Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 28 - Chen Yushu's Brother

Chapter 28 - Chen Yushu's Brother

Yushu and Mengyao were bundled up together as they watched ‘Pleasant Sheep and the Big Big Wolf’ on their MP4, a very childish looking cartoon to Lin Yi. How were the girls so engrossed in it, even giggling here and there?

Yet the giggles didn’t bother the boys who were studying, not in the least- it was a melody that added color to the dry days of everyday school life.

The girls, on the other hand, didn’t take it that way. There were the envious, the jealous, and even the disdainful, while some didn’t care at all. One way or the other, most were envious of the class the two girls displayed.

Yushu looked up from the MP4 to glance at Lin Yi before lowering her head again. Lin Yi simply shrugged as he made his way back to his seat.

Xiaobo started studying as well, and Lin Yi decided to flip through some of the twelfth grade textbooks out of boredom.

Zhong Pinliang made it back to class before the first afternoon period began, freshly changed and showered, the same as Gao Xiaofu and Zhang Naipao who walked behind him.

Naturally, Pinliang shot a hateful glare toward Lin Yi’s direction the moment he entered the classroom. He didn’t do anything else, surprisingly, only walking to where his seat was.

It was the most embarrassing day of his entire life, by far! It was even right in front of his beloved, could it get any more humiliating than this? Pinliang swore to have his vengeance exacted.

The only thing stopping him from charging at Lin Yi right now was the fact that class began in ten minutes, and it wasn’t just anybody’s class- it was the homeroom teacher Ms. Liu’s. He decided to go after Lin Yi at a more opportune time, during study hall, for example.

Yushu couldn’t help but recall how Lin Yi peed all over Pinliang, barely managing to hold her laugh in as a ‘pfft’ squeezed out of her lips, her face reddening at the same time as he the image of Lin Yi peeing surfaced.

Zhong Pinliang heard her, and grew very displeased. He’d have slapped anyone else across the face, but Chen Yushu was simply off limits.

Unlike the others, Pinliang understood fully well how terrifying Yushu’s background was. He knew the big shot delinquent Wu Xiaocan from last year’s twelfth grade, who had his sights set on Chen Yushu ever since the guy was in the tenth. His mentality, however, changed after Yushu rejected him a couple of times.

There came a movie watching event for the whole school once, and Wu Xiaocan took his chance to take a seat next to Chen Yushu, hoping to cop himself some feels. All he got in return was two slaps to the face.

Enraged, he then proceeded to announce to the whole school that he’d dumped Yushu, having gotten bored of her- even going as far as to claim that she’d had an abortion for his sake.

It was too clearly exaggerated, and no one believed the claims… But Chen Yushu’s honor and reputation suffered all the same.

A girl like Yushu would never have just stood there and taken it, instead opting to talk things over with Wu Xiaocan. The talk didn’t go well, and it ended in a couple more slaps, pushing Xiaocan over the edge. He then made a threat that he’d get some guys to rape her someday.

Word then reached Chen Yuming, Yushu’s older brother. Pinliang would never forget that winter afternoon as long as he lived.

A Land Rover parked itself in front of the school, and out came a tall, burly young man. He wasted no time in making his way to the field, where Wu Xiaocan was.

Xiaocan didn’t understand what was about to take place yet, not taking well to Yuming’s presence. “Who gives a shit who you are, aren’t you just some fucking soldier? Get this into your head, it doesn’t matter how good you are- we have a whole group here- You’re not scaring anyone!”

Chen Yuming spoke only one sentence throughout the whole ordeal- “Broadcast an apology to Yushu, and I’ll let things go.”

Wu Xiaocan only laughed with his lackeys at the warning, claiming that he’d never heard a more ridiculous thing in his life!

Yuming sent a foot into Xiaocan’s stomach in response, flipping him through the air as he connected a fist- the sound of bone breaking filled the air.

Xiaocan’s lackeys had had their share of brutal fights, but nothing came near to what this man before them did. It was as clear as day that they were not on the same level.

It was genuine anger coming from Yuming. Yushu was his treasure, his baby sister- Wu Xiaocan had molested her, disgraced her, and threatened her. He had crossed the line.

Zhong Pinliang was one of Wu Xiaocan’s lackeys at the time, as well, standing in the crowd as Xiaocan writhed about, butchered and in absolute agony. The image even made its way to his nightmares, waking him up with a jolt the days that followed.

Wu Xiaocan’s arrogance stemmed from the power of his house, but the opposing party was a major- it wasn’t something the Wu family could handle, as it was not their place to be involving themselves with the army.

Chen Yuming, on the other hand, was given demerits, and the event reflected badly on Yuming’s troop... but that was it.

And this was only Chen Yuming’s own background, unrelated to the Chen house at all, much to their surprise when Xiaocan’s family found out. Yushu and Yuming’s father was even further beyond their reach, and then there was Elder Chen, far away at Jing Capital, as well.

The Wu family panicked indefinitely- while it could be said that their son was merely playing around, it didn’t change the fact that charges could be placed against them. Threatening, slandering…. Xiaocan had done it all. There was also the physical part with him and Yushu as well, along with many others.

Wu Xiaocan’s life would be absolutely ruined should the Chen house wish it.

Yet Chen Yuming was more of a generous man, stating that he wanted no further trouble with the Wu family when they paid a visit to apologize, also mentioning that Wu Xiaocan’s presence held an unhealthy effect on his sister’s wellbeing.

The Wu’s understood the intent immediately, transferring their son to another school the second day.

Not many knew of the event that took place. Just remembering the face of Wu Xiaocan back then was enough to give Pinliang shudders- Chen Yushu was out of his league, way more than he was able to chew.

Zhong Pinliang stepped on the weak, but even he knew to back down completely in face of someone of Chen Yuming’s calibre. His father had some good fighters under his command, but… It was the army they’d be up against.

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