Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 26: Intensive training

Chapter 26:Intensive training

“Octane Blast!”

In the forest, a crisp roar rung out.

An agile shadow was jumping flexibly in these woods and even though the forest was densely covered with thorns, they didn’t obstruct him at all.

In the next instant, the shadow unexpectedly stopped before a 0.5 meter large tree, and with the body half slanted, an elbow slammed against the tree.

“Bang !” A noise rang as wood splinters scattered. Spidery cracks appeared on the point of impact and spread throughout the whole tree.

“*Crunch*……” The tree had a huge gaping hole with the elbow hit and emitted a crunching sound before loudly falling to the ground a moment later.

The moment the big tree fell, the agile shadow quickly took a few steps back vigorously like a monkey and lightly floated to a green colored stone.

Looking at the results of his efforts, Xiao Yan’s delicate small face showed a smile. In the past three months, this was the first time he had succeeded in using the Octane Blast, a high Xuan level skill. This Octane Blast that could rival a Di Dou Technique didn’t let Xiao Yan down; with Xiao Yan’s 6 Duan Qi, he could rival the destruction of a person at 8 Duan Qi!


The more one’s Duan Qi level rises, the harder it is for one to raise their Duan Qi. But since the auction, Xiao Yan went into intensive training for 3 months and only a few days before did his Duan Qi jump from 5 Duan Qi to 6 Duan Qi.

To gain one Duan Qi in 3 months, although this speed is slower compared to the two months needed for reaching 5 Duan Qi, Xiao Yan was still very satisfied. When he was training before, it took him an entire half year to go from 5 Duan Qi to 6 Duan Qi. The current speed is terrifying


After having used Octane Blast, Xiao Yan’s whole body was like a sponge which was suddenly squeezed of its water. A noticeable pain was constantly corroding his nerves while the veins on his arms were visibly pulsing. These were the signs of extreme exhaustion…

Licking his lips, Xiao Yan struggled to turn his head to look at his right elbow. What entered his vision was a crimson elbow……

“Tss….” A corner of his mouth cracked open while Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath and said with a bitter smile: “No wonder I had to bear such harsh beatings. Or else what this strike would have broken wouldn’t have been the tree, but my arm. This Octane Blast skill is pretty much a comparison of who has the harder body.”

His whole body lying on the ice-cold stone, Xiao Yan's rapid breathing slowly calmed down. However, the aching sensations of Xiao Yan’s body made him not want to move even his finger yet.

With Xiao Yan’s 6 Duan Qi, he could at most use the Octane Blast once and after using it, he would be completely depleted of his strength until much later.

Xiao Yan threw back his head, narrowed his eyes and lazily looked at the floating clouds in the blue sky. A slight breeze brushes by, blowing a wisp of his black hair to flap against his forehead.

Seeping through his body as Xiao Yan rested were the Foundation Elixirs that he had absorbed for the past months, and now they were at work, repairing his muscle tissue and cells at maximum speed, bringing new energy to Xiao Yan.

“Teacher, how long do I need to keep practicing before I can attain 7 Duan Qi?” While his eyes were shut, Xiao Yan suddenly whispered.

His goal was to attain 7th rank and thus acquiring the qualification to enter the Xiao Clan’s Dou Qi Hall where he could find Qi Methods to practice. Even though, at this point, those Qi Methods are at a far too low level for him, he must acquire these qualifications because it related to the face of his father.

A cold breeze blew by as Yao Lao’s transparent body appeared besides the enormous stone.

With a happy expression in his face as he looked at his junior, Yao Lao first took note of the big tree. Then he nodded as he said with a smile: “Your training speed is beyond my expectations. Originally I believed that even with the help of the elixir, you would need a year before entering 7 Duan Qi…. or is it because you were suppressed far too hard before bouncing back now. Looking at this progress, within 2 months, you can certainly enter the 7th Dou Qi rank.

Hearing this, Xiao Yan’s lips lifted up, making a turn of a faint smile. He really wanted to know, after these 3 years during which he has been unceasingly taunted by his clan members, when they will see his strength, what kind of expression will they show? That day, when he was talking to Nalan Yanran in the main hall, didn’t those words apply to them as well?

“I, Xiao Yan, could create a miracle 3 years ago, and three years later, I can still do it!” His vision glittered a little as Xiao Yan thought about half a year before, how he was taunted in the main hall. But even though his silhouette was lonely it was unbending and persistent.

Nalan Yanran, I am catching up to you step by step, wait for me! We shall meet in Faction of Misty Clouds in three year!

The corner of his mouth suddenly frowning a little, the youth jumped as he raised his head to roar at the distant sky.

Watching at his junior roaring, Yao Lao showed a smile and didn’t stop him: people need pressure to mature. The current Xiao Yan, has enough talent but what he needs is pressure to push him! Nalan Yanran’s decision was the best pressure possible.

“Let her be your stepping stone. In the road to become respected, you still have a big distance left to finish!”

“Go, let’s head back for practicing!”

Roaring several times, the smile on Xian Yao’s face grew bigger. Soon he jumped off the boulder and waved at Yao Lao before beginning his descent from the mountain, still smiling.

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