Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 19 - Is It Really That Good..?

Chapter 19 - Is It Really That Good..?

“Here, water,”

Lin Yi was just about to hand Yushu the glass when he saw Mengyao in his seat, eating away at his bowl of noodles…

“Hey, Yao Yao said these noodles are good!”

Yushu made sure to get her meaning across to Lin Yi with a glare, telling him to keep quiet about the noodles.


Lin Yi nodded. He understood what Yushu was trying to say, but… He wasn’t going to have enough noodles for himself at this rate!

“What are you doing? I can’t eat with you standing here!”

Mengyao was too focused on Lin Yi to catch the little exchange between the two. She wasn’t ready to let a man watch her eat just yet.

Not wanting to piss the Miss off, Lin Yi turned and walked back to his room. Yushu might’ve been a bit of an oddball, but even she was way easier to deal with than Mengyao.

Lin Yi decided to go over his time schedule. He’d finished all the high school courses by himself, but a first day of school is something special, and he probably shouldn’t mess it up.

“It’s so good! Are there more?”

Mengyao had completely emptied her bowl at that point, leaving not even a single drop of soup.

“Nope, tell Shield Guy to make you more if you like it so much.”

Yushu was feeling troubled. Why did Mengyao not gain weight at all? She always ate larger portions, but her body always remained slimmer than hers!

She may not be fat, but she wasn’t as tall as Mengyao. The extra flesh all made their way to the hips and chest, however, so it wasn’t that bad.

“Let’s not talk about him.”

Mengyao licked the soup stains off her chopsticks, unsatisfied.

Ask him for a favor? No way.

Yushu simply watched as her friend licked the chopsticks clean, not sure what to say.

Is his saliva really that good, Yao Yao..?

Having finished their noodles, the two girls went upstairs to clean themselves and prepare for school. Lin Yi, on the other hand, went to clean the dining table.

He knew that there were cleaners under Li Fu’s employment that took care of this sort of thing, but Lin Yi was already used to it- He was the one in charge of cleaning back home, anyway.

He was washing the dishes when General Wei Wu strolled into the kitchen, its eyes glaring at Lin Yi the moment it saw him.

Lin Yi wasn’t about to bother with the mutt, and it seemed to have understood that. After a little while of glaring, the general moved on.

Dogs were indeed a sensitive species- they always knew when they faced an existence stronger than them.

Lin Yi hadn’t put on any offensive stances, and the dog didn’t want to cause any trouble it couldn’t handle, either.

It didn’t take long before Lin Yi finished cleaning. The girls, on the other hand, had their faces washed, their teeth brushed, and their casual clothes replaced with prettier ones.

There was a school rule that told the students to wear their uniforms to school, but only a few actually followed it. High schoolers weren’t as willing to obey the way primary schoolers were, after all.

Yet there were exceptions, and Lin Yi was one of them.

He was nothing less than pleased as he ran his hand down the uniform’s material. It was good quality, far better than anything he brought from home.

To Lin Yi, the uniforms were the best pieces of clothing he had.

He’d put on high end clothing before, but the old man always said that those were rented, that he’d have to return them when the mission was completed.

Li Fu’s car appeared in front of the villa at seven, and Lin Yi followed behind as Mengyao and Yushu walked out with their cute backpacks.

As usual, he took the front seat, while the two girls seated themselves at the back. Li Fu started the car up before looking at Lin Yi. “Well, how was your first night?”

“It was okay.” Lin Yi nodded.

“Not for me!” Mengyao didn’t wait for Li Fu to say anything else and pulled her phone out. “I’m calling daddy right now.”

“The chairman is currently on a plane to Newport City, for a meeting.” Li Fu interrupted. “Mister Chu said that he’s leaving it to Lin Yi to take care of you the few days he’s away.”

“Him, take care of me?”

Mengyao’s eyes were wide open upon hearing what Li Fu said. “Uncle Fu, look at him! How do you think he’s supposed to take care of me?”

“I’m just relaying the chairman’s words. He’s very trusting towards Mister Lin Yi.”

In actuality, even Li Fu himself failed to see what made the kid special. His position as the chairman’s most trusted man, however, demanded that he support his wishes without fail.

Mengyao started pouting. Since Li Fu’s words represented the chairman’s, there wasn’t anything more she could say. Her father was on a plane, after all.

She decided to leave the bastard be, at least until her father returned. She’ll just use her cuteness and technique to get Lin Yi kicked out when that time came.

Mengyao let out a breath of relief at that thought.

Lin Yi had wanted to experience what school life was like a long time ago, but there were only a few cultured people in the village. Schools wouldn’t work out there.

The only literate guy other than Old Lin was Er Goudan. And even he was self-taught!

Lin Yi was starting to miss the guy. What was he up to these days?

The car came to a stop in front of the school. Lin Yi was just about to get off when Mengyao stopped him. “Wait!”


Lin Yi turned around to look at the Miss, startled. It wasn’t often that Mengyao talked to him.

“Stay in the car first. Wait until both me and Shu get in the school building before coming in yourself! I don’t want people getting any wrong ideas!”


Lin Yi didn’t see a problem in the request. She was the Miss, after all…

“Heh heh, the Miss is a bit much to handle, Mister Lin Yi. I hope you don’t mind.”

Li Fu was equally helpless regarding how things turned out- Mengyao clearly treated Lin Yi with a lot of hostility.

“It’s fine, that’s how rich people usually are, I guess..” Lin Yi shook his head. “Uncle Fu, let’s not beat around the bush any longer. I can see that I’m not really needed around here, and Mengyao doesn’t even need a study companion. Can you give me an honest answer when I ask you… Why did the chairman spend so much money on me? He’s not really planning on using me as a shield to fend off flies for the Miss, is he?”

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