Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 17: Conflict

Chapter 17:Conflict

“Xiao Yan ge-ge.”

The young girl shyly stood in front of Xiao Yan while her delicate, white hands fluttered behind her. She slightly leaned forward and her beautiful eyes twinkled into crescent moons. On her beautiful face were two light dimples.

Shifting his gaze from the scroll in front of him, Xiao Yan peered at the young girl in front of him and then turned his gaze to include the entire hall. Seeing the fervent stares aimed at him, he couldn’t help but say: “Girl, I know your charm is quite large but you don’t need for me to share it, do you?”

TL: The “girl” used by Xiao Yan isn’t a mean nickname but a common and familiar saying to younger (female) family members.

“Hehe.” Smiling, Xun Er sat next to Xiao Yan and lazily stretched backwards causing her charming curves to be revealed by her tight outfit. Randomly taking a scroll from the bookshelf, Xun Er stared at Xiao Yan before asking, “Xiao Yan ge-ge got to 4th Duan Qi?”

Hearing that, Xiao Wan who was absorbed by his scroll looked up. For the first 10 Duan Qi, the Dou Qi stays weak and almost undetectable. Unless one actively used Dou Qi or an examination monument was used, it is impossible to find out what Duan Qi someone has. But just a moment ago, Xun Er only looked at Xiao Yao for a couple of seconds and determined what Duan Qi he was at. Very surprising…

This girl, who is she? The Dou Techniques that she had just used in her fight with Xiao Ning was definitely a high leveled Dou Technique and definitely not one owned by Xiao Clan… Thinking about the few inconsistencies with Xun Er, Xian Yan tilted his head to look at the smiling Xun Er beside him. Shrugging his shoulders, he nodded: “4th Duan.”

Seeing Xiao Yan nod, the smile on Xun Er’s face widened and she said: “It’s related to your training for the past half month right?”

“Yeah.” Slightly nodding, Xiao Yan didn’t deny it and returned his gaze to the scroll while asking: “How do you have the time to come out and compete with someone?”

“I’m bored!” Imitating Xiao Yan’s shrugs, Xun Er smiled while showing a sorrowful face: “After last time, Xiao Yan ge-ge hasn’t come to see Xun Er. Are you afraid that Xun Er will force you to return the money?”

Xiao Yan paused and awkwardly laughed: “The Coming of Age Ritual is next year so do you think I have time to not train?” Raising his head and seeing the sad face on Xun Er, he lightly patted Xun Er’s head and whispered: “I’ll try to find time to be with Xun Er from now on.”

Hearing Xiao Yan’s promise, Xun Er’s small face relaxed. But her talk with Xiao Yan had made every single person in the hall red-eyed at Xiao Yan.

Looking at the two of them below the bookshelf, Xiao Ning’s face was extremely ugly and his hand curled into fists before relaxing and then curled them back up again…

Being the grandson of the top elder of the clan, Xiao Ning had always felt that he was special. Towards Xun Er, Xiao Ning had already, in his own mind, set her as his wife. Of course it was one-sided…

But seeing his “wife” was flirting was someone else made Xiao Ning extremely envious, more importantly the person whom Xun Er was flirting with was the “cripple” of the clan.

As rage surged in his eyes, Xiao Ning let out a huge breath and put on a calm and welcoming smile. Adjusting his messy clothes, he walked towards the two under the eyes of everyone in the hall.

In the hall, the spectators happily smirked when they saw Xiao Ning walking towards Xun Er and Xiao Yan. Of course, their smirks were not directed at Xiao Ning but rather at the seemingly ignorant Xiao Yan.

Gazing over the Qi Paths depicted on the scroll, Xiao Yan memorized the pressure points and Qi paths necessary for Shattering Rock Hand.

Letting out a breath, Xiao Yan’s originally relaxed brows furrowed. With his strong Soul Perception, Xiao Yan was able to observe the actions of everyone within the hall, including Xiao Ning who was walking towards him.

This girl brings so much trouble! Sighing, Xiao Yan rolled up the scroll in his hand.

“Hehe, Xiao Yan Biao-Di, are you here to learn Dou Techniques? Do you need Biao-Ge, me to help you find a couple of high levelled ones? For some of the techniques, I don’t think that you have the right to access them.” Smiling in front of Xiao Yan, Xiao Ning spoke arrogantly.

TL: Biao Di is the young version of Biao Ge which is older brother not in one’s immediate family

Xiao Yan placed the scroll back onto the bookshelf and shook his head: “Thanks for the offer but I don’t think I need them right now.”

“Oh, hehe, I forgot… Xiao Yan Biao-Di only has 3 Duan Qi so it would be pretty hard to learn high level techniques.” Lightly massaging his forehead, Xiao Ning smiled. The ridicule in his tone was also displayed on his face.

Xiao Yan sighed again: Xiao Ning was ridiculing him on purpose…

A slight curve appeared on Xiao Yan’s face while he said: “I know you’re trying to get Xun Er’s attention but, I have to say, you are quite childish…”

Hearing the ruthless words of Xiao Yan, Xiao Ning’s face darkened. He had never thought that the normally silent Xiao Yan would have the courage to stand up against him. He sneered and said: “Looks like Xiao Yan Biao-Di has an opinion about me. How about we test out our skills? It’ll help me see how much Biao-Di has improved in the past few years.”

“Shall I test my skills against you?” Placing down her scroll, Xun Er looked up coldly.

Xiao Ning’s eyelid jumped when he saw Xun Er speaking up for Xiao Yan. With his envy burning even higher, Xiao Ning taunted: “Do you only know to hide behind women?”

“Why didn’t you dare to say such things three years ago?”

Xiao Yan tiptoed to reach for another scroll, blowed off the dust on it and emotionlessly replied to Xian Ning.

To be honest, Xiao Yan’s emotionless and relaxed appearance, in the eyes of people who aren’t too friendly with him, made them feel as if there was something stuck on their chest.

Xiao Ning grinded his teeth together, making ji ji sounds but even though he was enraged, he didn’t dare hurt Xiao Yan since no matter how horrible Xiao Yan’s talent was, he was still the son of the clan leader.

Taking a deep breath, Xiao Ning stared at Xiao Yan and coldly said: “Xiao Yan, you’re no longer the genius you were three years ago. The you right now, a cripple! You don’t deserve Xun Er, if you are a man then you would leave right now. Or else, hehe, even though I can’t fight you right now, next year, when you perform the Coming of Age Ritual, you have to accept the challenge by a clansmen. If you don’t want to become a real cripple then I would suggest for you to get out of here right now and go hide in some poor remote place where you’d live out the rest of your life!”

Hearing the threats Xiao Ning made, the edges of Xiao Yan’s mouth curved upwards and he tilted his head to inspect Xiao Ning with a strange gaze. Afterwards, he rolled his eyes, picked up the scroll and walked outwards.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s movements, Xiao Ning believed that Xiao Yan had grudgingly agreed to his words but before he could celebrate his “victory”, a sentence came from Xiao Yan’s mouth and made Xiao Ning’s face green.

“Alright, next year… try to beat me into a cripple.”

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