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Chapter 610 - She’s Forcing Herself To Put On A Brave Front

Chapter 610: She’s Forcing Herself To Put On A Brave Front

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Gu Mengmeng did not do it on purpose but her few words pressured the males so much they could not lift their heads up.

She did not know whether it was because her emotions became colder or because she had too much troubles in her mind that led her to act more carelessly. This was the first time Gu Mengmeng neglected Elvis’s and Lea’s emotions as she just left the meeting room with her head lowered.

Cole was a loser whose power level is only measured at five….

Amongst those people standing in the room, Elvis was the only fifth-level orc. He still had to use the mating contract as a trump to counter-charge against Cole back then.

And those third-level orcs like Lea, Auretin and Barete need not need to be mentioned, the first-level orc Oakley thus would not even be considered in the topic.

1Was their protection…..considered excessive in her eyes now?

Until Gu Mengmeng’s figure completely disappeared from their sight, Elvis and Lea then kept their ‘usual’ smiley face and replaced it with their brows deeply furrowed and a dim gaze.

“She’s forcing herself to put on a brave front…” Elvis muttered to himself.

Lea’s lips were tightly clamped together and devotion could not be seen in his long eyes anymore. Instead, all there was left was worry.

“I’m scared that she would fall sick from holding it all in…” Elvis looked at Lea and said, “Do you have other methods to help her let it out? Be it crying or creating a fuss, if it’s really impossible….I’ll accompany her to have a battle.”

Lea laughed lightly and asked while glancing at him with the corners of his eyes, “Have a battle? Can you bear to lay a finger on her?”

Elvis frowned and he shook his head after contemplating silently for a while.

He was not Gu Mengmeng’s opponent now and all she needed to do was to emit a little beast pressure unknowingly for him to fear by nature. But towards Gu Mengmeng, he still only felt his heart ache. If you asked him to stretch out his sharp claws and teeth at Gu Mengmeng, let alone others, he himself would not even believe that he could do it.

But Gu Mengmeng was too good at tidying up her emotions, this made him flustered, uneasy and…heart-ache.

When Gu Mengmeng just woke up, her face still had sorrow and misery written on it. But as time went past, Snake’s memory grew more prominent in Gu Mengmeng’s body. Gu Mengmeng’s expression became a lot more calm and her personality became more reserved too. Someone who hung all her thoughts and emotions on her face suddenly became this icy cold….just like the past Lea and him.

Clenching his fists, Elvis said, “I can’t bear to lay a finger on her so I’ll just let her punch me up. As long as she could spit out that trouble she’s holding in, I’ll still smile even if I have to get beaten to death by her.”

Lea patted Elvis’s shoulder lightly and said, “If Mengmeng can become happier by beating up several people to death, I’ll accompany you to let her beat us up because that’ll be a worthy death. But you clearly know that Mengmeng is not a male, violence and fighting won’t make her any happier.”

Elvis sighed and nodded, replying, “These few days, even Hede and his brothers can’t make her happy. I’m really scared she can’t withstand it if this carries on.”

Lea’s gaze also became dim as he said with furrowed brows, “When Mengmeng’s with Sandy, her mood is always good. I hope that…..Sandy can make Mengmeng happier this time round.”

Elvis looked at him and asked, “You were the one who called Sandy over?”

Lea gave a bitter smile and said, “It’s pathetic, isn’t it? A beast pet who managed to rise up by pleasing his female don’t have any ideas to make her happy and had to actually rely on another female to pacify his own female…I’m really a good-for-nothing beast pet.”

Elvis remained silent and said, “Xiao Meng has your mark on her ear, you’re not a beast pet, you’re her partner.”

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