Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 2875 - My Sword Strike

Chapter 2875 - My Sword Strike

Li Fan hadn't reacted yet when Ying Huo and the other three lifebound beasts rushed into his avatars, bombarding and tearing them apart one by one.

The Specter Pantheon was only a divine ability, in the end. Every time they recovered after being suppressed and killed, it would consume a large amount of Li Fan's power. It couldn't be compared to projecting a wonder.

The eighty-one golden specter avatars quickly disintegrated, having caused minimal damage to Ying Huo and the others. Seeing that, Li Fan was utterly incensed! Unfortunately, he wanted to counterattack, but couldn't find his target. The existence of Yin Chen made the battle quite tricky for him.

He grew enraged and his Primordial Demonshade sword erupted, its terrifying cosmic impulse forming a strand of sword ki that split Yin Chen's swarm in half, annihilating millions on the spot.

"Ants are only worthy of annihilation!" Under the violent assault of the Primordial Demonshade, the speed of Yin Chen's replenishment of its bodies was lower than the speed of their destruction. With the help of his cosmic artifact, Li Fan found all his opponents.

Actually, none of them had even been hiding!

While Li Fan was tearing through Yin Chen, Tianming's group attacked again.

"Li Fan! We have to go. Two infinitum-class ships are approaching. Once they crash into my wonder, its manifestation will be disturbed. Plus, the enemy has many cosmic cartographer reinforcements, which will further disperse my wonder's combat power! By then, I'm afraid I won't be able to protect you!" Meng Ying urgently said.

"Give me ten breaths of time!" Li Fan had even revealed his Primordial Demonshade. His prey was right in front of him and he certainly didn't want to give up; intense greed had enveloped him.

Under the suppression of Xiaodao, Meng Ying couldn't hold back Li Fan.

"Don’t die under this attack!” Li Fan roared, using the battle art Heavensource Crusader. That attack, combined with the explosive power of his flesh and blood, produced a shocking streak of sword ki that shot at Tianming.

It was a critical moment of life and death.

Tianming stood above him, looking down. Faced with the lethal attack, he was like an emperor, showing no fear in his eyes.

"You know nothing about the power of the people." A cold declaration resonated through the battlefield. At that moment, Tianming gripped the Grand-Orient Sword in both hands as countless streams of power from the Sun and the totemic power of the decapath era godswords erupted to their fullest.

Before that, the grand lexicon wonder fully contracted to focus solely on Li Fan's Heavensource Crusader. At the same time, Ying Huo and the others had already dealt with the avatars and were attacking again from all directions.

Ying Huo and Meow Meow used their cooperative divine ability, Beacon Chaosswamp, to attack Li Fan from behind, forcing him to allocate a third of his sword ki to deal with it! Then Xian Xian's various divine abilities and Lan Huang's charge came as well. Li Fan could only angrily use his cosmic charts to block them; however, it weakened the power of his strike and made it somewhat unstable.

The Primordial Demonshade soared into the sky, eventually forming a huge demonic head. The head, composed of dense sword ki, ferociously roared and the sword energy was overwhelming. But to be honest, it was at least weakened by half compared to what Li Fan had attempted!

"Perfect, this won't kill him!" Li Fan wanted to use Tianming's life to find Zi Zhen, but what made him cough out blood was that a swarm of silver gathered again right before his eyes. Countless metallic insects directly used their lives to block this sword!

Yin Chen’s bodies were vaporized, but Li Fan couldn't see Tianming clearly. It made his heart skip a beat.

Sure enough, in the next moment, Beacon Chaossawmp split apart and a gold and black figure descended from the sky. A sword fell. Imperatores Inferno, Carnage, Carillon, Dominum, Venerabilis, and Defiance all had their images projected into the sky. They towered over the battlefield like six mountain peaks, directly suppressing Li Fan with their glorious majesty!

“What?” Li Fan’s heart shook as his Heavensource Crusader was weakened so many times that it was pierced through and dispersed when facing Tianming's Imperator's Mural. “No way!” Both of his eyes and all four of their pupils trembled. To him, Tianming stood high above, his emperor-like disdainful gaze and the overwhelming force of oppression radiating from him tearing at the specter’s heart. As someone born in Myriadpath Valley, he felt a sense of shame at that moment.

"Oh no!" Li Fan's face drastically changed. He realized that a big problem might arise. Even so, it was too late for him to realize that. Tianming’s momentum was unstoppable and the Primordial Demonshade’s cosmic impulse had been extinguished. He could only gather all his strength to resist.

But he was completely unable to hold on.

The Imperator’s Mural directly vaporized Li Fan's flesh and blood while his ten cosmic charts cracked and dimmed in the raging sword ki, crumbling like fragile paper in a storm. Even the Primordial Demonshade was blown away, the countless demon heads inside it roaring in anger!

There was no doubt that the specter had been defeated. The fate of his golden demonic body was evidence of the might of the Imperator’s Mural. If it weren't for the numerous cosmic charts to share the damage, he would have died under the attack.

Even so, his body was completely broken down, leaving only his cosmic charts. It meant he was heavily injured. For specters who had astrons as their basic building blocks, reforging a new body to its previous peak would take at least hundreds of years, even with their cosmic charts still around!

He hadn’t died, but he wasn't much better. Within a few hundred years, he shouldn't even think of making a comeback. For a cultivator that was still on the rise, it was fatal.

"Li Tianming!!" A heart-wrenching scream came from the ten cosmic charts. For Li Fan, this kind of ending was even more unbearable than being killed. His future was over! "I’m of Myriadpath Valley’s core, but you dared to hurt me like this! You, this world, and the forces behind you are absolutely finished! You’ll pay for this a thousand times, ten thousand times over! Your life is destined to be a tragedy! You don't even know what Myriadpath Valley means!" His voice broke down and grew filled with sobs.

"Hush!" Tianming descended beside the cosmic charts, suppressing them with the grand lexicon wonder while securing the Primordial Demonshade.

"What you said is all for the future. Whether or not it’ll actually happen is uncertain. But now, you're finished and in tragedy. Hehe," Tianming mocked and laughed, shattering Li Fan’s mind even further. After all, nothing hurt more than the truth.

"Besides, I may indeed not know what Myriadpath Valley means. But I've been fighting for so many years, and I only recognize one truth: the Sun is right here, and whoever comes will die."

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