Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 10731 10720-

Chapter 10731 10720-

The first news was that the Board of Directors had announced the name of the giant qualification Review Committee, which would be in charge of a full-on review of Lin Yi's giant qualification for a month.

Even the most ignorant of the lower class knew that Lin Yi joining the Board of Directors was an earth-shattering event. It would have a huge impact on the structure of the divine Kingdom on land.

Lin Yi had passed the test, and the test was his last step.

As long as he could get past this, he would truly be a Big Shot standing at the top of the divine Kingdom on land. From now on, no one would dare to call him by his name, even on the internet.

According to common sense, this so-called 'Big Shot qualification examination' was just a formality. The Big Shot trial was the main event.

In most people's eyes, at this point, Lin Yi's Ascension was a sure thing.

However, after seeing the published list of the review Committee, those with a little vision immediately knew that this matter was not that simple.

Ye sinian, number one on the assassin ranking list, and Gong Lin, number two.

These two formidable figures who actually controlled the assassin Association were both on the list.

Lin Yi's group and the Assassin's Association were in a tense situation, especially not long ago when Lin Yi declared war on the Assassin's Association. In the end, he was in the review Committee, and she had to accept the full review!

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that this was definitely no coincidence.

This was a public humiliation from the strongest faction!

All of a sudden, the public's opinion started to change, and the streamers who started off by slandering Lin Yi jumped up again.

And this time, they were truly fearless.

After all, it was different from Jiang yebai's challenge. Lin Yi could slap Jiang yebai and the assassin Association behind him in the face, but he couldn't publicly slap the strongest faction. Not to mention that he wasn't an official Big Shot yet, even if he was already in power, he wouldn't be able to do anything against the strongest faction.

Didn't you see that even a top-tier powerhouse like Gu jiumu had to give in to the momentum of the strongest faction?

The name list of the review Committee was released at a time like this-it was obvious that they were trying to suppress Lin Yi's reputation, and it was a one-time suppression!

Even Lin Yi's most active supporters were forced to shut up, speechless.

That was not all. Another piece of news immediately exploded on the internet.

The assassin Association had issued a bounty for Lin Yi group!

Different from a strict organization in the general sense, the assassin Association was essentially a loose Alliance. To be more precise, its core function was just a bounty platform to contact assassins from all over the world.

When the sponsor offered a bounty on the head, there would be a killer who would accept the task. After the completion, the assassin Association would be responsible for verifying it and distribute the bounty.

In addition, at least in theory, the Association of assassins had very limited restrictions on the assassins under its jurisdiction.

If the price offered was not high enough, these monsters under the jurisdiction of the assassin Association could completely abandon the orders of the assassin Association.

Of course, this was only in theory.

In fact, as long as an Assassin's strength reached a certain level, especially those top assassins, they would have a fixed financial backer behind them. In essence, they were the black knives raised by these financial backers and had to follow orders.

The largest financial backer was the strongest faction, and the Kong family had the most money!

The assassin Association was like a dog raised by the Kong family. This had long been a consensus in the industry.

As for whether ye sinian and the public Law would accept this reality, that was another matter.

The entire internet was talking about the bounty for the core members of Lin Yi's group. In a sense, this was the first time the core members of Lin Yi's group had appeared in public.

Among them, there were three people who received the most attention.

Xu Anshan, Dongfang Yan, and the Queen.

In terms of strength, the others like Madam Qing and Xiang Yusheng were also rare Masters below Mystic class venerable. The assassin Association's bounties for them weren't low either, almost reaching the peak of the Golden class full master level.

However, the viewers online were clearly not as interested in them as they were in Xu Anshan and the other two!

The reason was simple. Dongfang Yan and the Queen were both unrivaled beauties, and they had a unique temperament that was completely different from other women.

One was a handsome long-legged big sister, the other was a noble and proud old loli, and with the top reward issued by the assassin Association, the Fatal Attraction of these two people was enough to kill both men and women on the internet. No one could resist them.

In fact, if Mrs. Qing appeared in her original appearance, her popularity wouldn't be lower than the two of them. Unfortunately, her peerless beauty was destined to be enjoyed by Lin Yi alone.

As for Xu Anshan, because of his cold appearance and the noble temperament of a born Emperor, he had captured the hearts of countless young women.

It had only been three days since the bounty was released, but the scale of his fans, their loyalty, and their online combat power had already overshadowed all the male stars in the kingdom of God on land.

The entertainment industry of the divine Kingdom on land didn't expect that the Assassin's Association's bounty was targeted at Lin Yi group, but they were the ones who got hit.

Especially for those popular celebrities, the number of fans had directly shrunk by more than half. The most miserable ones had even been reduced by several orders of magnitude. They really cried so hard that they couldn't even find their graves.

In fact, even Xu Anshan and the others did not expect that they would suddenly burst out of the circle in this way. It was really incredible.

One thing worth mentioning was that since the assassin Association gave a top-tier reward for all core members of Lin Yi's group, Lin Yi, who was about to join the highest Board of Directors, was no exception.

However, the reward they gave Lin Yi was a piece of spiritual Jade.

This was clearly another public humiliation.

Even an idiot would know that no one would really do anything to Lin Yi at a time like this. Any reward for Lin Yi was destined to be a number on paper.

In order to get rid of Lin Yi in the end, ye sinian and the public Law were needed to do it personally.

But even if it was a meaningless number, it had its uses.

With Lin hei's order, everyone started mocking Lin Yi at full force, vowing to bind him to the bounty of a spiritual Jade and make him the laughing stock of the internet.

Although this method was a little dirty, according to their original estimates, as long as they were loud enough, the possibility of success was not low.

But now, with the sudden popularity of Xu Anshan, Dongfang Yan, and the Queen, the focus of the public had clearly shifted.

In addition to the original Lin support faction, the huge new fan group of these three people also became loyal allies of the Lin support faction, especially those female fans of Xu Anshan. Their high online combat power simply made countless keyboard warriors feel ashamed.

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