Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 7846

Chapter 7846

7846 Chapter 7844-

His respect for Liu Ziyu wasn’t as high as Lin Yi ‘s, but it wasn’t too far off.

Therefore, when someone humiliated Liu Ziyu, the two guards immediately stepped forward to defend him!

“Yo, yo, yo, you’re a general now? It seems that there’s really no one else in Hongshang Commandery. Even this kind of trash can be a general!”


The scholar at the front had a mocking expression on his face. He opened his folding fan and gently fanned it a few times.”What do you two mean? Do you want to make a move on me? Come and try!”

Lin Yi frowned-he’d’ve slapped them if they’d been talking to him like that.

But they seemed to be related to Liu Ziyu, and Lin Yi couldn’t do anything before he figured out the situation.

“Ziyu, who are they?”

Lin Yi wanted to ask them before making a move-he wasn’t afraid of these idiots running away, anyway.

“They are from the Liu family of Huangyan Commandery…They are my cousins!”

Liu Ziyu’s expression was a little dejected.”Of course, they’ve always treated me as a brother. Ever since my father passed away, my mother and I were pushed out of the Liu family. My mother was already mentally damaged by my father’s incident. After this incident, she passed away very quickly …”

After that, Liu Ziyu was adopted by Sima Yunqi and su lingyue. Unfortunately, he was still ostracized by his peers when he arrived in Hongshang Commandery.

Because Sima Yun’s influence was weak, and Liu Ziyu was not a true Sima family member, it was a good thing that he was used to this kind of treatment since he was young. It was not a big deal for him to endure it.

When Lin Yi returned to the Sima family as Sima Zhongda, Liu Ziyu would instantly soar into the sky. He would no longer be the little brat who had to endure all kinds of humiliation. It was a pity that the Liu family didn’t seem to know about this.

Thinking about it, it made sense. The black charm Commandery and the Huangyan Commandery were not connected. They did not even have any contact with the seitong Commandery, so the collection of information was relatively slow.

In addition, these Liu family’s disciples had left Huangyan Commandery and traveled all the way to the conferred Kingdom of the Dragon state. They would not know about the war between Hongshang Commandery and heimei Commandery.

Lin Yi pinched his chin. This was considered a family matter, so it wasn’t convenient to beat him up!

“What cousin? Our Liu family doesn’t have a descendant like you! Don’t randomly claim kinship!”

The leading scholar sneered and lifted his chin in disdain.””Do you think that just because you’re an extra general, you can stand out? I thought you were just a guard, but it seems like you’re overestimating yourself. Did you also come to the young masters “gathering?”

If they were guards, they would not bring two more guards. Everyone could understand this logic.

“Hahaha, this is too funny. An orphan who lost his parents, a stray dog, actually has the face to attend the young masters ‘gathering?!”

Another Liu family disciple laughed out loud and pointed at Liu Ziyu with his folding fan.””With your shamelessness, you’ve surpassed your master. You’re even more powerful than your dead father!”

Liu Ziyu’s face instantly turned livid. Everyone had a reverse scale in their hearts that could not be touched. He had been suppressed and ostracized since he was young. If these people from the Liu family only ridiculed him, he would not care. However, humiliating his deceased father like this, he could not tolerate it!

“Shut up!”

Liu Ziyu growled in a low voice, the veins on his clenched fists bulging and his nails digging into the flesh of his palms.””If you dare to insult my late father again, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Hehe, that’s impressive! Come, come, come, I’d like to see how impolite you are. ”

The leading scholar did not mind at all. Instead, he hooked his finger at Liu Ziyu and said provocatively,””You pitiful and sad stray dog. The Liu family didn’t want you. You went to Hong Shang Commandery and thought that you would become a member of the Sima family. It’s a pity that your surname is not Sima. No matter what, you will never become a member of the Sima family!”

“My fellow brothers, your words are wrong!”

Sima Zhongxiao suddenly opened his mouth and waved his folding fan. He had a smile on his face and was extremely elegant,””I am the eldest grandson of the Sima clan’s head, Sima Zhongxiao. Ziyu is grandfather Wang’s maternal grandson, so naturally, he is our brother. How could others not mention it? I, Sima Zhongxiao, have always treated Ziyu as a real brother.”

Lin Yi was a little surprised-he didn’t think that Sima Zhongxiao would speak up for Liu Ziyu at this time!

Initially, he was prepared to teach those idiots from the Liu family a lesson. Since they did not acknowledge Liu Ziyu as their brother, it naturally did not count as an internal matter of the family. Beating them up was equivalent to standing up for their brother, and it was perfectly justified.

Now that Sima Zhongxiao had done this, if the Liu family were to use this as an excuse, it would be difficult to do anything!

“So it’s the Sima clan’s eldest brother Zhong Xiao. I’ve been impolite!”

The leading scholar kept his fan and politely cupped his hands in greeting to Sima Zhongxiao,””I’m Liu Zimei from Huangyan Commandery. These two are my younger brothers, Liu Zilan and Liu zizhu.”

On the side, Liu Zilan and Liu zizhu cupped their hands and bowed to Sima Zhongxiao in unison. They were very polite and elegant, as if the people who had just mocked and ridiculed Liu Ziyu were all others and had nothing to do with them.

This was how realistic the world was. In the eyes of Liu Zimei and the others, Liu Ziyu was just a stray dog that could be humiliated at will.

However, Sima Zhongxiao was different. He was someone who had the chance to become the Commandery Prince of Hongshang Commandery. They could offend Liu Ziyu to the death, but they would never dare to offend Sima Zhongxiao.

“So it’s the Liu family’s three gentlemen, Mei, LAN, and Zhu. It’s an honor to meet you. Speaking of which, we’re all on the same side. From now on, we’ll have to look out for each other. Don’t hurt our relationship!”

Sima Zhongxiao laughed as he tried to smooth things over. No one knew what he was thinking, but the tense atmosphere from before had indeed eased up.

“Brother Zhong Xiao is right, we’re all on the same side, there’s no need to hurt our relationship!”

Liu Zimei laughed and wanted to let the previous matter pass. Since Sima Zhongxiao had said that he treated Liu Ziyu as a brother, if they continued to mock Liu Ziyu, it would be equivalent to slapping Sima Zhongxiao’s face.

The three of them looked at each other and gave each other a meaningful look, meaning that they should not target Liu Ziyu in front of Sima Zhongxiao in the future. Otherwise, everyone would look bad.

As for what had just happened, they acted as if nothing had happened. In their opinion, this was the greatest gift they could give to Liu Ziyu!

Unfortunately, Lin Yi didn’t think that way!

“Since we’re all on the same side, we can’t hurt our relationship. This matter is simple!”

Lin Yi said lazily, a teasing smile on his face.”Brothers Liu, you’ve just humiliated Ziyu and his father. Shouldn’t you apologize to him?”

“If I’m not wrong, they’re your uncles and elders, right? Is this how the Liu family of Huangyan Commandery treats their elders who have passed away?”

Liu Zimei and the other two looked at each other. They really couldn’t say anything about this!

It didn’t matter how they humiliated Liu Ziyu’s family behind closed doors. However, if they were to speak like that outside, it would be disrespectful to their elders!

“Who are you? Do you have the right to speak in front of brother Zhong Xiao?”

Liu zizhu tried to change the topic, because no matter how he said it, it was wrong. It was best not to mention it again.

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