Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 4 - These Clothes Are So MuChapter Trouble!

Chapter 4 - These Clothes Are So Much Trouble!

“Who are you looking for, sir?” Lin Yi didn’t take more than a few steps before the security stopped him.

“Oh, wait. Let’s see…” Lin Yi reached for his pocket as he contemplated on the city’s security- there certainly wouldn’t be anything like this back where he lived. These guards, however, didn’t seem like much, and even Er Gouzi back home could wipe the floor with them.

The guy was Lin Yi’s playmate. He didn’t know kung fu, but one punch from him could kill off a grown bull. These guards here were far weaker than any bull.

Lin Yi pulled a note out and looked at the name on it. “I’m looking for Chu Pengzhan.”

“Chu Pengzhan? Who’s that? Heard the name somewhere before…” One of the security guards muttered.

“It’s the chairman, dude!” The other guard tugged at his colleague’s sleeve to shut him up, making sure no one heard him. “What the hell, you wanna get fired or something?”

“Shit!” The guard’s eyes widened with shock and regret upon hearing his senior’s words. What kind of security was he if he didn’t even know the name of his employer?

He took another look at Lin Yi, and saw what he was wearing. From the looks of it, this boy here didn’t seem like someone associated with the chairman himself. It didn’t appear likely, after all, that a farmer like him would have connections to the man leading Pengzhan Industries, one of the top 500 companies worldwide.

The kid might even be some random field laborer charging at the chairman with complaints. With that thought, the guard tensed, recalling a movie where a chairman was attacked by a farmer, something he watched a couple of days ago.

He met eyes with his colleague, and it was apparent that the two shared similar thoughts.

“What business do you have with the chairman?” The senior guard cleared his throat, putting on a solemn expression, as if Lin Yi might attack at any moment.

“Eh… It’s not me, it’s my old man. He told me to come look for him.” Lin Yi replied lazily. He didn’t care how powerful the client was in the outside world- he was the one requesting Lin Yi’s help.

“Hm? Your old man?” Lin Yi’s words only confirmed the suspicions. The farmer from the movie went to the chairman on behalf of his brother, so naturally this farmer kid was doing the same for his dad.

“...Can you two stop talking? Tell me which floor this Chu Pengzhan is at, and I’ll be on my way, alright?” Lin Yi didn’t have time to waste on the bullshit these guards were spewing- He wanted to meet the client as soon as possible.

“The chairman isn’t here…” The senior guard decided to just tell Lin Yi to go away. He’d already decided that it was impossible for Lin Yi to have any relations to the chairman whatsoever.

Lin Yi was getting really tired of the duo blocking him. They were looking down on him so much that it reflected in their eyes, and Lin Yi had had enough. These clothes were giving him so much trouble!

“I see. I’ll wait for him inside then!” Lin Yi said as he strolled past the two.

“Wait! You can’t go in!” Both the guards exclaimed in surprise, not expecting Lin Yi to just barge past them.

They were moving to stop him when the elevator doors opened on the first floor. A well dressed middle aged man stepped out with another darker, skinnier middle aged man following after him.

“It should be about time… Why hasn’t Lin Yi contacted us yet? Maybe you should go to the train station, just in case. You’ve seen his picture, too.” The well dressed man said to the skinnier one.

“Sure thing, chairman. I’ll get to it right away.” Li Fu responded without delay, his voice respectful.

Li Fu was just about to leave when the commotion in front of the company caught the chairman’s eye. “Before that, Li Fu, go see what’s happening over there first.”

Li Fu took a couple quick strides before reaching the entrance, only to see two security guards holding a young man back. “What’s going on here?”

“Mister Fu, this guy here’s saying he wants to meet the chairman, and he’s even trying to force his way in!” The guards, naturally, recognized Li Fu. He didn’t have a specific role in the company, but he was the most trusted follower of the chairman himself. If one had to describe his position, it’d most likely be the chairman’s personal driver.

Yet everyone in the corporation understood that he wasn’t just a mere driver. The security guards, as a result, respected him as they would a leader.

And in many situations, this man’s words represented the wishes of the chairman himself.

Li Fu’s eyes widened as he recognized who the young man was. “Lin Yi? Are you Lin Yi?”

“Yeah, that’s me.” Lin Yi nodded. He started paying attention to the man the moment he appeared, but instincts told him that this wasn’t the Chu Pengzhan he was looking for. He had a form of solemnity to him, and his men respected him, but important leaders had a sort of air about them while he didn’t.

“Nice to meet you!” Li Fu understood the priority and significance the young man before him held, and so he leaned forward for a handshake without hesitation. “I’m Chairman Chu’s secretary, Li Fu. We had no idea you’ve arrived already, we were just about to go greet you at the station!”

“That’s okay, I wanted to get to know the place a little bit anyway.” Lin Yi said with a smile as he shook hands with him. That was how he was- he’d treat anyone with respect as long as they treated him the same. Li Fu was, however, being a little too polite.

“The chairman’s right there, I’ll bring you to him. Please follow me.” Li Fu gestured before making his way back to Chu Pengzhan.

The two security guards from before simply stared at Lin Yi’s back with open mouths.

“He’s the chairman’s… guest?” The younger guard was in disbelief.

“Mister Fu came for the guy himself, so of course he is!” The senior sighed, relieved. “One more step, and we’d have pissed him off. Thank god he came in time before we kicked the kid out.”

Lin Yi didn’t miss the well dressed person who appeared along with Li Fu. He was most likely his client- the chairman of Pengzhan Industries, Chu Pengzhan.

“You’re Lin Yi, yes?” Chu Pengzhan moved with wide steps towards the two the moment he saw them coming. With a smile, he held out his right hand.

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