Battle Frenzy

Chapter 6 – Black Rose

Chapter 6 – Black Rose

“Barran, hurry up and give Student Emily a form to fill out. It’s just as I said in the past: our Prodigy Society is only made up of elites! With her growth rate of 9.2, she just barely meets the requirements needed to join us!” As Ma Dong began speaking in a pretentious manner, Barran Gestalt had a look of worship painted all over his face.

‘The president is truly too awesome!’ With a growth rate of only 7, Barran Gestalt couldn’t possibly compare with Emily. In general, a rating of 4 and lower was considered bad, 6 and 7 were considered average, 8 was considered excellent, while 9 and up was considered genius. Only those with a rating of 9 or higher would have their growth rate tested by the decimal point.

Ma Dong cared not one whit for Emily’s reasons for coming as he pressed her to immediately fill out the form. With the addition of Emily, it would be akin to transforming his Prodigy Society from a birdy shotgun to a cannon!

At this moment, a flock of people advanced on them. They headed by Natasha and Milami.

Ma Dong clenched his butt. He would normally be excited to have an opportunity to meet these goddesses, but at this moment, he’d clearly seen their predatory gazes towards Emily.

“Excuse me, but might you be Student Emily? I am the Black Rose Society’s president, Natasha, and this is the vice president, Milami.” Natasha gave her a humble smile as she spoke neither too quickly, nor too slowly. Her long, light purple hair matched her graceful temperament, allowing her to immediately captivate everyone. She was exactly like a goddess. Ma Dong had already forgotten the words stuck in his throat as his gaze unwaveringly landed on the goddess’s chest. ‘These curves truly make people go crazy over them!’

“Student Emily, our Black Rose Society is the best society on campus. You’ll improve the most if you join us, as well as make many new friends. Do you really want to join the Prodigy Society, which doesn’t even have the Student Union’s approval and could get disbanded at any time?” Vice President Milami was a bit over 170 centimeters tall and wore a pair of black-framed glasses. Her whole being gave off the feeling of inflexibility and seriousness. As one of the people in charge at the Black Rose Society, she had been given the nickname of ‘Mother’.

“Ahem. Vice President Milami, you can’t say things like that. Our Prodigy Society is still exceptionally…” Ma Dong wasn’t the type of person to take an offense lying down, and attempted to forcefully interrupt her. But then he remembered that Milami was an official of the Student Union. His little existence was completely at her mercy.

Emily listlessly looked at the two before waving her hand. “I’m not interested. I’m already joining the Prodigy Society.”

Milami’s expression wrinkled into a scowl. There wasn’t anyone in the academy who dared to speak to her like this. This little girl was truly a bit mad.

“Student Wang Zhong, your Battle Control Skill Theory and Rune Life Hypothesis are exceptionally unique. Do you have any interest in joining Black Rose?” Natasha suddenly asked, paying no mind to Emily’s refusal at all.

Ma Dong’s expression immediately darkened. ‘What did she just say?’

The surrounding students were also in an uproar. Everyone knew that the Black Rose Society’s treatment was good, and it had many beautiful woman. It also had the highest requirements necessary for entry! Every single member of theirs was an influential figure within their department. Yet, she had actually invited trash like Wang Zhong?

“President, I oppose this! This guy is the shame of the commander department! Who knows how long it will be before he’s transferred to a different department? We definitely can’t accept him!” Milami ruthlessly opposed.

Whispered gossip began among those in the know and those who weren’t. Soon after, news of Wang Zhong’s situation spread to everyone. When some of them learned of his situation, a trace of pity appeared as they looked at him. His talents were so high, yet he suffered from an illness that caused his soul power to be chaotic and uncondensed. He was just like an ordinary person whose power could only make his muscles twitch. He truly was a tragic character.

Contrary to expectations, Wang Zhong simply responded with a smile of indifference. “Many thanks to President Natasha, but I still think that the Prodigy Society is the best fit for me.”

Off to the side, Milami gave a cold snort. ‘It’s a good thing he responded tactfully. If he had been more daring, then he would have been as good as dead.’

Natasha regretfully nodded. Despite her position as the society’s president, she couldn’t do much to oppose Milami.

“Alright then. Anyone who isn’t joining our society can leave now. This place isn’t a supermarket!” Emily was already beginning to shoo everyone off, beginning with Milami.

Milami’s shot Emily a quick glance. “You will definitely regret your choice today. President, let’s not waste any more time here.”

Once the goddesses left, the doors to the Prodigy Society cleared up once again. The few people that had originally been attracted by Emily’s entry into their society were not a problem, but such a disturbance would give the Prodigy Society a headache for days. Who didn’t know that Senior Sister Milami also had the nickname of Viper Spinster. Catching her attention would bring nothing but trouble. Even Natasha was a bit wary of her.

Emily was just barely able to enter their academy as a special recruit after having gone through a series of in depth tests. Due to this, Ma Dong immediately packed up his stall in fear of others coming to try and seduce Emily away from them. Even if he used money to recruit people, it would be like collecting bits and pieces to make a whole. But with Emily’s strength, his Prodigy Society finally had hope.

Wang Zhong was reading in the library as usual, but today he felt jittery. He felt as though his whole being was different. For most people, that amount of soul power would change little, but for Wang Zhong it had completely transformed him.

He put away the book and headed towards the OP Training Building that was next door to the library.

OP System. Its meaning was to “transcend perfection”.

Igniting one’s soul power was only the first step. The most important thing was the ability to cast one’s heroic soul. Once one’s heroic soul took a form, their soul power would experience an exponential increase and they would receive an explosive soul dominating skill. Furthermore, those who cast their heroic soul would definitely become one of the elites within the heroic soul academy. In the last few years, Tianjing’s standard hovered around eight or nine as there was little pressure on them. Due to this, many students lost their chance to become an elite and could only helplessly enter the ordinary army or take part in supply logistics work after graduation.

In order to form their heroic soul, every student would use every possible method to refine their soul power and technique. Once their heroic soul was condensed, there was only one method left to further improve — battle!

One couldn’t help but mention the scientist from the Freedom Federation, Charlton Copernicus, when it came to the OP system. Charlton Copernicus’s s dream had been to become a genius superhero, but due to his ordinary combat talent there wasn’t anyone who wanted to spar with him. Due to his inability to gain combat experience, he was ultimately unable to cast his heroic soul. For the sake of his dream, Charlton abandoned the martial way and integrated rune power into the virtual reality technology from olden times in order to create a battle simulator. The result was completely unexpected. The Fifth Dimension, commonly referred to as the Soul Space, was created. In modern times, it carried the OP System, created by Gullan Grasso, another great scientist that had changed the world.

OP was realized due to the Fifth Dimension. It’s entire maintenance system and energy system was organized by the super financial groups of the cities of the Freedom Federation. The system made it easy for students to cast their heroic souls and refine their battle techniques, bringing out the best achievements from their heroic souls.

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