Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 462 - Trampling On The Theocrats

Chapter 462 - Trampling On The Theocrats


One man and three beasts attracted much attention. Tianming’s Celestial Wings shone on the battlefield as they fluttered in the wind. The Grand-Orient Sword dominated with its majesty.

A two-headed dragon darted across the battlefield, shaking the ground. On top of it was a blazing phoenix and a black cat wrapped in thunder, its eyes gradually turning scarlet.

"Chi Yan, here comes your lunch. Two snacks and a main course, your favorite—dragon!" Smiling grimly, Dongyang Zhuo patted one of his hydra’s heads.

The hydra was fierce and dangerous, like a wildbeast. Its four huge feet shook the ground as it locked onto Lan Huang. The two mountain-like beasts collided and dust swept across the sky.

Compared to Lan Huang, the Venomsword Ruinson Hydra had an advantage in saint ki. However, this collision tested the strength of the flesh, so neither beast took a step backward. The hydra’s seven poisonous swords stabbed at Lan Huang.

Ying Huo split in two with Infernal Haze, shuttling through the hydra’s flames and charging for its abdomen. Ying Huo’s scarlet eyes were looking for its opponent’s weaknesses.

At that point, Lan Huang and the hydra were rolling on the ground. It was another rough and tumble battle!

Facing Tianming, Dongyang Zhuo held a forty-nine heavenly pattern Blackfiend Godslayer Trident. The murderous aura and blood stains on the trident made it a frightening weapon. He suddenly appeared, unleashing a battle art at Lan Huang, who bit the hydra’s venomous heads.

This was a life-and-death battle. Dongyang Zhuo’s attack was very powerful, a clear indication it was a sky saint battle art, which meant that Tianming's advantage would soon be lost. His trident came crashing down like a meteor, the power of the Blackfiend Godslayer Trident exploding. Laughing wildly, Dongyang Zhuo displayed great confidence.

"Bastard’s son, with what are you going to compete? I’m going to let you taste a world of suffering!"

He assumed that he could instantly kill Lan Huang, only to find thunder falling from the sky. It was Meow Meow’s Chaos Disaster! Enveloped in the Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape, Meow Meow blasted lightning several times in a row, making Dongyang Zhuo convulse.

At that moment, Tianming swooped in from the side with the Grand-Orient Sword, blocking the first lethal attack in this battle.

Weapons collided, and Tianming’s opponent’s mighty force sent Tianming flying backwards. Using her Spatial Wall to obstruct Dongyang Zhuo’s path, Feiling immediately solved the crisis.

However, fighting the hydra’s many heads was like fighting seven poisonous swords at the same time. They stabbed into Lan Huang, creating several holes in its Mountainsea World.

Fortunately, Ying Huo and Meow Meow appeared in time. Meow Meow’s Soulchasing Hellthunder began taking effect, invading the hydra’s bloodstream. In truth, the poisonous flame created from empyrean manna was far more toxic than Meow Meow’s Venomfiend Bloodclaw.

Due to the growth of its feathers, Ying Huo’s Skyscorch Featherblast had been enhanced. Countless flaming feathers filled the sky like a torrent, all of them headed for the hydra’s balls.

Surprisingly, the Venomfiend Ruinson Hydra’s balls were very hard. Although it screamed and released Lan Huang, it had merely suffered light injuries. However, its rage was aroused. This demonstrated that a bloody battle was required when facing Dongyang Zhuo. So far, only Lan Huang had been injured. Although there wasn’t much venom in its body, who knew what would happen as the battle progressed?

"You’re dead!" Like an angry god of war, Dongyang Zhuo unleashed yet another attack.


It was too soon for such words. In that instant, five sea-blue heavenly pattern tomes appeared in Tianming’s hand. These were Oceanspirit Tomes. Prior to this, only Jiang An had seen them. Since they were created by Tianming, they were considered part of his combat abilities as a patternscribe.

Tianming activated all of the Oceanspirit Tomes he had at the same time. They were his own possessions, and worth tens of thousands of saint crystals. But in order to defeat his opponent, Tianming was willing to use them all.

"Lan Huang, it's time for you to go mad! Do your thing! Fight like your life depends on it!”

Although it was childish, Lan Huang seemed to appreciate this kind of motivation. Having just been beaten, Lan Huang was terribly annoyed. With Tianming spurring it on, its temper surged.

The two dragon heads roared; the battlefield was Lan Huang’s.

A sea suddenly crashed into the Decimo Dao Battlefield. Under the enclosed heavenly pattern barrier, half of the space within was completely filled with water.

Ying Huo flew to the other half. Exploding with lightning and thunder, Meow Meow’s tiny body galloped in the sea without any problems. Tianming's Celestial Wings could be turned into fins, if he desired. They were all-powerful in the sea and sky. Additionally, with the Primordial Terraqua physique, he was stronger underwater.

In the sea, fighting any water-type lifebound beast was a headache, especially now that Lan Huang was furious. Rotating its nine kui seas, Lan Huang was now the underwater overlord.

The battlefield had devolved into complete chaos. Both Dongyang Zhuo and the Venomfiend Ruinson Hydra were pure fire-types, and couldn’t fly.

The hydra sank all the way to the bottom. Since the sea was created by heavenly patterns, and not made of real water, the hydra had no way of burning it dry.

At that moment, a fierce beast charged to the bottom of the sea at a terrifying speed. Before even reaching its target, the sky full of water slammed into its opponent’s body.

"Kill it!!” Hanging from the dragon’s head were Ying Huo and Meow Meow.

Misty Hellthunder! This ability worked much faster in the sea.

Then came the hydra’s ability—Demonic Sun Advent. Light and flames converged and condensed into a dark red sun on each of its seven heads. In that instant, Misty Hellthunder struck its flesh and the Soulchasing Hellthunder exploded.

Demonic Sun Advent erupted at once, causing the sea to boil and thick smoke to billow. The hydra unleashed its Skyfire Poisonmist, which would poison the entire sea and cause much trouble.

Crashing into the hydra, Lan Huang used its claws, heads and tails, pinning its target down with the force of the sea as it attacked crazily. Lan Huang was as quick and sharp as Meow Meow in the water.

It let out a deafening roar that assaulted the hydra’s ears. In the water, the vibration from its voice was more intense, causing the hydra to bleed from all fourteen of its ears.

"Now that I’m here, you can go to hell!”

As Lan Huang and Meow Meow, in its Regal Chaosfiend form, held the beast down, Ying Huo’s sword strikes rained down from the sky. All seven heads and fourteen eyes exploded with clouds of blood. Screaming bitterly, the hydra struggled with all its might, its cries slowly turning into despair.

And the cause of this despair was Ying Huo, who had gone around the hydra while Lan Huang released its Primordial Soundwaves and Meow Meow shocked it with lightning. Pyros Imperius crushed the hydra’s balls.

"Lord Chicken sterilized you, so now you’re free of all six desires. We’ll see how you parade around me again!"

Having lost its eyes and balls, the hydra was no different from a blind eunuch. No matter how strong and tough it was, it would be slaughtered without sight.

"Tortoise Bro, Meow Meow, you guys play with it. I’ll go help Tianming," said Ying Huo. But as soon as it swam upstream, Ying Huo immediately turned around, as Tianming didn't need its help. All they had to do was play with the Venomfiend Ruinson Hydra until it was dead.

"Chicken Bro, his beastmaster just called the two of us snacks, and Tortoise Bro the main course. It seems like this guy likes to eat lifebound beasts!" Meow Meow frowned.

"Very well. We’ll cut off its heads one by one. Let’s see if it’s still able to eat without them!"

Meanwhile, Lan Huang had already sunk its teeth into one of the hydra’s heads. Blood spurted everywhere and dyed the sea red.


On one side of the battlefield, the Venomfiend Ruinson Hydra was trapped at the bottom of the sea, its miserable screams making Dongyang Zhuo anxious. Obviously, this was an advantage brought about by the Oceanspirit Tomes. In no time at all, Tianming’s lifebound beasts had reversed the situation, putting Dongyang Zhuo in great trouble.

When they searched Tianming earlier, they had noticed the Oceanspirit Tomes. But never had they imagined how powerful Lan Huang would be in the water. With it restraining the hydra, Ying Huo was able to strike the killing blow. The cooperation of the three was also a huge bonus.

Because they were of different types, not even three of Ying Huo or three of Lan Huang could pose the same lethality. Additionally, Ying Huo was the core of the team, the brains. It commanded the other two as well as sneaking attacks. Even a strong man could be stabbed to death by a sturdy child, what more two little ones with knives.

Now that Dongyang Zhuo’s lifebound beast was blind and neutered, it would certainly be slaughtered. Despite Dongyang Zhuo’s persistent attempts to dive down and save his lifebound beast, he was obstructed time and again by Tianming. Once his lifebound beast died, his future would be gone. This was a life-and-death battle, though, so as soon as Tianming's lifebound beasts returned, he would be dead as well. Unfortunately, Tianming was well aware of his thoughts.

"Don't go! Didn't you spend a million saint crystals just to buy my life? Come on then, I’ll hand it over to you!" sneered Tianming.

With the Grand-Orient Sword in hand, a bloodthirsty Tianming charged toward Dongyang Zhuo. Enraged at having been stopped several times, Dongyang Zhuo was forced to come up with another idea to deal with the crisis—that is, kill Tianming before his lifebound beast dies. His hydra could only hold onto its life.

“Li Tianming!!” A furious Dongyang Zhuo flashed like a black flame, instantly striking Tianming.

Shenxiao Sword Art, Third Strike! Bright sparks crackled in the collision between the Grand-Orient Sword and Blackfiend Godslayer Trident.

With Celestial Wings, as well as Temporal Field and Spatial Wall, Tianming was far more flexible than Dongyang Zhuo. He dove into the sea with ease, rolling in the water and entangling his opponent.

Chaos ensued as Ying Huo sliced off the hydra’s last head. A miserable wail filled the air as the beast perished. Dongyang Zhuo boiled with rage at the realization that his future was finished. Completely livid, he descended into madness. And madness was often a prelude to death.

"You’re dead! You’re dead!!” His teeth chattered as he attacked in the bottom of the sea.

"Really?" Tianming's eyes dripped blood.

Wings fluttering, Tianming sped up, splitting the Grand-Orient Sword into two.

"Dongyang Zhuo, I took my time with you, not because I can’t defeat you, but because I wanted you to watch as your lifebound beast died! Now, it's your turn!”

This time, Tianming surged with his full power. On the golden sword, four forces converged, namely fire, lightning, water, and earth, as Tianming struck most forcefully.

Shenxiao Sword Art’s Fourth Strike!

"Useless bug!" In a moment of rage, Dongyang Zhuo employed his most powerful move. His domineering strength managed to suppress the power of the Grand-Orient Sword, causing it to fly out.

"Ha... Uh!” Dongyang Zhuo was just about to laugh when the black Grand-Orient Sword, containing the power of four elements, came shuttling through the air, instantly piercing his mouth.

The black Grand-Orient Sword bore through Dongyang Zhuo’s head. At the moment of death, Dongyang Zhuo’s face was frozen in that cocky smile.

As soon as Tianming pulled out the black sword, the gold sword swept across and Dongyang Zhuo’s head fell into his hand. At the same time, the effect of the Oceanspirit Tome disappeared. The water instantly dissipated and Tianming landed on the battlefield.

In fact, the audience outside had seen clearly, even with the presence of the sea. They watched as the seven heads of the Venomfiend Ruinson Hydra were cut off, its body bloodied and piled up on the battlefield like a meat mountain. They witnessed Dongyang Zhuo’s limp body collapsing to the ground, his head frozen forever in a smile.

Tianming looked up, lips curling in a grin. Under all that attention, he threw Dongyang Zhuo’s head to the ground, stretched out his foot, and stomped on his face.

The setting sun dazzled his eyes. Squinting slightly, Tianming smiled and asked, “Are all you Ancient Theocrats such weaklings? That’s the strength of the so-called number one genius under the age of twenty?" He feigned surprise. Laughing, he continued, "Or perhaps the man I killed wasn’t a Theocrat but a member of the Nineshades Clan...”

As soon as the last two words swept across the battlefield, the seats and brick walls collapsed. An earthquake originating from the Decimo Dao Palace shocked the Divine Capital.

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