Ma Dong that they did not dare to be too unbridled.

Shockingly, Ma Dong, who was usually late to everything and was a regular class ditcher, was quite on time today. He arrived and quickly sat down beside Wang Zhong, excitedly exclaiming, “Do you know whose class we are attending today?”

“Isn’t it Professor Marshall?”

“Hehe, if it was that old man then I would have already skipped class. Nevermind, I’ll give you a hint; you’ll know in a short while!”

After a short while, the lecture room quieted down as everyone’s focus was on the stage. A tremendous roar of cheering and applause rang out soon after. In this era, most of the greatest idols were heroes, especially those that possessed both beauty and strength.

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