Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1735 - Strong Offense, Weak Defense

Chapter 1735 - Strong Offense, Weak Defense

Tianming noticed that Feiling’s hands were clasped over her chest, her complexion a little pale. As Weisheng Xii stretched the Unitary Chaosrealm, Feiling’s hands slowly loosened, as if she were holding it.

"Big Brother, hurry up. It won’t remain this way forever. It’ll break once I reach the limit." The fact that Weisheng Xii could be trapped in another world before it broke was truly frightening. Everything had been cut off, including her voice. It was as if she didn’t exist.

"Can I enter?" Tianming asked.

"Yes, but you can’t leave unless it breaks." Feiling grit her teeth.

"Ying Huo!" Tianming shouted.

"I got it."

Without a word, Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and the rest of Yin Chen headed into the Unitary Chaosrealm. There was no fear of death in the wondersky realm. Since Weisheng Xii's attack would eventually burst open the Unitary Chaosrealm, Ying Huo and the others would try to slow her down. After all, Ying Huo was an expert at stirring up trouble. The remaining millions of Yin Chens rushed in, turning into a sea of metal and attaching itself to the walls so that Weisheng Xii’s attacks would only hit it. Meanwhile, Meow Meow and Ying Huo began provoking her, one relying on speed while the other relied on “eloquence”.

With the Unitary Chaosrealm, Feiling diminished half of her opponent's strength using her strength alone, creating a key opportunity for Tianming. On top of suppressing Weisheng Xii’s strength, Feiling was still able to maintain the Myriadworld Fort and Temporal Field. However, there was a time limit to the Unitary Chaosrealm.

It was Tianming’s turn to act. When he unleashed Myriadsword Providence, the swords collided in a shower of sparks. Grade-eight divine hazards merged with the Galactic Godsin, giving Tianming an advantage over Weisheng Xi in every aspect other than his divine wonder. As Myriadsword Providence shot through the air, the Godsin in his hand transformed into a chain, darting through the chess pieces and heading straight for Weisheng Xi.

"What?!" In that instant, his expression altered drastically. Weisheng Xi raised the Windbearer to block Tianming’s attack and a tumultuous storm emerged from the Soulbind Gale. As the Godsin nimbly moved, sword ki pierced the storm, bypassed the Windbearer, and tore at Weisheng Xi’s flesh. Half of his face was sliced off.

"Ahh!" Weisheng Xi showed fear for the first time.

"I understand now. Weisheng Xi, your strengths lie in suppression and your divine wonder, but you’re terrible at combat." Tianming's cold voice drifted across.

"You’re overthinking it." Weisheng Xi sneered. However, the battle had proven that Weisheng Xi relied purely on the Windbearer and Soulbind Gale, and half of the latter’s lethality acted on the soul. He failed to lay a hand on Tianming after the Godsin’s transformation. Similar to Meow Meow, Weisheng Xi was great at long-range attacks but flawed in other aspects, not as balanced as the specters. Their divine wonders gave them power.

"Let's see how strong your defense is." With the length of his weapon, Tianming swung the chain again and again while dodging the Soulbind Gale. In a display of agility, his Myriadsword Providence pierced through, targeting Weisheng Xi, who countered with the battle art Song of the Wind God. The white chess pieces formed a fortress around him while the black ones continued attacking Tianming amidst the storm. In the blink of an eye, everything changed. Engaged in a back-and-forth brawl, the two opponents were a magnificent sight for the eyes.please visit 𝒇𝑟𝑒𝙚𝑤𝙚𝐛𝑛𝐨ν𝚎l.c𝐨𝑚.

With just his black arm, Tianming smashed the black chess pieces in front of him. Although the number of chess pieces had increased, their lethality gradually dwindled with Feiling’s Temporal Field acting upon them. At this moment, Weisheng Xi's weaknesses were completely revealed. He possessed a powerful offense, but weak defense. Once he gained control of the battlefield, Weisheng Xi could even slay an opponent several levels above him, but if his opponent were to land an attack, his offense would eventually weaken. Aware of that, Tianming quickly depleted Weisheng Xi’s energy with his totems, chain, and sword ki. Not even the fortress of white chess pieces could block the Myriadsword Providence. Despite the threat of the Soulbind Gale, Tianming approached Weisheng Xi for the opportunity to finish off his opponent with the killing blow.

"Big Brother, I got you!" Ling'er's voice sounded from behind.

"You can still move?" Tianming was shocked.

After all, Weisheng Xi was no fool. He knew that Feiling was responsible for Weisheng Xii’s current predicament, hence the large number of black chess pieces attacking her. However, Feiling flickered back and forth with the help of her Flashsoul Skywings, thwarting Weisheng Xi.

"Yes." She smiled. Although her face was pale, Feiling was every bit the gentle beauty.

"Amazing! As expected of my wife!" Tianming could attack without worry.

"Come on then!"

This was the best time to act. Sword ki burst from within Tianming, colliding with the black chess pieces and ripping them apart. Nine godswords formed a sea of swords behind him. As Tianming and his totems were virtually integrated by sword ki, sharp blades radiated from his body. Like a tortoise, Weisheng Xi wrapped himself in an indestructible formation formed by the chess pieces. He was confident that Weisheng Xii would destroy the Unitary Chaosrealm. After that, they would quickly regain the upper hand. Right now, Tianming was the one that was anxious to attack.

Enveloped in a storm of sword ki with thousands of swords swirling behind him, Tianming faced the black and white chess pieces. Would the sword or shield prevail? As the spectators contemplated, a blue figure flashed behind Weisheng Xi. It was Feiling.

The spectators exclaimed. It was dangerous to be so close to Weisheng Xi. In Feiling’s hands was the Unitary Chaosrealm, but at that critical moment, she released her hand.

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