Beast Piercing The Heavens

Chapter 209 – Seven Techniques of Ye Huang

Seven Techniques of Ye Huang

“Splitting the Skies!”

Qinghan faced the sky and viciously hacked downwards. A green dragon emerged in the form of swordlight from the tip of his sword. In an instant, it transformed into a semicircle of sword energy, slicing towards the crocodile-like beasts in front of him.

One of the monsters in front him was directly hit by the sword energy resulting in it flying through the air, tumbling a few times. It flew for ten metres before rolling on the yellow sand upon collision.


Qinghan satisfactorily nodded his head a few times; however, the remaining crocodile-like beast behind him had already started to swing at his head with its lethal claws.


Qinghan wrinkled his eyebrows and didn’t move. Instead, he released a brown light from within his body. Something similar to a bubble developed, enveloping his whole body.

This brown light had a diameter of about one metre and had subtle purple spots flowing all around it.

The crocodile-like beast behind him used both of its deadly claws to grab the brown light. What it didn’t know was that it was very slippery, resulting in both its claws being brushed to the side.


Its two powerful claws cleaved the yellow sand, developing a deep crevasse.

“Hoo, hoo.”

The crocodile-like beast turned around and made another attempt to attack the bubble. Only, every effort it made to harm Qinghan would result in it either attacking the air, or ending up face down in the sand.

The monster was like a machine, never knowing when to stop. As for Qinghan, within the brown light, he eyed the beast, not moving at all as if he was admiring the attacks of the crocodile-like beast.

Obviously he wasn’t admiring its attacks, nor was he resting. He was controlling his Qi field, manipulating the beast’s attacks.

Over a period of two weeks fumbling around, he had finally reached the point he was at today. He had learnt how to release his Qi field, only, he was still a novice meaning he could only project it out about a metre or so.

Adding to that, he would only provoke one crocodile-like beast at a time allowing him to carefully control his Qi field, protecting himself.

After half an hour, Qinghan started to perspire. The corners of his mouth were without a smile, trembling. After a flash of light, the beast in front of him was sent flying, tumbling across the sand and disappeared beneath the surface.


QInghan powerlessly fell to the ground. Continuously controlling his Qi field and manipulating attacks is both physically and mentally taxing.

“Little Black, come out and play.”

A shadow appeared from his chest, then Little Black popped out in front of him. He stretched out his small arms and legs, almost as if it was a human. Sending a mental message, it said “Not bad, Boss. Today you extended the time you can hold it for another 10 minutes! Keep working hard.”

“It was only one crocodile-like beast attacking me and I could barely hold on for 30 minutes. In the case that there are a bunch of them, I’m guessing i can’t even hold out for a minute.” Qinghan said dejectedly while smiling wryly.

“Don’t be rushed, Boss. You have only started projecting your Qi field for a few days. Take your time. I estimate that once you can hold off a group of beasts for more than half an hour, we have a chance to break free from the centre of them when we’re trapped.”

Little Black blinked his small eyes then proceeded to prod Qinghan’s leg with his tiny horn. Suddenly, he remembered something. “Boss, does the 7 Techniques of Ye Huang even have any use? I’ve seen you practise in it for so long but other than being more familiarised with it, you power when executing it hasn’t really increased.”

As soon as Little Black had mentioned it, Qinghan felt quite a bit annoyed as well. He had practised it by fighting with the crocodile-like beasts every day for more than 2 weeks, but to no avail.

Even though Qinghan felt as if he had trained to the peak in this technique, it felt like he didn’t learn anything; it wasn’t able to increase his attack power much.

He then remembered the Ye Family had a rumour. He expectantly asked “In our family, it is rumoured that if we can fuse all 7 techniques into one, the power would increase by 10 times; however, these 7 techniques are all completely different, how am i supposed to merge them?”

“Fusion? This type of martial arts can fuse? Even if you could, I’m afraid it would be exceedingly difficult. In the history of the Ye family, no-one has ever successfully merge them together.” Little Black depressingly said while shaking his head.

Qinghan bitterly smiled and said to himself “I also know that it’s impossible. Even the legends were never able to fuse these techniques back in the day. Ancestor Ye Ruoshi hasn’t even heard of these techniques successfully merging. Only, what would i learn if i don’t learn this? I don’t know anything else.”

Qinghan then started to repeat his monotonous lifestyle. Everyday, other than cultivating, he would continuously train in utilising his Qi field and train the “7 Techniques of Ye Huang”, hoping that he would somehow miraculously merge the 7 techniques into one. If only that could happen, then he would be able to easily force his way through the countless crocodile-like beasts.

On Luoshen Mountain, Qinghan relentlessly cultivated, living a solitary life. He had no idea what day or what month it was, let alone what season.

Time flew by. After Qinghan had fallen into Luoshen mountain, a year had already passed by. The Yanlong Festival once againwas right around the corner.

This Yanlong Festival would not be like previous years. This was going to be the 10000 year. The beginning of the Yanlong era till now had already amounted to a full 10000 years.

The three prefectures started to become more cheerful and began celebrating. Although the three prefectures had their cultural differences, the Yanlong festival was an event they would all participate in.

Obviously, the Ye family were not excluded. Everyone was overjoyed.

Only, in the mountain behind the Ye family’s residence, it was excruciatingly quiet. The atmosphere could also be even called serious and depressing.

Ye Tianlong, Ye Baihu and Ye Qingniu did not have the mood to cultivate. They were gathered together, standing beside a lake looking towards the mountain entrance feeling quite sombre and also quite helpless.

In the entrance to the mountain, there was a flight of stairs. Standing at the entrance, you could gaze across the whole of the Ye family.

At the top of the stairs, there were 2 curvacious women, one with white hair wearing a white robe, expression lonely yet stubborn, looking out into the open, staring without a word.

This person was Ye Qingyu, while standing by her side was Ye Qingwu with her eyebrows wrinkled, unsure of what she was thinking about.

“Let’s go back, Qingyu. The sky is turning darker and I guess that your brother won’t be returning today. Furthermore, even if your brother did return, as soon as the family receives the news, they would immediately report it. Standing here like a mute will give you no gain.”

Qingwu thought to herself “Other than cultivating, all this little girl does is stand here in a daze and stare out across the open. It seems she thinks her brother will come back when the Yanlong Festival starts.”

Ye Qingyu did not reply and also did not turn her body. She only slightly shook her head and continued staring off into the distance with her eyes that contained not one trace of impurity, but was filled with sadness and melancholy.

The wind picked up, and the winter wind started blowing. Ye Qingyu’s white dress fluttered like a butterfly, while her hair danced in the wind. From the corner of her eye, and ice-cold tear dropped, slowly being taken away into the distance.

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