Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 15 - Satellite Channel

Chapter 15 - Satellite Channel

Old Lin didn’t say anything much after learning of Lin Yi’s Art of Dragon Mastery training. In essence, the old man was allowing Lin Yi to do his own thing without interfering.

The Art of Dragon Mastery didn’t cause any obvious changes to Lin Yi, other than the strengthened constitution the training brought him. At the end of the day, he was still nowhere near the old man’s level.

Old Lin was like a boss in a video game. He’d power himself up whenever Lin Yi did, and he’d weaken himself every time Lin Yi got weaker. It was very troubling indeed.

If Lin Yi had to point out one change since he took up the training, it’d be his increased agility. His sight and hearing were more sensitive than before, as well.

Days and years passed, and Lin Yi more or less grasped the first stage of the art.

It wasn’t long before five years had gone by, and Lin Yi entered the stone doors once more when the moon was full. He never managed to open the second set of doors, unfortunately.

It came as no surprise to Lin Yi- he hadn’t been making much progress after breaking through to the mid phase of the first stage.

He told Old Lin of what happened, but the old man simply smiled, shaking his head as if he was unable to help him.

Another five years were about to pass, and Lin Yi started panicking. He’d been stuck on the mid phase for so many years! He couldn’t continue on like this!

He had understood then that the Art of Dragon Mastery wasn’t a type of martial arts, but something along the lines of cultivation. It was a shocking realization, but that’s how it was.

Recalling how suspiciously the old man acted on the first full moon, Lin Yi thought that the old man might have planned the whole thing, setting up a trap and kicking him off Mount Starwest. That, or Old Lin just happened to call him up the mountain for a test when the moon was full. How could it be so coincidental, it didn’t make sense!

Furthermore, even if the old man really did want to test Lin Yi, what purpose did it serve for the event to take place on the top of a mountain? Even getting past that, shouldn’t the old man at least not try to have him killed? Even if so, could Old Lin have just so happened to kick him in front of the doors?

Fine, even if that really was a coincidence, along with everything else… Why would Old Lin wait for him to walk out from the cave before approaching him? His reaction to Lin Yi’s story proved also that he knew everything beforehand. Lin Yi’s suspicions were pretty much confirmed at this point.

Yet the old man refused to answer Lin Yi’s questions every time he confronted him. Having had enough, Lin Yi decided to train on his own, regardless of Old Lin’s involvement.

Lin Yi opened his eyes- the skies were starting to whiten. He shook his head helplessly, realizing that there weren’t any leaps or breakthroughs this time around either. On a side note, however, he did feel refreshed, and that some progress was made.

With quick steps, Lin Yi entered the bathroom. He proceeded to clean his sweat by splashing water onto his face. He dressed himself up in a school uniform before exiting his room.

The villa was silent. Looking up at the stairs, Lin Yi assumed that the two girls were still sleeping. He made his way into the living room, taking a seat on the sofa as he turned the sixty inch LED tv on, making sure to mute the volume.

Big tv’s were indeed different, Lin Yi contemplated as he lay down leisurely on the sofa. It was his first experience with a tv like this, after all, and all he had back home was his laptop and a twenty five inch CRT tv.

“Achooo!” Lin Yi sneezed, surprised that a body like his could catch a cold. He had been living in the South all his life, perhaps the temperature difference in the North was too much for him to adapt to in one night.

He wiped his nose with some tissue he found, and threw them aside.

There wasn’t a lot of channels on this early in the morning- they all had the image of the Earth, and that was it.

“Shit, maybe the remote’s out of battery?” Lin Yi cursed. Wait, didn’t he just turn the tv on with it?

Lin Yi looked at the tv, realizing that it was a satellite channel. He’d have to get a different remote if he wanted the normal channels.

He was raised on a mountain, but he did at least own a laptop; He wasn’t too ignorant of the technology in the cities.

After looking around a while, Lin Yi found the correct remote.

“Damn… so many channels.” Lin Yi went through dozens and dozens of channels, not finding one satisfactory enough when a sudden notification popped up.

This channel is an adult channel. Parental lock active, password required. Default: 000000.

Seriously? These girls had an adult channel on their tv? He’d heard that big tv’s like these had adult shows on them, but he never had the chance to experience it himself.

The village chief had a satellite tv, but the only channels available were the free ones. There was no way he would have a subscription based adult channel.

An itch of curiosity crossed Lin Yi’s mind, and he wondered if it was the chairman or the Miss that set the password up. Or could it be Chen Yushu? Hmm… The girl did seem like the horny type, after all, and quite forward as well. Lin Yi contemplated lustfully.

He started typing a password in: “123456”.

Password incorrect; please try again.


Password incorrect; please try again.

Lin Yi tilted his head. “000000”

No notification popped up, and the screen seemed to freeze.

He was just about to try pressing buttons when an image flashed onto the screen.

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