Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 21 - First Move

Chapter 21 - First Move

Wang Zhifeng’s eyes widened. The kid knows?!

It would’ve been fine if Lin Yi responded with a blank face, but he told the dean not to worry, of all things!

At the very least, however, Lin Yi’s words implied that he wasn’t interested in meddling with Wang Zhifeng’s affairs. At that thought, he calmed himself down.

It’d be the end of him if word reached the principal and board.

Wang Zhifeng chuckled a little before looking at Lin Yi. “Lin Yi, remember to come to me whenever you get yourself into trouble. Write my phone number down later!”

“I’ll be in your care then, Mr. Wang!”

Lin Yi made sure to put his gratitude on display, understanding that his was a peculiar situation. He attended the school mainly because of Chu Mengyao, and it was safe to assume he’d get into trouble here and there.

He couldn’t just go to Li Fu or the chairman for help all the time, so why not have an influential dean back him up as well?

Thanks to this little incident, Lin Yi now had the dean looking out for him, as long as he didn’t go too far.

He followed the dean and arrived at the twelfth grade’s class five.

Wang Zhifeng simply pushed the doors open and marched inside, proceeding to wave his hand at the homeroom teacher Ms. Liu. “This here is Lin Yi, a transfer student. Can you get him a seat?”

Zhong Pinliang stared at Lin Yi with wide eyes. It was the brat that kicked him in the ass yesterday, no doubt about it.

He managed to slip past him earlier today, but never did Zhong Pinliang expect that Lin Yi would just get delivered to him like this.

“Hi, I’m Lin Yi.”

Ms. Liu assigned Lin Yi to a single seat at the back of the classroom as soon as he finished introducing himself.

It wasn’t a good seat, but the teacher didn’t have a choice. She understood that Lin Yi was a somebody, but this wasn’t the first day of school.

Everyone was assigned to a seat already, and the teacher couldn’t just force Lin Yi into a good one. She decided that she’d handle the problem at a later date.

Not thinking much of the issue, Lin Yi nodded, making his way to his seat.

Chu Mengyao’s head was as low as can be when Lin Yi was introducing himself. Chen Yushu, however, stared at him with her eyes wide open.

A chill went down Lin Yi’s spine. Missy Chen was harder to deal with than Miss Chu, after all!

Pinliang glanced at Zhang Naipao, whom Lin Yi had to pass to reach his seat.

Naipao caught the glance and gave him the ‘OK’ gesture.

Lin Yi was eyeing the whole exchange as he walked. He’d noticed Zhong Pinliang the moment he entered the classroom, after all.

Naipao shot his right leg out abruptly, planning to have Lin Yi trip as he neared him.

Lin Yi grinned in response, readying a kick as he raised his leg.

The kick, however, would crush Naipao’s bones, and Lin Yi didn’t want that kind of trouble on his first day of school. He decided to just step on the back of Naipao’s leg instead.


“Huh, what’s this?”

Lin Yi blinked as he turned to face Naipao. “Oh, sorry! I didn’t mean to step on you!”

“Zhang Naipao, is there a problem?”

The homeroom teacher knew what Zhang Naipao was like- the kid wasn’t a good student. He did hang around big shots like Zhong Pinliang, however. With that in mind, Ms. Liu didn’t say anything more.


Zhang Naipao endured the stinging pain in the back of his leg as he shook his head in response.

He obviously wasn’t going to tell the teacher what Lin Yi did- that’d embarrass him too much.

Pinliang was some distance away from Naipao, and all he saw was Lin Yi walking to his seat unscathed. Naipao, who was supposed to have attacked Lin Yi, was making a fuss instead. He glared at his lackey scoldingly.

Zhang Naipao could only glare at Lin Yi, unable to voice his situation. He resolved to make Lin Yi pay later.

Even he wasn’t sure if Lin Yi actually meant to step on him… He never looked down the entire time he was walking, after all.

It might’ve been an accident if Lin Yi’s apologetic reaction earlier wasn’t an act, and Zhang Naipao wasn’t sure what to feel.

Lin Yi’s seat wasn’t far from Mengyao and Yushu’s. Taking into account that he was tasked with protecting Mengyao, Lin Yi felt that his seat was a pretty ideal one. The positioning allowed him to see everything the two girls were doing.

He was getting paid for this, after all.

Lin Yi hadn’t been in a classroom before, and only relied on the depictions the internet provided for a general idea of how it worked. So far everything felt fresh.

Lin Yi unzipped his bag and took out his Chemistry textbook. He’d went over his schedule earlier- it was Chemistry first period.

“It’s Lin Yi’s first day, and I hope everyone can help him out if possible. I don’t want any bullying happening to the new student, too. You’re all twelfth graders, getting expelled before receiving your diploma isn’t something any of us would want.”

Ms. Liu had to at least warn Zhong Pinliang’s group a little, Zhong Pinliang especially.

There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do. Bullying didn’t amount to more than a pastime for him, and his guts earned him the title of one of the school’s Big Four.

Zhong Pinliang, naturally, didn’t give a shit what the teacher said.

Lin Yi was flipping through the pages when something fell on his table. It was a crumpled up piece of paper.

Lin Yi didn’t believe it- was Zhang Naipao so childish that he resorted to throwing paper balls for revenge?

He raised his head only to see Yushu grinning at him, and Lin Yi’s heart went cold instantly. It couldn’t be the missy, could it?

Yushu pointed at the paper ball on Lin Yi’s desk before turning back.

Lin Yi stared at Yushu’s back as he uncrumpled the paper ball. So this was the legendary note-passing?

He sighed. If only it was a kind, pretty girl passing him the note... Yushu had one part down, but as for kindness aspect…

The note clearly wasn’t going to be a confession letter or anything, but Lin Yi couldn’t help but wonder what Yushu had to say.

The handwriting on the note was delicate and small. Lin Yi would’ve thought it was a well-mannered lady writing it if he didn’t know her.

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