Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 10: Borrowing Money

Chapter 10:Borrowing Money

Tiptoeing on the rocks, Xiao Xun was like a beautiful purple butterfly with hypnotizing curves as she gracefully scaled the mountain. As she looks upward, her gaze focuses toward the youth standing next to the cliff.

Looking at the youth, Xiao Xun felt surprised. Even though it had only been a couple of hours, she noticed that compare to before, Xiao Yan has obtained something…

When their eyes meet, she finally realized what Xiao Yan has regained. His own confidence.

After three years, Xiao Yan’s brilliance has returned at last.

Indulging in the transparent lingering on Xiao Yan’s lips, two dimples appear Xiao Xun’s pretty face: “Looks like Xiao Yan didn’t need Xun Er to come and comfort him…”

“People grow after experiencing hardships, don’t they?” Xiao Yan shrugs his shoulders.

“She will definitely regret it.”

Xun Er curls her lips and says the words as if she were a judge having the final say on a court case.

Xiao Yan lightly smiles, pats his clothes and walks towards her.

When he gets near her, looking at Xun Er who’s about the same height, he glances at the young but nevertheless pretty face. Suddenly Xiao Yan feels dizzy, remembering the girl who would be drooling all the time and following Xiao Yan everywhere. She’s so pretty now…

Lightly smiling, Xiao Yan’s gaze softens and he rudely pinches Xiao Xun’s face underneath her shocked look: “Xun Er’s grown up! But you turned out fine, not forgetting how Xiao Yan ge-ge would be covered with bruises trying to pick fruit from the trees.”

Stunned at Xiao Yan’s intimate actions, Xun Er stiffens for a whole second before her pitch-black, free of impurities, eyes smiles.

When she was still small, Xiao Yan loved to pinches her cheeks but ever since the event three years ago, he set up an invisible wall next to his heart and pushed everyone out. No matter how hard she tried, she would always be disappointed by the cold and impassive attitude of his…

He’s back… But, it seems like he still considers me to be immature, he’s such a log… Xun Er complains in her heart after an instant, Xun Er criticizes herself for being too greedy.

“Xun Er, for these past three years, please don’t blame Xiao Yan ge-ge for being like that. I was living day by day but thankfully you were always by my side.” Xiao Yan awkwardly nods his head and apologizes.

Xun Er sweetly smiles. The grievances she had endured for the past three years disappeared with the awkward apology.

“Hah, oh right. Xun Er… How much money do you have?” Letting go of Xun Er’s face, Xiao Yan does a hollow laugh and asks.

In his clan, with the exception of his father, Xun Er was the only person that was in a good relationship with him. He had just shamed his father this morning so he could not bear to face his father to ask for money, which is why he asked Xun Er.

gun truyện: TruyệnYY.

“Money?” Blinking her crystal clear eyes, Xun Er is taken by surprise: “Xiao Yan ge-ge needs money?”

“Yes… I want to buy some items, though I’m a bit short.” Xiao Yan felt embarrassed, this was the first time he borrowed money from a girl.

Looking at the usual frigid Xiao Yan now in distress, Xiao Xun Er looks at a completely different person. Covering her mouth and smiling cutely: “I have more than a thousand gold coins, is that enough? If not…”

While speaking, Xun Er’s fingers behind her swiftly flick and a purple gold card suddenly appears between her fingers. On the card are five different waves of color.

5 Wave Purple Cold Card, in Dou Qi mainland, you have to be at least a Dou Ling(If Dou Zhe is first, Dou Ling is 4th) to have the honor of using this type of gold card that represents their rank, Of course, some special powers also have the privilege of getting the card.

“That’s enough, that’s enough…” Happily nodding his head, Xiao Yan forcefully tried to stop himself from pinching Xun Er’s cute face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll pay you back later.” Xiao Yan promises while patting his chest.

“You don’t need to pay me back…” Xun Er pouts and quickly hides her purple gold card.

“Let’s go! It’s almost night now, tomorrow I’ll bring you to Wu Tang City for a walk.” Xiao Yan waved towards the girl and cheerfully descended the mountain.

Standing still, Xun Er delightfully looked at the youth who had regained his boldness from three years ago, Smiling softly, she murmured: “Nalan Yanran, should I despise you or be grateful to you?”

Early morning, the sun shone warmly through the window onto the body of the cross-legged youth in meditation.


After meditating nearly all night, Xiao Yan inhaled deeply, a translucent white airflow that was visible to the naked eyes went through his mouth and nose and into his body, nursing his body and bones.

White light shined from his eyes as he suddenly opened his eyes. Xiao Yan stretched himself and passionately says “This is exactly this feeling, after three years, the feeling of Qi has returned!”

He slowly gets out of his bed, exercises himself a bit, before starting changing. From outside the room, Xun Er’s voice softly carries inside: “Xiao Yan ge-ge, still sleeping?”

She arrived here so early. Shaking his head, Xiao Yan turned around and then searched his drawers. Finally, with reluctance, he pulled out a small box and carefully opened it. He narrowed his eyes from the glint of silver inside that box.

“And this is my entire savings…” Holding his money box, Xiao Yan smiled bitterly while shaking his head.

Xiao Yan gently smiled as he walked out of his room and saw the dazzling girl in front of his door.

Xun Er had changed into a pale green outfit that made her looked even more naturally beautiful. She also had a pair of tight pants that stretched across her slender thighs and long legs, emphasizing her curves.

With long legs, Xun Er can be compared to young girls on earth, full of youthful vitality and seductivity, of course, she has her special elegance which Xiao Yan had never seen on any other girl but her…

“Here, it’s what you’ll need.” Looking at Xiao Yan exiting his room, Xun Er smiled and handed him a black card. This is a common card, the maximum it can contain is only 5000 gold coins.

Receiving the black card, Xiao Yan teases: “Little girl, why are you wearing such an attractive outfit? Could it be you’re having a date with somebody else?”

“Yeah, this is the first time in three years that Xiao Yan ge-ge has invited me out, Xun Er is very flattered so of course I have to dress up a little.” Xiao Yan’s intimate tease made Xun Er’s eyes bend into a shallow crescent shape while smiling coquettishly.

Reluctantly shaking his head, Xiao Yan smiles back happily. They chat while walking together towards the city, at about halfway, they were greeted by some clansmen looking at their affectionate conversation with a strange face.

Xun Er, be it beauty or talent, is the brightest pearl of the young generation in the clan. She usually is friendly to everybody but under her light smile is indifference, greetings with her are easy, but to start a long conversation would be very difficult.

Ignoring the looks of the other clansmen, Xian Yan quickly leads Xun Er out of the clan before slowing down and leisurely peeking at the stall on the side of the street…

Wu Tang City lives up to its name of being one of the larger cities in Jia Ma Empire by the sheer number of people living in it. Even though the sun was beating down, on the streets were thousands if not tens of thousands of people, there would even be one or two bizarre races.

Maybe it was because of Xiao Yan beside her, but Xun Er became a lot more active after she exited the clan. She tugged the reluctant Xiao Yan into a variety of stall. Her tender laughter made the scorching street a little cooler.

When Xun Er finally got tired, Xiao Yan finally brang her to the nearby Pharmacy. After spending about 900 gold coins, he bought 3 stalks of 20 year Purple Leaved Bluegrass along with two stalks of 5 year Bone Washing Grass. These were both low end materials and would be able to bought at a regular pharmacy. For higher end materials, Xiao Yan would have had to find them himself or buy them at an auction or if he was lucky, in a high end pharmacy.

Looking at the rapidly decreasing funds, Xiao Yan bitterly smiled. He realized how important money was in Dou Qi Mainland…

Anyways, he got all of the herbs, all that was left was the level one wood attributed monster core!

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