Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 738 Big Prize

Big Prize

Tang Yun knew that she owed Lin Yi too much, yet she didn't know how to return his favors. She wasn't Lin Yi's wife, only his girlfriend. She wanted to repay him.

"Thank you," Tang Yun thanked Fatty Lai.

"No need, it's within my capability! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even able to earn an extra 250,000 yuan!" Fatty Lai laughed and shook his head, "I think aunty is quite lucky. Perhaps she'll get a big prize!"

As they spoke, Mrs. Tang arrived at the prize table. She drew the first card and it was an electric water heater. Mrs. Tang was extremely delighted. A water heater cost a thousand or two and it was great that she got it for free!

"Congratulations to Mrs. Tang, it's a water heater!" The MC threw the card back to the box and congratulated Mrs. Tang loudly as he gave her a ticket for the prize.

The cards were reused. In other words, everyone could draw a special or first place prize! However, there were multiple cards with a water heater as a prize. Only the special and first prize each had one card.

Even so, these people became more enthusiastic about it as everyone had a chance to obtain the first and special prize. There was no limit on the total amount of winners who were able to win the top prizes, so numerous customers waited around to try their luck. Even the patrons who had purchased their units still remained to see if they could witness the lucky winner.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Mrs. Tang pulled out a card, written on it was an induction cooker. This cost quite a couple of hundred yuan, it was not cheap! Mrs. Tang didn't feel discouraged. She felt like she had gained this item for free!

Mrs. Tang continued to draw the raffle. This wasn't a surprise to the bystanders. There were quite a few people who purchased half a dozen houses or garages, so that increased the number of times they could draw the raffle.

The MC congratulated Mrs. Tang and gave her another chance.

This was the last chance to draw the card. Mrs. Tang felt nervous. She was hesitant about pulling out the card. She knew that the chances of winning the special or first prize were very slim, but she still dreamed big. Who wouldn't?

If she won the special prize, then she could save some money on the inner designs. She could save at least a hundred thousand!

There were still people waiting behind her, she couldn't stay in the spotlight forever. Finally, Mrs. Tang pulled out a card, but she didn't look at it immediately. She took a quick peek and read that it was an electric kettle!

Mrs. Tang was instantly disappointed. She was stunned and was disappointed as she stood on stage!

However, Mrs. Tang's card wasn't taken by the MC. Instead, it was taken by Manager Wang. With a shocked expression, Manager Wang shouted "Oh my! The special prize! Today's first special prize winner had been chosen today! Congratulations Mrs. Tang!"

Right as he announced it, Manager Wang tossed in the raffle card back into the raffle box and started shuffling it since he was afraid of someone catching on.

Mrs. Tang came back to her senses. Did she win the special prize? How is that possible? She saw the words "Electric Kettle" written on it. There was nothing written about the special prize on it.

How could it be a special prize? She only glanced at it quickly, so could Manager Wang made a mistake? Even if she wanted to reconfirm it, it was too late. The raffle card had been tossed back into the box for reshuffling. So what is going on here?

Mrs. Tang stood on stage with a dumbfounded expression, as if she did win the special prize. No one in the audience suspected anything. They only thought to themselves that Mrs. Tang had been very lucky to win the special prize.

The MC was shaken as well, but since it was Manager Wang who had announced it, he didn't dare speak up. Instead, the MC went with the flow and congratulated Mrs. Tang. "Congratulations, you gave us a good opening day by being the first to pick the special prize! We've had first and second place winners, but no special prize winners until you came along!"

Mrs. Tang didn't know what to do. She didn't want to speak up because she had just saved a lot of money! Even if she had suspicions, she went along with it and nodded "Yeah! I didn't think I would win the top prize either! I was just so lucky!"

"Haha, Mrs. Tang, this is your voucher. Keep it in a safe place. You can bring it over to management to claim. You will have to put in your input with our interior decoration team so they can get started on it!" the MC explained.

"Okay, sounds good to me!" Mrs. Tang happily accepted the voucher.

Manager Wang accompanied Mrs. Tang over to claim her prize. No one would have suspected that the first and second prize were also announced by Manager Wang.

The first and second prize were real winners, who picked their card. But, this big special prize winner was a fake!

Since there were no limitations on the amount of special prize winner, no one would suspect that the sales agent would cheat their own system. Even if it was a fake, it didn't matter to the audience. There was still a chance for them to pick the special prize.

Tang Yun was also in the audience. She was stunned. How did her mother win the special prize? Was it really happening or was it just a fluke? Tang Yun had her suspicions! Other people might not understand her mother, but she could see right through her. Her mother didn't have the expression that winners would have. Instead, she had a look of disappointment!

In other people's eyes, the winners were usually shocked to the point where they stand dumbfounded. Tang Yun remembered the look on her mother's face when she had got three million yuan. Her face was completely different when the situation was the same - both times she had won something for free. This was how Tang Yun knew that her mother didn't win the big prize!

Then this special prize made Tang Yun glance at Fatty Lai. However, Fatty Lai and Lin Yi were talking about their pharmaceutical company so this scheme had nothing to do with those two. Tang Yun sighed. She is really creating trouble for Lin Yi in such a roundabout way to help her own family.

She was useless compared to Mengyao and Yushu. They don't have to make Lin Yi worry about these trivial things… From the looks of it, Lin Yi and Mengyao were a better match. Her appearance was just a mistake…

Now that this mistake had blossomed to this stage, Tang Yun couldn't pull herself out. She was already in too deep. She didn't want to leave Lin Yi, but what else could she do?

Right as Tang Yun was deep in thought, her mother returned. Her brows were raised and smiling, "Yun, your mother won the top prize! It is the special prize!"

Fatty Lai looked at Manager Wang with an approving nod. Seems like this Manager Wang has good potential.

Receiving the nod of approval brought a smile to his face. It seemed like he wasn't wrong to make the prize call for Mrs. Tang.

As for the interior design, Mrs. Tang didn't have any major requests. Back at her old house, she never needed repairs or designs so she had no idea what suggestions to add to the decoration team. So, she asked Manager Wang for help, and they settled on the modern design style!

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