Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 2729 - Ultimate Descent

Chapter 2729 - Ultimate Descent

Fengqing Youmeng and Youyun clumsily clashed with one another throughout the whole battle. Most people in the Skydome Mundus were able to see their flaws. Seeing Fengqing Youmeng charge at him with an attack, Tianming went in for the kill.

"Die!" The Prime Starchain shot out like a dragon, smashing through the waves of eightpart apparitions. Fengqing Youmeng was indeed powerful when it came to her divine wonder. The countless apparitions opened their large mouths and bit the chain, completely crushing it! That gave her more confidence, causing her to shrug off her mate.

Unexpectedly, Lan Huang and the Archaionfiend charged in from both sides, smashing through the many apparitions with their huge bodies and almost displacing them like boulders in a pond! The abilities of Meow Meow, Ying Huo, and the Archaionfiend smashed into the apparitions, tearing them apart. Many of them didn't have the protection of the ephemeral world wonder, making them easy targets.

"Curses!" Fengqing Youmeng had only just noticed that the protection from the ephemeral world wonder had run out, but it was too late. She mustered the power of her own divine wonder to attack Tianming, only to see that his totem swords had fused into the Grand-Orient Sword and it’d split into two blades!

"How could his lifebound beasts, totems, and divine wonder be so powerful?" It was truly shocking to go up against someone who excelled on all fronts. She didn't care about anything else and had her apparitions pave a way for her. Then she executed the Skydome Clouddream Compendium with her Yellowspring Dream, causing dreamlike clouds to form around her.

"Ling'er," Tianming softly called out. Feiling got his message right away, despite being quite far off. She had Lin Ke trapped with Spacetime Shadow, so she diverted much of Perpetia's power to Tianming's side, aiding him in the execution of his sword art. The third strikes of the two reges mundi hadn't been completely mastered by him yet, so he needed the extra boost.

With spacetime shifting around him, Tianming found himself in familiar conditions. His eyes glowed bright as he raised both swords to the same height. His totem swords of south, east, heaven, life, and time had entered the gold sword, while the north, west, earth, death, and space totems had entered the black sword, resulting in completely opposite polarity between the two. Then he used his left arm to execute From Seas to Fields, and his right to execute Tristrike Worldshatter!

The temporal acceleration Feiling had created for him also affected Fengqing Youmeng. Additionally, spatial tears formed around the area to match Tianming's strikes. Feiling had never been under such a huge burden before. It wasn't noticeable when Tianming didn't move, but the moment he did, his speed exceeded every reasonable metric.

The black Grand-Orient Sword vanished from view. When he pointed it at Fengqing Youmeng and her divine wonder apparitions, the temporal flow effect of From Seas to Fields activated, greatly disrupting the channeling of cosmoforce and interactions of the divine celestial patterns. The apparitions quickly crumbled, unable to block the incoming strike at all!

Once the temporal path had been established by Grandvoid Compendium, Tristrike Worldshatter was ready to be unleashed by the gold sword. The totems' power was drained all the way to create spatial tears in front of Fengqing Youmeng, rendering the pressure that came from her useless. Then the gold sword smacked the Yellowspring Dream away, causing a spatial explosion! The stellar radiance in Fengqing Youmeng's cosmic chart dimmed as her eightpart apparitions shattered. Her eyes were wide open with shock as she crumbled to pieces in the face of Tianming's twin strikes.

"To think that you dared to fight me alone with a single divine wonder.... What’s the meaning of that? Don't say I complained about your unfair rules." Tianming smirked and swiftly eliminated Fengqing Youmeng. He knew that she wouldn't accept the reality of her loss, but those were the facts! She would only stand a chance against him by perfectly coordinating with Fengqing Youyun.

The spatial tears continued ravaging Fengqing Youmeng's virtual corpse. Once more, the Skydome Mundus had been shocked by an unprecedented event.

"I bet most divine wonderians were able to tell how bad their teamwork was. But they’ll have no choice but to accept the result." It was common knowledge that a huge part of divine wonderian couples’ strength was their perfect coordination. It was quite an unfair advantage, but it also meant that they suffered when their coordination left something to be desired. It was a core characteristic of their race.

It wasn't that there was a heavenly mandate that said that divine wonderian twins had to be couples, but if they didn't, that meant that they wouldn't be able to achieve their fullest potential. That was especially so with the children of the rex mundi. If it weren’t for their weakness, Tianming would have had a much harder time.

"Fengqing Youmeng's out, so the battle is mostly set, just like the last one." Tianming turned to Fengqing Youyun, feeling much more relaxed. Voidback City was just a step away.

The audience of Skydome Mundus's countless stars almost lost it.

"He's winning again!"

"He basically fought Fengqing You alone, but not even their talent was a match for his!"

"Why were Fengqing Youmeng and Youyun so careless?"

"No idea! It was embarrassing."

"It means that all divine wonderians, when reduced to their cultivation at the age of five hundred, won't be Li Tianming's match."

"What's even more terrifying is the rumor that he's actually only around a hundred."

"That's insane!"

Most divine wonderians in the Skydome Mundus were convinced of Tianming's capability.

"He's talented on all fronts, whether it be totems, lifebound beasts, or his divine wonder!"

"Does he have any weaknesses?"

"The two women with him are pretty impressive as well. Jiang Feiling was able to hold Lin Ke back on her own!"

"That's badass."

"The stage is set!"

"He's going to win for sure."

"Wait, haven't you forgotten someone?"

"Yeah! That orange-haired fellow! Where is he?!"

Chatter began to spread throughout the audience once more.

Tianming set his sights on Fengqing Youyun and prepared himself to take care of loose ends. He had Xiaoxiao focus entirely on helping Feiling. But right as he was about to reach Fengqing Youyun, Xiaoxiao suddenly cried in shock.

"Somebody's there!" Yin Chen warned him.

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